The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Zoom Video Conferencing for Network Marketing

Want the fastest way to connect face-to-face with lots of people without leaving the comfort of your home? Try Zoom Video Conferencing, also called Zoom Webinars.

Many of us have team members spread across the country and other nations. No better way to connect with them than with zoom video conferencing.

A Zoom webinar or a zoom conference call can build relationships faster, transfer information easier, and create interaction more efficiently.

Zoom was created in 2011 with the hopes of bringing together people face-to-face from different places under one roof without the expense of airfares, car rentals, taxicabs, hotel rooms, eating out, and the hassle of giving onsite presentations.

Zoom video conferencing grabbed people’s attention with its low cost and numerous non-intimidating features that are not found with other video conferencing programs… zoom chat… zoom screen sharing… zoom cloud meetings… recordings.

Using zoom for meetings is simple. Just connect, call in or use the audio feature of your computer, and you are on.

Using Zoom for Network Marketing

Using zoom online meetings for network marketing is simple. Just send the group participants a zoom link, click and connect.

If you use zoom video conferencing calls for network marketing, consider these ideas.

— Recruiting.

— Sponsoring.

— Selling.

— Training.

What works best with recruiting, sponsoring, selling and training? Personal contact.

When great distances are between you and your prospect, zoom video conferencing is the best thing for that personal touch which makes network marketing work.

Network marketing is a people business. It is meant to build relationships. And you cannot possibly build relationships by hiding behind a messenger program, a bot, or some other impersonal plug-in.

Zoom live meetings give you and your prospect the chance at a personal face-to-face contact where you can look each other in the eyes.

For recruiting, sponsoring, and selling, you could create rapport, break the ice, close with tiny questions and give a short one-minute presentation or a two-minute story using zoom video conferencing.

For training, have two separate zoom training calls.

Call #1: For team reps who have sponsored less than four people.

Call #2: For team reps who have sponsored four or more people.

Turn your training into a competition.

Your training can focus on wants vs. needs, but the big benefit is that every team member on Call #1 wants to graduate to Call #2.

Competition that stretches a person’s comfort zone causes team members to act. They can act to sponsor four new team members right away, so they can be on Call #2 with the leaders and learn the really good stuff.

Zoom video conferencing saves money with recruiting, sponsoring, selling and training and frees you with more time. A zoom meeting once a week can reach everyone in your downline.

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