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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

You May Want to Correct How You View Network Marketing 

Correct how you view Network Marketing to save yourself from frustration and failure in the long run.

Income made from network marketing creates a recurring lifestyle with less stress and more freedom. Protecting it from and making corrections of mistakes today assures tomorrow’s dreams are fulfilled.

Let’s say Jimmy-Rey was recruited 4 months ago. He has yet to sponsor one business builder into his business and only has a few customers. He keeps telling himself tomorrow he will be lucky and find a recruit. Tomorrow comes — lighting doesn’t strike!

What correction should Jimmy-Rey make?

Continue making $80,000.00 a year of job income for working 50-65 hours a week and retiring in 40 years at $50,000.00 a year for life?


Start making $100,000.00 a year residual income working 10-15 hours a week at home then retiring in 5 years at $500,000 a year for life?

The correct path for Jimmy-Rey is to embrace residual income by recruiting 4 people a month for five years.

Choosing residual income today corrects the frustration and disappointment of tomorrow that comes from linear income.

The Five Corrections

There are five corrections every networker must make before getting too involved with the business.

  1. It’s not your fault. You just need to be trained.
  2. Systems are duplicable. People are not.
  3. Reject rigidity. Be teachable.
  4. Network marketing is a simple business. It is not an easy business.
  5. Join a five-pillar company. Drop all others.

Frustration and failure wait for the person who walks into network marketing without making corrections in these five areas today.

It’s Not Your Fault. You Just Need to Be Trained.

Make corrections about the belief that your failure in network marketing is your fault. You are perfect the way you are. You only lack the skills in communication and doing things.

Making corrections today by developing skills in what to say and what to do in network marketing will save you frustration about tomorrow.

You need to know about first sentences and right questions, building rapport, prospecting, ice breakers, presentation skills, story skills, the four-color personalities, what motivates prospects to join and buy and how to use that to your advantage, and how to close.

Several resources on my blog will help you. Look up the categories in the search engine of the blog in the upper-right-hand corner. Other resources from your network marketing company can be found. Find books from resources like Amazon and training sites online.

You must learn skills today if you want network marketing to benefit you in the long-run tomorrow.

Make the correction now. It saves you from the frustration of not being able to sponsor prospects because you say and do the wrong things.

Systems are Duplicable. People are Not

Correct mistakes about systems and people. Skills are duplicable and people are not. People can learn a system of skills. Each person cannot learn the abilities, talents and personality of the other person. They belong to the individual and cannot be replicated.

Being like your sponsor or some superstar in your upline that you put on a pedestal ends in failure. Duplicating the system developed and shared by your company ends in success. Making corrections today about systems and people saves you time and frustration of tomorrow.

The unknown secret to superstar success by the leaders in your upline is they follow a system and learned skills in communication and doing things. They do not reinvent the wheel. They look for companies that have already developed successful systems. They learn the systems and replicate it. It is simple as that.

The other unknown secret is letting each individual team member use his God-given talents and abilities to implement the system.

For instance,

The system developed by my company teaches me on how to give an invitation. It does not give me the skills to communicate it by right words and sentences.

My color-personality is green. I like analyzing things. I like to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

I have developed a script on how to invite prospects to network marketing using my talents of logic and common sense in communication. I have developed a system of first words and right questions inviting people to network marketing and aligning with the company.

The system is something I can share with others and duplicable without violating the company. It works with all network marketing companies.

My corrections for people new to network marketing are not to the system but to people who want to ditch the system and be like someone else. It cannot be done with success.

Reject Rigidity, Be Teachable.

The crux of network marketing is being a disciple of success. It’s being teachable.

To be rigid is to be unteachable and doing things your way by trying to reinvent the wheel.

Refusal to follow directions. learn skills and duplicate the system frustrates you from accomplishing great things with network marketing.

Top network marketers are teachable and learn from other top earners and leaders in the industry.

Want to out sell the competition? Be teachable by learning enough knowledge making you so valuable that the competition itself is willing to hire you.

Making corrections to rigidity and accepting being a disciple of learning is a major step toward success.

Network Marketing is a Simple Business. It is Not an Easy Business.

Making corrections about network marketing being an easy business over being a simple business is a correction worth making.

The network marketing principle is simple: Recommend things that we all like to other people who like the same things and get paid doing it.

What makes it hard is not in the recommendation of things to others. It’s the time it takes learning the skills and system allowing you to recommend things.

Learning the system takes time and practice. Developing skills takes time and practice. Finding time doing both takes effort and desire.

Fail in the time learning and developing by failing in effort and desire and you fail in network marketing.

Join a Five-Pillar Company. Drop All Others.

Michael Dlouhy’s “Five-Pillars of Success” revolutionized the way many unscrupulous people were doing business. Michael ripped into many questionable practices in our industry by developing the counter-punch in the five-pillars of success.

The five pillars of success are:

  1. The company management must have experience and integrity.
  2. The company must be established and part of a massive trend.
  3. Products must be remarkable and reasonably priced.
  4. The compensation plan must pay well for part-timers.
  5. The company must have a successful system to follow and duplicate.

Making corrections about joining a company not following the five-pillars of success is a correction made rightly.

Ask yourself before joining a company:

“Do the owners have experience in the field of network marketing?” “What is their reputation?” Are they a ground-floor opportunity and a start-up company? – avoid them like the plague.” “Do the products really do what they say, and can I make a living off it selling them retail?” “Are the products trendsetters or part of the billion-dollar trends?” “Can a part-timer make a decent income working only a few hours a week?” “Is the system provable and duplicable, and can it be taught easily to others?” Does the system allow people the flexibility to
use their own talents and skills to operate within it?”

I have corrected myself from joining other companies by answering the questions before knowing anything about Michael Dlouhy and saved myself a store-house of woes.

Making corrections today about network marketing is saving you the frustration of tomorrow. Know you are fine the way you are. You need training. Systems can be replicated by others but people cannot. Be teachable and learn while rejecting rigidity to learning. Understand network marketing is simple to do but hard learning how to do it. Partner with a five-pillar company and save yourself a ton of woes.


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