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Working with Parents to Turn Them On to Network Marketing

Parents have more responsibility & thus are even more likely to see the value of passive income!

Parenting is priceless. Parenting without enough money is awful, as both the kids and the parents pay a heavy price. And that is why working with parents can be very rewarding.

Network marketing is offers an income that comes in whether we work or not, which compliments parents desire to look after their children.

Children are expensive and that reality sinks in fast for parents.

Childcare costs to the Federal Government for children runs a whopping 14,600,000 a year. And that is just one way yo highlight the cost of children.

Diapers, baby formula, food, clothing, babysitting, childcare, school and sports activities and other interests add up. Then there is the eventual cost of a College education, albeit one that is down the road but it eventually must be paid. The reality is children cost lots of money.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says raising a single child from birth to 18 years old costs between $245,000 and $455,000. That is without college expenses!

Obviously, this varies depending on where you live and how much you earn. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics say (2017) both parents working to support their family comprises 60.6% of married couples with children. 89.3% have at least one employed parent. So parents are not at home and this — the need to work and be away from home — puts a strain on the family.

Most mothers and fathers have limited choices. Either they go to work to earn more or stay-at-home and don’t. Network marketing offers a nice alternative of being there for the kids and still having an income.

Working with parents who have careers is the ideal way for network marketing to supplement the family income when it’s not feasible for the parents to work outside the home.

The Importance of Working with Parents

In working with parents, we can find an unlimited number of people looking for network marketing opportunities to replace the 9 to 5 grind.
Parents are the great untapped recruiting resource. The power of parents in network marketing whose goals are to provide a better life for the child is the most important WHY to succeed. Parents succeed in network marketing because they must.
The reasons for parents needing network marketing over conventional work methods range from the need of family first, keeping what you earn at home, to a confidence booster and having money in life after kids (For more about it read “Be a Recruiting Superstar” by Mary Christensen).

Working with Parents and Network Marketing Success

The benefits of working with parents who pursue network marketing are rewarding for both single working parents and a two-income family.
Benefits include:

  1. Pay off your credit card debt.
  2. Eliminate your mortgage
  3. Freedom from the 9 to 5 grind.
  4. Scholarship money for college.
  5. Debt relief fast.
  6. Fully paid family vacations 6, 8, 10 X’s a year.
  7. A new car year after year.
  8. Lower all your bills.
  9. Financial freedom for your kid’s future.
  10. Flexible working hours for parents

How many families have both parents working all their lives and do not receive half the benefits which network marketing offers? 63% per the Labor Department.
The Labor Department sees the retirement crisis growing big. It’s so big that their advice for parents is to seek out new innovative ways to earn income over the established working models of the 9 to 5 job (“Improving Retirement Security through Innovation”). Working with parents who pursue network marketing is the innovating boost to secure their own and their kids’ financial futures and be successful.

Working with Parents to Recruit Them into Network Marketing

A one parent family or two are a match made in heaven with network marketing. How to find people interested in network marketing from among working parents is simple.

  1. Recruit upward.
  2. Ask four magical questions.
  3. The follow-up

Recruit Upward –

Divide parents into two groups…those who have the desire for network marketing and those who don’t.
Broke and difficult parents who see nothing good in life are: lazy, have no drive, broke as a church mouse (a church mouse has more money), nitpick often, live in a one-bedroom apartment or the basement of their parents, drive old cars, penniless, cranky as a grumpy old man, distrustful, close-minded, and have their number one priority on spending their entire weekly check at the bar on Friday night or the newest video game. (Yes, there are parents who fit these categories).
Parents who have the desire and time for network marketing are: innovative, uplifting, highly motivated, driven by desire, successful in life, energetic, wear nice clothes and dress to impress, drive a nice car, speak well of others, optimistic about life, problem-solvers, spend time with family rather than nights at the bar, have money, trust in themselves and others, open-minded, prioritize their money to work for them.
Which of these two groups of parents would you rather recruit into network marketing?
The smart way to recruit is to recruit upward. When working with parents who have no time or desire, you fail.
Divide parents into two groups. Those who have an interest in doing something different to help their families and kids and those who don’t. Those who do have an interest lead with the opportunity. Those who don’t lead with the product.
Working with parents who have no desire for network marketing or any way to dig themselves out of the hole are great prospects for selling your products. For the parents who are go-getters the business opportunity is the perfect match.

Ask Four Magical Questions –

My last article for the blog was about asking magical questions to qualify the prospect for network marketing.
Parents who have the desire and time for getting a better life…there are four magical questions to ask. Questions which sift and sort the wheat from the chaff.

  1. What’s not working? What chink in your armor is your biggest challenge?
  2. Where would you like to go instead?
  3. If I could show you how to get where you want to go >>>would you be open to hearing more about what I can offer?
  4. How committed would you say you are to solving your XYZ shortcomings, if you found the right solution?

Ask these four magical questions one at a time and listen. The most important thing which any network marketer can do is to listen. Parents will give the keys to the kingdom to you if you take the time to hear what they must say.
The greatest champion for listening in network marketing is described by John Milton Fogg in his book “The Greatest Networker in the World.” The one thing which made the hero of the book the greatest networker in the world was his mastery of the art of listening. He knew how to ask questions which made the prospect feel at home and win over thousands into network marketing by listening.
Where the prospect said something about his or her life, the greatest networker wanted to know more by asking what else. What else is there about your life that you can tell me?
Parents love to talk about their children. They like to tell you the good in their children. They like to tell how they are doing in school, how little Johnny made a handprint out of clay, how Mary did all her ABC’s perfectly. They rarely talk about their children’s flaws.
What if you could ask the kinds of questions which make the parents feel at home and reveals all about their kids and their family…good or bad? That would make it easier for you to offer your opportunity to help solve their problems and meet their needs. You’d create friends for life.
Working with parents who seek answers from network marketing toward solving their problems is parenting parents.

The Follow-up

The money is in the follow-up. No matter how well you do with talking to parents about network marketing, your work is in vain failing to follow-up with them. Follow-up with the parents 24 hours after talking to them.
When calling parents after talking to them about network marketing try these phrases:
Hey Grady and Jennifer. How’s it going? Just curious, what are some of your thoughts about network marketing which you have? I’ve thought about it a lot and I think it would be a “hoot” (“fun”) working together with you two. Being a teacher (name the occupations of each) and an engineer gives you both instant credibility. Who wouldn’t want to work with you two with your energy and drive? You two are a natural.”
Follow up these statements by asking them if they’ve looked at the video file, listened to the sizzle-call or read the PDF file. Then say this:
Just curious, what did you like most about what you saw and heard?”
And then listen.
If they say something positive, agree with them that it is what attracted you to the business and follow with this: “Sounds to me like you’re ready to join?
If they say yes, ask one more question:
On a scale of one to ten with ten being the highest, where do you see yourself with this opportunity?
If they say six or above, sign them up. If they are below six, thank them and let them know this is not for them and ask them for referrals. That’s it.
That is all there is to the follow-up.
Working with parents to turn them on to network marketing is the working hand which fits the glove. You can find unlimited numbers to recruit in parents.
Working with parents who have a desire and interest in improving their lives is recruiting up while working with those with no desire is recruiting down.
Ask four magical questions and follow-up and the keys to the kingdom are given to you.

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