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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Work Sucks in part because Job Security is no longer a thing!

Work sucks. The company you work for is not your friend, because job security is no longer there. You think working 8 hours a day is too much? Wait until you hear the story of Bill. Bill’s mortgage goes up. His electrical bill continues to increase. The money he earns is eaten away by the growing cost of food and rent. His kid’s need for clothes with each growth spurt is getting bigger and bigger, and his bank account with each payday is getting smaller and smaller. One day Bill decides it is time to ask his boss for a raise. His boss replies, “Bill, I’m sorry. I know for you work sucks right now. The economy is tanking. We are laying off 40% of our workforce. I hate telling you this, but your name is on the rolls for layoffs. You will need to pack up your things, turn in your key and badge. We do appreciate the work you have done. When things get better, we will let you know.” Work sucks for Bill.

All Jobs Suck

All jobs suck when you realize the boss that laid off Bill is the same boss that quits work early at your job and drives off for his afternoon golf game in his new Mercedes. It is not that employers do not care about employees. Most do. It is the fact that being an employee does not pay. It pays to be your own boss. What was job security 10 years ago for being an employee is work insecurity today working for someone else. Jobs that suck are jobs with little or no guarantees. No wonder work sucks. Work sucks less with the guarantee of a part-time paycheck. What if we had a part-time Network Marketing business that earned just half of our current salary? Wouldn’t that make us feel better? More secure? With a part-time Network Marketing business, work sucks less when the boss asks you to work week-ins at an extra 15 hours of your time better spent with your children. We would consider it a… SUGGESTION! Why? Because we have options. We don’t have to earn a fortune in Network Marketing to dramatically change our lives and our happiness.

What a Part-Time Network Marketing Business Means

Our salaries only go so far. 28% of our salaries go to the mortgage or rent. Another 28% of our paychecks go to taxes. 14% of our money earned goes to food. We are at 70% of our salaries that are eaten up by three items, and we have not started paying the electric bill, gas bill, car payment, credit card statements, and other incidental costs for running the house. What’s left? For most people, very little. For other people, nothing. Work sucks big time when we realize limited income earned at our jobs means limited options. Every month more people are going into debt deeper and deeper. What can a part-time Network Marketing business do for us who are on a limited income to make our workday suck less?
  • We can make the minimum payments on our credit cards.
  • We have spending money to pay for things when we go out.
  • We can pay off our mortgages 15 years early.
  • We can pay off our car payments 3 years early.
  • We can pay down our debts.
  • We can pay off our college loans before age 80.
  • We can watch our savings accounts grow.
  • We can afford luxury vacations to places that were not afforded with our regular jobs.
  • We have money to help other family members.
Work sucks less with a part-time Network Marketing business. When the employer comes knocking at our door looking at us to work an extra 10 to 15 hours a week, we simply do not worry because we are not there anymore.

People Suck at Their Jobs

People suck at their jobs because people hate their jobs. Want proof? What day of the week with most jobs do we find employees calling in sick 40% of the time? Mondays! Amazing. Monday is the most dreaded work day of the week. Office jobs suck on Monday. Retail jobs suck on Monday. Corporate jobs suck on Monday. All jobs suck on Monday. Work sucks on Monday because two-day week-ins are not enough. Most people get depressed on Saturday and Sunday thinking about going to work on Monday. We spend 1/7th of life working on Monday just thinking about the mind-numbing, meaningless work we must spend for the remaining four days. No wonder work sucks on Monday. We know Monday is a bad day when we go to work and find the parking lot is empty because lay-offs happened on Saturday and Sunday. That sinking feeling begins. We know Mondays is bad when in the next cubicle our co-worker asks us how the job search is going. The sinking feeling gets worse. Would it make better sense to have a part-time Network Marketing business to lessen the pain at work on Monday? Work sucks when you have a full-time job with limited income. Work sucks less with a Network Marketing business.

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