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Word Sequences for MLM that Tread Softly & carry a Big Stick

Every sentence has a beginning, middle and an end, which is often referred to as Word sequences. When used correctly with an understanding of the order of events , the effect in Network Martking prospecting and mentoring is mind blowing!

Word sequences are like signals or signs. They help us identify when an event or statement starts, when a new event in the statement is taking place, and when a statement ends.

In Network Marketing, we have only 30-seconds to impress a prospect with the right sequence of words. Thirty seconds to start a sentence, impress on the prospect what is taking place and end the sentence to make them pay attention quickly.

We want our words sequences to tread softly in the beginning, build up in the middle and end well by carrying a big stick that gets the prospects’ attentions.

One of my favorite word sequences is, “Well, you know how.” When we say these words, our prospects want to believe and relate to what we say next. This makes our conversation much shorter, as we don’t have to prove everything we say.

Prospects love these words. And prospects love us when we quickly get to the point. So here are a few word sequence examples:

— Well, you know how we hate warehousing your kids in day care?

— Well, you know how two paychecks are better than one?

— Well, you know how retirement is 45-years of hard labor with a 60% cut in pay?

—- Well, you know how we get bad breath and an acid stomach?

— Well, you know how our skin ages and flakes over time?

— Well, you know how we hate urinary tract infections?

— Well, you know how we eat foods that make us fat?

And we better have an answer to the prospects who say YES to our word sequences.

— Well, I just found out how to stay at home raising your kids without any loss of pay.

— Well, I just found out how to get two extra paychecks a month without letting the boss know about it.

— Well, I just found out how to retire in 5-years at full pay.

— Well, I just found out how to give yourself the gut that snaps back to good health after eating rich and spicy foods.

— Well, I just found out how to make your skin look 16 years younger all over again.

— Well, I just found out how you can drink a berry juice that works hard as nails at keeping your urinary tract in mint condition.

— Well, I just found out how you can fit in your skinny jeans with a chocolate or vanilla shake.

The correct word sequences with a good beginning and a solid middle with a crescendo at the end makes your prospects pay attention.

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