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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Word Pictures are an uncomparable Communication Technique in MLM

Word pictures are powerful tools communicating with words and phrases about network marketing what a photographer illustrates with pictures.

Word pictures are phrases vividly written or spoken painting a picture in your mind and making you see something without illustrations. They sound yummy to the ear making it easier to remember and understand. Word pictures are word art and ear candy.

“Red velvet yum!” “Rejuvenate your skin with the Hollywood beauty smoothie” “Filthy stinking rich.” “MLM magic.” – illustrations of word pictures capturing your imagination.

The best communication tool is a story or object using emotional word pictures to activate the mind and emotions causing the prospect to experience our words.

Let’s create a picture with words using an object for network marketing.

“Do you feel your 9 – 5 job is boring as a VCR tape on constant rewind getting played repeatedly and wishing for something to change? How about fast forwarding to the end and putting in a CD with a new business opportunity from “XYZ Network Marketing Company” placing you in a new home and new car and making you 4 X the amount you make now working 20 – 25 hours a week from home?”

Let’s create picture with words for a product of network marketing using a story.

“OFF is an ice cold refreshing tea from the heart of the Amazon rain forest which acts in a twin role.

I wanted a more active lifestyle during evening outings on a date or with friends on a night around town. I tried OFF. It took away stress and calmed my overtaxed muscles while removing anxiety, This let my body work naturally to give me the boost in energy needed to carry on throughout the night.

When I was ready to sleep, OFF was the bliss-booster which made me feel calmer and relaxed my mind and body in two minutes and let me slumber away with eight hours of restful sleep.

I’ve accomplished more with family and friends and a more relaxing tone of body and mind with OFF.”

What do you think of word pictures? Powerful, isn’t it?

Word Pictures for Your Business

We want some word art images leaving a lasting impression on the prospect’s mind about our message. We need to create word art pictures appealing to the prospect’s interests and bringing levels of feeling to the surface and branding an impression on his mind about network marketing and its products.

We need to make a word picture milking it for all it’s worth by appealing to the full range of emotions and intellect. We need our word pictures short and to the point with one-line sentences. They’re the best kind for the prospect to remember.

  • If you’re tired of being trapped and miserable in your job for the next 40 years facing layoffs and pension funds drying up and you’re ready to do something about it, change to a better career working only 20 hours a week and retiring in five by giving me a call.”
  • Dig in to the delicious younger-skin hot tea fending off sun damage and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles while keeping skin dewy soft.
  • How envious will your neighbors be when you take that all-expense paid luxurious resort vacation for two providing unparalleled blue waters, comfort and relaxation at the Sunset World Resort of Playa del Carmen and leaving your children with grandma and grandpa.
  • Turn off hunger and supercharge fat burning enzymes with this curb-stress hot tea from the delicate balanced plants of the Amazon Rain Forest losing 40 pounds in 40 days.
  • How much fun it will be driving slowly through the neighborhood in your new Jaguar XJ X351 bonus car earned by working only 15 hours a week from home and watch those stuck-up neighbors wonder how you can afford what they cannot.
  • Prevent brain aging keeping your brain healthy and sharp for playing video games or multi-tasking at work by drinking brain rejuvenating teas sizzling from the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest.

Get the word pictures? It’s not what you say. It’s what the prospect remembers that counts.

How to Create Word Pictures

How do you create word pictures? Avoid clichés. Use metaphors and similes. Leverage superlatives effectively.

Clichés come across cheesy and insincere and don’t make connections to the prospects. They imply meaning sometimes void of reality and fail prospects to connect with you and relate.

“These products sell themselves.” – “You only need three or four people like yourself and you’re on the road to success” – “You’ve got to kiss a lot of toads before finding that prince” – clichés to avoid.

Metaphors and similes are powerful tools for creating word pictures and engaging the prospect. Metaphors are figures of speech applied to an object or action and symbolic of something else.

“That prospect fell through the trapdoor of depression.” – “Showing belief in your product is the ultimate pivot to massive and explosive success.” – these are better illustrations of a metaphor than “The prospect got depressed.” Or, “Show belief in your products is important.”

Leverage superlatives effectively. Superlatives are exaggerated or hyperbolical expressions or praise. They by far are the most effective tool you can use. Don’t overuse them but use them effectively. Superlatives to avoid – “best,” “worst,” “most.” – most prospect turn off after hearing them.

Stand out in the crowd using superlatives but use them effectively to illustrate your point. “Soothing troublemaking stress in your joints with our essential teas” is better than “sooth your joints with our teas.”

Word pictures are windows into experiencing words. Let the prospect feel them. Let the prospect digest them in the mind. Let the prospect remember them.

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