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Who Should Be in Network Marketing and Who Should Not

The answer to the question of who should be in Network Marketing and who shouldn’t is brilliant and surprising. We discover the answer by asking yet another question …

“What group of people make the best prospects for Network Marketing?”

The reality is everyone should be in Network Marketing, at least in theory, but some don’t belong.

Whoever wants freedom the most is best suited to having huge success in Network Marketing. 

Success in network marketing has provided freedom to many. And, when we are talking freedom, mean no debt and the escape from the 9-5 grind. The benefits of this kind of freedom and getting tp live life on your own schedule, is tough to explain if you have not experienced it.

Others the victim lifestyle where their boss tells them what they are worth (less than they can live well off) and where they can afford to live. They are stuck working five days a week instead of two or three and they love their working lives in debt!

Who should be in network marketing and who should not? Everyone should. Some choose otherwise.

Groups Who Should Be in Network Marketing

Top network marketing companies know which groups of people work the hardest and are dedicated to build the business. Their market research tells them who should be in network marketing. They sift the wheat from the chaff. Not rejecting those who should not, they gear their business and money to those who should be in network marketing. They recruit quality over quantity and business is successful.

Three groups of people who should be in network marketing:

  1. Most salespeople
  2. Most professionals
  3. Everyone who hates their job.

(1) Salespeople

The best network marketers that you can recruit are those who are salespeople.

The largest group of people in the workforce are salespeople. Company budgets spend more money on salespeople than on other departments. A larger number sales force in the work place creates a larger pool of people from which to prospect for network marketing.

Salespeople are perfect for network marketing.

Salespeople have large networks of other people. They are more experienced engaging customers.

They have the most skin in the game for promoting a company. The more they promote, the larger their paychecks.

Social sharing is easily adopted by salespeople over other groups and the key component for success in network marketing.

Who should be in network marketing? Salespeople who are limited by quotas, territories and service requirements. Network marketing has none. Customers and new distributors with network marketing can be found anywhere.

The network marketing professional is honed from the cloth of salespeople.

How to invite a salesperson to network marketing?

“Hey Jim, are you married to your job or are you open minded to a side project that doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing and requires no quotas, territories or servicing requirements?”

(2) Professionals

I am in a health and wellness network marketing company. My company is professional and attracts professionals. Most network marketing companies do.

Professionals are perfect for those who should be in network marketing.

Professionals are burdened daily by taxes, breakage, insurance, employee theft, payroll, write-offs and monthly and quarterly loss and earnings.

Tell a professional that he can earn an extra $200,000 a year working half the time with network marketing and you have a professional sold on the business.

Tell a professional that he gets an extra $10,000.00 to $60,000.00 tax write-off a year on his home by joining network marketing and you have a professional dedicated to building the business.

A professional who experiences no employee theft, no more breakage, no more payroll headaches and large losses of money invested is a professional experiencing freedom by network marketing. Experiencing freedom sets the professional on the road to success.

An opening script to use on professionals inviting them to network marketing:

“Are you married to your business and job, or are you open minded to a business where there is no out of pocket expenses for breakage, no hassle with payroll, no overhead, no employee theft, where you get an extra $10,000.00 to $60,000.00 tax write-off a year, and where you can turn a profit of $200,000.00 quickly beginning year one?”

What the Three Groups Have in Common

Salespeople, professionals and people who hate their jobs have in common five network marketing characteristics.

  1. They take calculated risks and make decisions.
  2. Problems are not obstacles. They don’t wail and blame. They solve them.
  3. They thrive because of a healthy self-image created by competition. They have goals or strive for goals.
  4. They are creative, persistent, and they complete projects.
  5. They are people lovers.

They are not afraid and they love a challenge. Give it to them and they will succeed.

Who should be in network marketing and who should not? No excuses exist for any person who is not in network marketing. Those who should not are by choice. All salespeople …all professionals …all people who hate their job – these are the metals from which network marketing is forged.

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