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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

When Promising Prospects Reject Network Marketing & What to Do About It

None that take this business seriously will avoid the experience of prospects that reject Network Marketing. It happens, even the best deal with rejection.

What to do after being rejected by a prospect you thought was right for network marketing? Lick your wounds?

You felt you gave a great presentation, you used all the right triggers, you used a non-pushy close, and the prospect said, “No!”

Let’s face it: when they reject Network Marketing, which you love, it hurts.

The feeling of being rejected by family, friends, and those on social media sites who unfriend you can hurt deeply. It can even send you into depression.

Dealing with the pain of rejection is not as hard as you think.

What is happening when Prospects Reject Network Marketing?

There are two things to consider here, and the first is, “Am I causing this result?”

Whenever you hear the same objection repeatedly or various objections consecutively on two or three approaches, you have to consider if it is the way you are approaching prospects, presenting to them or both. 

Master prospectors in the Network Marketing industry will be the first to tell you that most of the objections we hear come from how we take prospects through the process!

Trying to talk a person you just met into watching a video, for instance, is crazy. The prospect is in front of you; they want the story, and you tell them they must wait. This is unnatural.

It is far better to have an elevator-pitch-style presentation ready simply; that is, a word-for-word simple presentation comes in handy. You can read about the one-minute presentation here.

Overcome your addiction to the outcome

Accepting rejection and moving on requires breaking the habit of addiction to the outcome.

Have you ever had a desire to do something, and it became insatiable? Nothing was going to stop you from reaching your goal. You get this craving for ice cream. You’ve just got to have ice cream. You don’t have any in your freezer, so you drive to the grocery store. You’re suddenly caught in a major traffic jam, and what happens to your attitude? It puts you in a bad mood.

“This stupid traffic jam is messing up my mojo.”

What if you were not addicted to the outcome? Whatever gets in the way of you getting ice cream doesn’t upset you. How would that make a difference in your attitude about reaching the goal of getting ice cream? Your attitude would be what is called “cool.” “I will get to the grocery store when I get there, and as long as I am in the car, I will listen to my favorite music.”

Being rejected by your prospect and is no different than being hindered from getting your ice cream. Change your attitude about the outcome and your feeling of being rejected is calmed.

How to do that? Respond one of two ways.

Respond by saying, “Cool, I’ll catch you around…I’ve got to jump on another call… do you know anyone who would like a step-by-step method of making some extra money?


Ask, “What didn’t you like about my offer…what were you looking for?”

What does this do? It puts the one who rejected you on notice. It causes him to think, “What extra money is he talking about, and is there a step-by-step method of earning extra income?”

You are positioning yourself without appearing like you’re chasing or pleading.

Next time when you say, “I feel so rejected,” after speaking to a prospect, turn the tables around.

Being rejected by a prospect and not knowing what to do? Stop being addicted to the outcome. Ask some questions. Position yourself as the leader.

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