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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

When Analysis Paralysis becomes a Curse in Network Marketing

Ever been frustrated with people who feel they are making progress from gathering information about every possibility of your Network Marketing opportunity?

They want to know about the products or all the details about the compensation plan.

They want to examine all back office training.

… all just to make a decision about joining or saying “no” to your business (or buying the products}.

The reality is they don’t want a Network Marketing opportunity. They don’t want your products. They don’t want to roll up their sleeves and get to work building something.


Because if they actually got started, they would have to work hard and risk rejection.

They are using the excuse of gathering information to put off making a decision to buy or join.

Their gathering information methods are no methods at all… just average excuses for putting off a decision.

When we talk to prospects, the only decision our prospects must make is if they want to start a business… or not.  Or if they want to buy our products and services… or not.

Why such a simple decision? Because our prospects can’t make fair decisions gathering information from multiple sources. The only decision they have is what you tell them. It is the only information they need for making a decision.

Think about it?

Let’s say you put an information gathering Wikipedia buffet about your business or products before a prospect. Will our prospects be able…

— To evaluate a brand-new industry?

— To know the inside tricks and strategies to growth?

— To understand our compensation plan filled with industry exposure?

— To judge our products on their first glance or exposure?

— To even know what kind of questions to ask?

— To know how to do the job, even though they’ve never been in this business?

Even with automation, this buffet of gathering information will not help our prospects make a decision except from what we tell them.

It is unfair to ask prospects to make a decision on all these issues outside our expertise. They will learn these things AFTER they decide to join our business, begin training and get experience.

The Only Decision that Counts

Knowing all the answers from gathering information about our business and products comes LATER after our prospects get started.

For now, the only decision that counts is if our prospects want to join our business or not.

— If they want to join our business, now is a great time for them to enroll and start the training.

— If they don’t want to join our business now, this is a great time to know. We can stop our harassing them and let them get on with their lives. Maybe they will be ready in the future.

Getting Them to “Join Now”

Once we know that getting the “join now” decision is our goal, it gets easier. It makes the gathering of information and over analytical personality disorder of our prospects fade.

We talk. We chat on social media. We send these prospects to our webpage or video presentation. Finally, they have all the information about our opportunity. It is time for them to make a decision.

A decision to join? A decision to take action? A decision to go to work?

So, what does our “gathering information” prospect do? He suddenly decides he needs to investigate and research yet another opportunity.

And this is the life-cycle of our information collecting prospect. They spend their entire careers investigating, researching, and studying… to avoid actually doing something.

They are experts at everything and masters of none. They can tell you the right and wrong way of doing this business.

Eventually, these prospects do grow up and become… critics.

The Solution for Information Gatherers

Here are three quick solutions.

Say, “Go ahead and collect all the information you want, but I would like to talk to you about the big picture. Would it be okay if we talked at a higher level?”

Most prospects will say, “Oh yea, of course it is okay if we talk at a higher level.”

And now we can redirect the conversation back to the prospect’s decision if they want to start a business now, or not.

Another answer; “We cover that in training. But the real question is, “Do you want to join our business now, so that we can get you enrolled in training right way.”

Still not enough options? How about this one?

“You are probably tired and bored with collecting more information and theory. So, if you are ready to actually start building a business, when would be a good time to start? Or would you rather put off building a business for a few more months?”

This one sorts our prospects rather quickly.

Gathering information is a curse and not a blessing on our prospects and our business. Give them an answer that gets them back making a decision of yes or no.

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