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What to Say on Social Media when a prospect doesn’t respond!

One of the hot topics in social media is what to say on social media when your prospects don’t respond.

You speak to a potential prospect about your business opportunity or products on Facebook. You build rapport instantly. Then you ask him if he can see a presentation. He accepts and agrees to watch it that night. The next day, you follow-up with him, and he does not respond.

Three days go by and he still does not respond. On the fourth day, you are in panic mode.

So, what do you do? What to say on social media at this point is important.

The first thing you don’t do is to panic.

The second thing is you don’t start nagging him. “Why didn’t you respond to my message?’ “Did something happen to you?”

That kind of desperation reeks with negativity. And you lose your posture.

Social media marketing 101 is all about building curiosity in every step of your conversation with prospects. You don’t want to give away the farm.

You want to give enough information in each part of your conversation that peaks the curiosity of your prospects. It gets them asking, “What is it that you do?”

What to say on social media when your prospects have not responded is the number one social media topics of discussion.

It is important because too many people lose business and sales when they don’t know what to say on social media.

Here is what to say on social media when that prospect fails to respond after four days:

“Hey, FIRST NAME, I apologize for not getting back to you. I’ve been so busy with new prospects, new customers and people I’m talking to, that I totally dropped the ball following up with you to see how you are. How are you doing? “

That is powerful. It builds curiosity. It makes the prospect think, “Wow! Maybe I better find out why he is so busy.”

People on social media like being busy. They like social relationships with busy people. It makes them feel good about themselves because they feel they are accomplishing something being busy.

When you tell them that you’ve been busy prospecting, recruiting, getting customers, they are naturally attracted to you.

Caution: DO NOT copy and paste that message repeatedly in Facebook Messenger because you will get put in Facebook jail.

Post it to no more than 10 people a day.

The best social media sites to post this response? Any of them. It works on any of the best social sites.

One of the topics to talk about on social media is what to say on social media. This article gives you at least one more bit of information.

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