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What to Do about Your Job if it’s Squeezing the life out of you?

What about your job when it no longer makes you happy and fulfills you? For some people that 

There is no way of saying it nicely. You hate your job…. your stomach is in knots dreading getting up each morning making the commute to work in rush hour traffic feeling like you’re trudging through CE-MENT.

You get there and your day begins with mundane tasks. The boss may or may not be a good mood depending upon the night before if he had bad Mexican food.

By the end of the day, you are drained with no energy left in you. You hate the drive back home ONCE AGAIN in rush hour traffic and wishing you had a sledgehammer to silence all the honking and traffic nose.

You feel like that tube of toothpaste your kids left on the bathroom vanity with all used up and nothing more to squeeze out.

Does that picture describe your job?

Your job no longer gives you satisfaction and the feeling of being fulfilled leaving a negative impact on your overall outlook and attitude. 

If you can just hold onto that miserable job for the next few years, you will have job security and income for life….

That brings me to point #1 today.

(1). Acknowledge there is No Job Security

Some of you say, “None of your descriptions describe my job. I have job security and love my job.”

Okay, fair enough.

Here is what job security and loving your job is all about…

Your bills are going up year after year. Electricity, gas, the doctor  – prices rising and your paycheck doesn’t.

You finally go to your boss and ask for a raise.

The excuse from the boss: “Sorry, times being what they are, we can’t afford giving you a raise. But hey, if it helps I will bring you up for a plaque on the wall being the great employee that you are. I don’t know how we could get along without you.”

If that is job security, it sucks.

Almost 20% of the “sick days” taken by employees occur on Monday with another 32% of sick days taken on Friday.

That’s an absenteeism of 52% each week.

And most absenteeism is because they HATE THEIR JOBS.

The most common phrase around the office according to Forbes Magazine is, “How is your job search?”

Looking around the parking lot for cars on Monday and Friday realizing the parking lot is empty gives a hint of how bad it is among employees about their jobs.

(2). Why Most People with Jobs are Broke?

The most common answer is to blame it on someone else. I’m broke because my mom and dad did not teach the skills of handling money.


I’m broke because the school I went to did not teach “How to Become Rich in Steps 1, 2, 3.”

A classic in today’s environment is, “I’m broke because of the political climate. The democrats got in or the republicans won….and the excuses around politics piles up.

That is the blame game. Americans are good at it.

So, how do I become wealthy?

Simple, my friend….

You become wealthy by earning more than you take in. 

The key to creating wealth is skill. With skills, you can earn a fortune making you rich. With a job, you make a wage earning you a living. 

Let me repeat that once more with feeling…

With skills, you can earn a fortune making you rich. With a job, you make a wage earning you a living.

Skills are something that cannot be lost through misfortunes of the stock market or bad investments or lending it out to a dead-beat neighbor. 

Assets such as stocks, money in the bank, and property can be lost.

Real wealth comes from the assets skill that we will always own. It is in us and no one can take it away.

One skill is to realize working a job is limiting to your salary and your time. Your time away from your daughter’s recital or son’s football game due to work is sucked up into a job. Skills free you from the job and into being an assess whether others pay you.

Now where is all this leading? I’m glad you asked.

(3). What Part-Time in Network Marketing Can Do for You?

Network Marketing gives you the skills of making a fortune without the drudgery of being mentally and physically drained by a vampire blood-sucking boss or job.

And it can do that part-time 12 -15 hours a week.

You say well, “I talked to so and so who is flat-broke on his butt” and he told me that network marketing will rob you blind and make you broke.”

Let’s see the logic of that statement.

Would you take driving lessons from someone who didn’t know how to drive? 

How about lessons on swimming from the person who can’t swim sinks like a rock in water?

So, why would you take advice of someone who is dead broke with no skills and no way of escaping his plight of a job?

The beauty of network marketing is a system is in place to train you with the skills of success making you a fortune and not a wage earning you a living.

Take advice from someone who has made working only 12 -15 hour a week and is living the dream because he has learned skills from a system in place by network marketing.

I invite you to join me teaming up with me and growing an organization based on skills making you a fortune and not earning you a wage. 

I hope you enjoyed this podcast on what to do about your job when it no longer brings you satisfaction.

I want to thank you listeners for taking time out of your day for this podcast. 

Listen to the podcast here:

Podcast #10


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