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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

What do prospects
really think?

We talk about spending $100 on healthy products. Our prospects are thinking about $100 night on the town. We talk and the prospects think.
The prospects are thinking in a different direction than what we’re talking about.
Tom “Big Al” Schreiter and Jerry Scribner shared a Truth Bomb illustration. It shows the difference between what prospects think and what we say.
The illustration helps us to see our prospect’s excuses more clearly.
So, what is the magic to get prospects to see what we are talking about? Interesting words.

There are five questions every prospect asks in their subconscious minds when they meet us. They don’t verbalize these questions. But their subconscious minds require us to answer the questions if we are to create trust, likeability and belief.

— (1). Who are you?
— (2). Can I trust you?
— (3). Are you interesting?
— (4). Do I want what you have, or not?
— (5). Can you give me the details?

We must answer all five questions in SEQUENCE and less than 60-seconds.
— (1). “Who are you? is answered by being an expert.
— (2). “Can I trust you?” is answered by creating rapport with trained words.
— (3). “Are you interesting?” is answered by interesting words.
— (4). “Do I want what you have, or not?” is answered by questions asked just right.
— (5). “Can you give me the details” is answered by a two-minute story.
How would you answer the prospect who feels what is illustrated in the TRUTH BOMB image? When we are talking about spending $100 on healthy products and our prospects are thinking about spending a $100 on a night on the town, we need interesting words to draw them back into reality.
— “Well, you know how most people spend a night on the town and feel run down and tired the next day? Well, I just found out how to energize our bodies, so we can stay alert and refreshed the next day. If you’d ever like to know how, I’ll be glad to show you.
— “Of all the people you know such as friends, family, relatives and coworkers, is there at least one person who FEELS the same way that you do? You know, someone who hates spending a night on the town and feeling the next day like they’ve been dragged through a mud pit, but wants a supplement that will keep them energized and refreshed long after the night is over?”
— “I am just curious. Could you do me a favor? I’m looking for people who hate working paycheck to paycheck and would love to start a part-time business so they can afford a night on the town every night.”
— “What’s going to be easier on you?” To spend 60-minutes a day on Netflix and watch your bills grow bigger and your bank account grow smaller? Or, to spend 60-minutes a day talking to one person a day and make more money part-time than you do full-time instead?
Our Prospects don’t prioritize the things in life that can help them from the things in life that are wasted in money and time. We need to bring them back to reality with trained words.

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