The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Leaners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

What New Team Members Should Do First in Network Marketing

We signup a new team member. What is Next? What should new team members do first? Almost everyone will either say MAKE A LIST or familiarize themselves with the product but the answer is; learn skills. Of the 25 Network Marketing skills, four are core skills and can be learned by people who are new. So they need to start here. These 4 skills are the ones we use in Network Marketing every day: — Building rapport. Getting prospects to trust and believe us. — Ice breakers. Introducing our business into a social conversation in a way that gets prospects to say, “I am interested. Please tell me about your business.” — Closing. Unless our prospects say, “Yes!” … we are out of business. — Presentations. After our prospects decide, they will want details. We need to give this information in the order that our prospects want. So when we are deciding what to teach our distributors first, what new team members should do first is learn the four core skills If they are busy, here is the solution. Anyone can build effectively in just 15 minutes a day. Imagine a new team member telling us that he does not have time to learn new skills. We go him covered. It only takes 15-minutes a day to learn and practice a new skill. — First, we learn how to put our personal development on autoplay. No need to spend hours weekly in personal development when it all can be happening in the background. — Second, we learn an entire set of short, effective prospecting skills. These sentences quickly engage our prospects into meaningful conversation, wanting our business. — Third, we learn instant closing skills. With only 15 minutes a day, we can’t spend time with idle chit-chat and long presentations. — Fourth, we learn bonding skills. We need to create that personal bond in seconds, not minutes or hours. — Fifth, we precondition people to become prospects. Having a waiting and willing list of qualified prospects makes us more efficient. — Sixth, and this is the big one: we learn how to plant seeds. It only takes three or four seconds to plant a seed. We learn to plant seeds everywhere we go. Many will mature naturally and become our best prospects. — Seventh, we learn how to turn follow-up from frustrating voicemail messages to an activity we can accomplish in just a minute or two. Where do you find material to learn skills? What new team members should do first is check out DALEMOREAU.NET. Not only is this good news for us, but also for our prospects who complain, “I don’t have any time.” They will be thrilled to see how they can build their businesses without stealing time from their current schedule. What new team members should do first is learn skills? What new team members should do first is check out
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