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What Motivates Prospects to Decide to Join Network Marketing?

What motivates people to make decisions about joining network marketing? It’s their personal value system. Values motivate people in the way they act, make silly decisions, and avoid or join money-making opportunities.

Three things that we need to know about values. All people value things. Values “out-think” logic. We rank things per desires.

All people value things. Values are things we love most over other things. Things we have…things we do…things we know…things we relate to and things we obey.

“My desire for financial security is greater than my desire for travel.” – the love of financial security overrides the love for travel.

The things we love outrank logic and thinking. Don’t believe me? Why do people make bad choices defying logic and knowing the outcome will be disastrous?  Their values drive their desire using logic to justify it.

“I know I need to lose 40 lbs. The diet teas introduced to me last night by Dale would be just the thing. However, I would rather eat all the junk food I can because the stomach wants what it wants. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” – The silly value of “eating junk food because the stomach needs it” out-thinks the good and logical value of losing weight.

We rank things that we value per our needs and desires. Set before a prospect a pencil and a list of things on paper that most people deal with daily giving no instructions and watch what they do. They automatically will start checking off the things that are important for their lives.

What Motivates People to Make Decisions

Individuals being unique require different values and goals.

The way Jane judges our business opportunity is different than the way Rob sees it. Jane judges the opportunity by the standard of status and rank among her peers. Rob judges it by the standard of family first.

Jane looks at network marketing by what it does to make her look good before her peers. Rob looks at network marketing by what it does to improve the life of his family.

Understanding how our prospects prioritize values is critical in understanding what motivates people to join network marketing.

The values dominating in people’s lives are the values we can use to motivate them by needs and desires into joining network marketing.

Fourteen common core values can be found in most people.

  1. Power.
  2. Financial security.
  3. Desire to be rich.
  4. Desire to look good.
  5. Loving relationships with a partner.
  6. Family.
  7. Career fulfillment.
  8. Desire to feel needed.
  9. Personal enlightenment.
  10. Adventure/travel/adrenaline junkie.
  11. Aim for fame.
  12. Popularity.
  13. Accomplishments.
  14. Desire to have a good time.

Viewing what motivates people through different values can change how reality is perceived. What motivates people by popularity doesn’t motivate other people who desire loving relationships with a partner.

Taking the fourteen common values of people and observing how they out-think logic and reason by desires and need gives us a way of motivating people into joining network marketing.

(1). Power

People focusing on power are assertive, confident, and productive. They are strong organizers and supervisors. Decisions come fast and certain. They most of all are controlling, nosy and bossy and are never wrong about anything that they do.

Leaders of church choirs, politicians, officers in organizations are examples of power-motivated people. They love giving meetings and no challenge is too great for them.

Ways to motivate people seeking power is to give them the platform of being in charge. Letting a power-motivated person be in charge running their own training meeting encourages them to join network marketing.

(2). Financial Security

People valuing financial security hate debt and do what is necessary to eliminate it by taking a part-time job and staying loyal to their full-time job. They are conservative and modest wearing conservative clothes and rarely eating out.

Having more than one bank account makes people valuing financial security feel good about themselves. They love accumulating wealth and assets by buying CDs, bonds and mutual funds and rarely play the stock-market.

Avoiding risk in money transactions and relationships is important to people seeking financial security.

What motivates a person seeking financial security and avoiding risk is residual income.  Residual income helps them get the same financial return they make in their part-time and full-time jobs. Risk in residual income is low and financial returns are high.

(3). Desire to Be Rich

What motivates people with the desire to be rich? Material things. Money motivates people seeking to be rich. They’ve got to have them. From the newest and more expensive top-of-the-line appliances to the best entertainment system to the latest CD album motivates people desiring to be rich.

They think waking up with things will make them richer with their credit cards maxed out and having little savings.

They own the best homes, hang out with people they idol and have maids and a personal shopper. Spending money on things makes them feel rich.

They are aggressive high risk-takers. Their jobs compliment their lifestyles. They are open-minded to new opportunities helping them to achieve their goals.

What motivates people to join network marketing and who desire riches? Think of the expensive items your company offers. Cars, luxury cruises, company trips, overpriced watches and dressing up for the reward ceremonies.

(4). Desire to Look Good

What motivates people into joining network marketing and desire looking good? Appearance.

People desiring to look great in their bodies are fashionable. Their wardrobe matches their physical looks. They are gym fanatics working with a person trainer six times per week and wearing fashionable clothing items making a show of their physique.

They tend toward perfectionism.

What motivates people into joining network marketing and looking great with their bodies and fashion is those things enhancing their appearance. Diet, anti-aging, energy, mental clarity and sports products keeping their bodies toned and making them look great before others motivate.

Meeting them in person for an opportunity meeting at a trendy restaurant dressing up for the occasion impresses. Allowing the person desiring to look good with the freedom of showing off in front of others at a home meeting or team meeting makes them feel good.

(5). Loving Relationship with a Partner

Life motivation for those in love with their partner is the value of bonding and building relationships. Everything done by the person in love is done with their partner in mind to improve their lives.

People in loving relationships with their partner rely heavily on their mate for decisions. They rarely are seen alone always kissing in public and holding hands.

What motivates people in love into joining network marketing is the group value of building relationships. Group outings, social evenings and group bonding events keep them motivated. Training events and webinars usually are more for bonding and building relationships than they are for training or prospecting.

(6). Family

Motivate someone into network marketing who loves their family above all else is to offer the opportunities and features that benefit their family.

Family men and women attend their child’s Little League games, recitals, plays, swim meets, Christmas concerts, fundraising and parent’s nights. Sitting at the table having a meal without the distractions of TV and cell phones and talking about everyone’s day is a high priority of a family oriented person.

Work comes second to family. The family is always first making family vacations and decisions a priority.

People who put their family first are those you see at Disney World wearing identical T-shirts with “Smith Family Reunion Tour” on them.

Commitments, long-term goals and relationships take top priority. They make great organizers for training or regional events in network marketing. Their family will be volunteers.

The motivating factor for joining network marketing in the lives of those loving their family is the freedom of time. They want lots of it to spend with family. More time spent with family is more time spent nurturing and caring.

Announce an incentive trip allowing family to participate and you have an excellent motivation.

(7). Career Fulfillment

What motivates people seeking career fulfillment and are workaholics is letting them be leaders in their field. What motivates people into network marketing who are workaholics is letting them lead by motivating a team.

Career fulfillment people seek success and strive for perfection. They remain frustrated with every progress made in their careers always seeking how much better they can do their jobs. They place pressure on themselves and compounds it upon those under their supervision.

Taking time off for vacations and “me-time” never enter the minds of career fulfilled people. They are luxuries robbing the time needed to perfect their careers.

They rely on pain relievers for chronic migraines and visit chiropractors and are perfect for a nutritional products network marketing company.

Getting ahead, promotions and being placed in the spotlight of executive privilege fulfills their lives. New opportunities are always welcomed if they fit neatly in the pre-mapped business plan promoting their careers.

Leadership is embraced easily by career fulfilled people. They are willing be the example for the group and always will be at the opportunity meetings. Stand back and let them lead. It pre-motivates them.

(8). Desire to Feel Needed

People wanting to feel needed are always willing to give the shirt off their backs in return for praise and a pat on the back of appreciation. What motivates people into network marketing who desire to feel needed is martyrdom. They will sacrifice themselves for a smile or acknowledgement of praise for a job well done.

They love responsibility and value usefulness. They are loyal to friends and employees.

A good motivation for those desiring praise is to delegate a monthly newsletter project and you will see it shine with excellence. Always thank them and let everyone know their contribution to the group and they will make the best reps for network marketing.

Super-moms are natural with this value. The more assignments you give them, the more motivated they become.

Ask yourself, “What projects would these distributors support?” How about making calls to other team members reminding them to sponsor someone for the week?

(9). Personal Enlightenment

What motivates people about personal enlightenment? Finding themselves and a personal journey of exploration with positive rewards.

People who desire personal enlightenment possess incredible teaching and explanation skills. They will take a complex book and break it down into information understandable for any level of learning. Give them a chance to lecture on prospecting and it will be entertaining. Have them attend a webinar training session on the mind-set needed for doing network marketing. They will get it before all others and regurgitate it back in understandable terms for all.

Show them how a network marketing career can be part of their journey toward personal growth and they will be the first to join.

Keep these folks motivated and engaged by having them lead a weekly mastermind or book reading group meeting by telephone or video conferencing. They will love the subject matter coaching others to master what they’ve learned.

(10). Adventure/Travel/Adrenaline Junkie

What motivates people at work? Reward by payment. What motivates the adventurer? Reward by free exotic trips and anything boosting the adrenaline levels.

Everything centers around the next quest, escapade and journey to places unknown. Starting a business and sticking-to-it is easily abandoned for the next adventure around the globe. He is off to an archeological dig in Israel followed by a trek around Europe and ending at the Great Wall of China.

Missing network marketing meetings is a given to the adventurer and traveler. On a whim, the traveler is off to a lion hunt in Africa barefoot and with a pocket knife.

Adventures and travelers have short attention spans and need a constant source of new challenges to keep their energy levels and interest high.

Acting from your own values and trying to get the adrenaline junkie to slow down and take a deep breath is the attempt to motivate someone other than the adventurer and traveler. Don’t try it.

Motive the adventurer and traveler into joining network marketing by promoting the next big event and the reward of cruises and trips.

(11). Aim for Fame

The methods of motivation to those aiming for fame is fame. Meeting someone famous is transferred to themselves. They begin talking like they are the best of friends.

“When Matt Damion and I were in Los Angeles at Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset Blvd. back in 2012…” – having only shook his hand in a quick meet and greet.

They drop names of famous people in hopes their reputation will rub off on them.

What drives motivation toward network marketing to those aiming for fame is having dinner with successful upline leaders. Arrange dinners with successful upline leaders and have the fame-seekers master the ceremonies making introductions of famous people to the audience.

(12). Popularity

People that are popular seek to be loved at all cost. The perfect “Yes person” is the person seeking more popularity. They don’t wish to offend anyone.

Most of the time, they have a hard time following through with commitments they make. They make too many commitments and have little time fulfilling them.

People who want popularity make decisions based not on what is best for them, but based upon how other people will think of them. Their primary motivation is to make sure other people think of them fondly making them the most supportive leaders in network marketing.

Recognize them in front of others acknowledging their contributions by having a standing ovation. It motivates the person desiring popularity with the ultimate reward.

(13). Accomplishments

People centered in the value of accomplishments are those with “To Do” lists clipped on the outside of their leather-bound organizer.

Every task on the list is assigned several minutes increasing productivity.

They take short-cuts anyway they can. No unfinished projects are left on the list.

Tokens of accomplishment are found throughout their home. Diplomas, ribbons and trophies line the mantle of the fireplace each in its own place with a history attached.

They are talkative and able to explain in great detail how they accomplished their achievements. They tell great stories keeping people engaged and entertained.

They set goals and achieve them making them consistent achievers and great networkers. Motivation means multi-tasking. Don’t bore them with simplistic tasks. They are performers and let them perform with building a team their way.

(14). Desire to Have a Good Time

What motivates people into network marketing by those desiring to have a good time? Anything where fun is fun. A travel bonus or going to a company convention where they meet people having fund is their motivation.

They are open-minded and find alternative careers and opportunities fitting their lifestyle of fun and good times. They will attract other people wanting a good time. Don’t worry about them becoming workaholics. It won’t happen. Let them recruit people who want a good time and your business is guaranteed success.

The Test of What Motivates People

I’m sure you know people meeting the basic core values people have. Many of your friends and family align with these values.

I have a friend who likes a good time. Trying to motivate him using the values of personal enlightenment would fall on deaf ears.  Talking to him about why network marketing will help him with inner growth and personal development will be like banging cymbals and empty noise and he will turn you down.

Talking about how he will have fun at events and cruises perks up his ears and he is all in and will demand to sign up. Good times and fun are what matters to him. He makes his decisions based on how they will affect his values of fun and good times.

Once you establish the values of the prospect, it is easy showing him on how network marketing can help him satisfy those values.

Some people join to be popular. Others join for the residual income. And others get involved for the cruises and new cars. Find the values meeting their desires and you are their best friends.

An exercise is to list these values on a sheet of paper and have the prospect number them in order of importance. This will help you understand them and have more empathy for the decisions they make.

People make decisions based upon their current values. That is our starting point for what motivates people.

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