The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

What is Crack Cocaine for the Prospect’s Brain? Stories!

Approximately 90% of people in first-world countries need more money, and in Network Marketing, we offer an option that more than solves this need. Why, then, do so many say no?

It is obvious that prospects are not saying no to MORE MONEY because they need it, so they must be saying no to us!

That is the bad news and can be a bit of an OUCH!This image has a down arrow in it and says PDF Download

However, there is some good news: if we change what we say, prospects will not react the same way.

In other words, it is not exactly us prospects are saying no to, but what we say!

So, we need to change our words to get a better reaction. But what type of words can we use that commands a prospect to listen?


The answer to what is CRACK COCAINE for the prospect’s brain is stories.

Throughout human history, until books were invented 500 years ago, stories were the only way to pass on information. So, it is easy to see that we are conditioned by evolution to expect the story, and when someone starts telling one, our brain stops thinking of anything else.

Our prospects are no longer distracted. They stop the chatter in their minds and pay attention to what we are saying when we tell a story.

This report is an introduction to stories and how they are used to get prospects ready to sign up in your network marketing downline.

In addition, if you download this PDF (below), we will occasionally send you another story and explain why it works.

This is the featured image for "What is Crack Cocaine for the Prospect's Brain?" It contains an icon for a person's hed with the back of their brain lighting up and asks the question; "What is teh one thing that stops a prospect in their tracks and commands them to listen?"

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