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What to Do with a New Distributor Who Joins Today?

What to do with a new distributor who joins today and is ready to get started with network marketing? Give him a plan to build success.

95% of new distributors who follow a blueprint of things to do to be successful in network marketing will make a six-figure income in less than a year. 95% of all new distributors who do not follow a blueprint of what to do with network marketing will fail.

What to do with a new distributor who wants to have a step-by-step-method to guide him? Draw up a blueprint.

Everyone needs a blueprint to build anything of value. Building a house requires a blueprint. Building a car involves a blueprint. Building a network marketing business requires a blueprint after which to pattern success. New distributors who follow the plan are guaranteed to fire their boss, rid themselves from underneath crushing debt, and improve the quality of life for themselves and their family.

The Blueprint of What to Do with a New Distributor

What to do what to do what to do? Take immediate action. Don’t put off tomorrow what needs to be done today for the new distributor. Start him on day one with a network marketing blueprint.

The network marketing blueprint is a series of activities to get something done. It is a pattern to follow for making something.

Think about what you want to do with a new distributor. You want him creating habits and routines to build a team of other new reps and customers. Duplicating the blueprint in other new reps and customers by the distributor creates an empire.

What to do with a new distributor?

  1. Get a commitment to work the business.
  2. Make a wish list.
  3. Buy products on a monthly autoship.
  4. Get a promise to attend all meetings with no-escape clause.
  5. Make a prospect and customer list.
  6. Setup a meeting.
  7. Make appointments.

(1). Get a Commitment to Work the Business

Activities for the new rep to do on day one are getting a commitment from him to work the business.

Have him write it down.

“I commit myself to one solid year of learning and working this business. NOTHING will cause me to quit.”

Have him sign and date the commitment. Use his first and last name for the signature.

Have him pin it above the desk he will use at home to work the business. It will remind him daily of his commitment.

Putting the commitment in writing and adding a signature and date makes the mind gear itself to fulfilling it. It is the nature of human beings to fulfill things to which they commit.

The signature and date gives him permission to buy things for the business and do things to make the business successful. A written signature on a commitment signifies authority over something. It grants him the right of authority over his own business. It gives him a sense of ownership. With ownership comes what is needed to be responsible.

(2). Make a Wish List

What to do with a new distributor immediately after joining? Have him make a wish list.

Ask the new distributor,

“What do I want my new business to do for me?”

Have him write down all his answers. Tell him to take the list home and tack it to his wall above his work desk.

It reminds the new distributor of the WHY for working so hard in the business. Those thought-out written needs, desires and wants will keep him going when times get rough. Otherwise he will be tempted to quit when the first obstacle is thrown at him.

My personal wish list for doing this business was to retire before the age of 65 from the blood-sucking job of medical coding under a horrible boss. I wanted to be debt free and make $10,000.00 a month. I wanted to buy a new home and travel with my family without the concern of price.

Your new distributor may have simpler needs. He may only want to work part-time while keeping his old job and make an extra $500.00 a month.

Others may wish to fire their boss and make 4 X their income working part-time than full-time.

Whatever the wish list, have the new distributor write all his needs and wants down and pin it to the wall of his workspace.

(3). Buy Products on a Monthly Autoship

What to do with a new distributor on day one? Have him sign up for a monthly autoship and buy products. To be a distributor of products is to buy the products monthly.

There is only one way to make money in network marketing. It is sales. Sales comes from the distribution of products to customers and reps. The way to build volume is to have every new distributor sign up for a monthly autoship. The more the volume means more in sales and more in revenue.

If you do not get in the habit of getting distributors signing up for a monthly autoship on the first day of joining, your success will be short-lived.

Rob is a successful distributor. He speaks to 100 people a month and signs up 10 people. Over the last six months he has 60 new distributors. His check is no more than the ten people whom he signed up the month before. None of his distributors are on autoship.

Judy is another successful distributor. She speaks to 100 people a month and signs 10 people. She has been in network marketing for three months. She has 30 distributors. Her check not only reflects the last 10 people of the previous month but the total volume of all 30 distributors. Her check is 5 X that of Rob. All her distributors are on a monthly autoship.

Products equal a successful business. Without products, the business will fail. A monthly autoship guarantees success.

You be a distributor of products by buying them on a monthly autoship. It guarantees new distributors will be distributors of products by buying on a monthly autoship. They will duplicate what you do.

(4). Get a Promise to Attend All Meetings with No-Escape Clause

Looking for distributors who will attend all meetings without fail? Get a promise in writing from the new distributor to attend all meetings with a no-escape clause.

Have him sign a promise,

“I promise to attend all meetings, trainings and events local and online for one year starting this ____ day of _____________, 20__ and will make no excuses for failing to attend.”

Have him sign and date the promise. Tell him to place the promise above his workstation at home next to his commitment to work the business and wish list.

He is to repeat the promise out loud each day.

Let him know this is a solid promise from him and there is little wiggle room to renege.

(5). Make a Prospect and Customer List

What to do with a new distributor who wants to build a team and have a gaggle of customers? Have him make a prospect and customer list.

Look your new distributor in the eye and say,

“You will need five to ten sharp people like yourself and repeat customers if you want success in this business.”

Stress “like yourself.” It’s important.

Give them a “Circle of Influence Worksheet.” Have them write down a list of closest friends, associates, business owners and members of organizations and professionals that they know, relatives and neighbors, successful people and people who do business with them.

Have them write down all names and phone numbers on the “Circle of Influence Sheet.” Use a separate sheet if necessary but get at least 100 names and phone numbers.

When all names and phone numbers are listed, divide the names into two groups – those who see you atypical and those who see you typical.

Atypical people see the new distributor as a leader. Typical people see the new distributor as a good friend but not on a professional level. Have him place the letter “A” by those who see him as “Atypical.” Have the new distributor place a “T” by those who see the him as “Typical.”

To those who are “Atypical” teach the distributor to lead with the business opportunity. Those who see the distributor as “Typical” lead with the product.

(6). Setup a Meeting

Get distributors to setup meetings. Have the distributor send the prospect and customer list to you and help him determine who sees him “Atypical” or “Typical” and what to say.

The top ten people on his list who see him “Atypical” …have him invite them for a get-together, pot luck, home party, product tasting party, fun evening or to meet a fun person who has a unique idea.

The top ten people who see the new distributor “Typical” …have him invite the prospects for a product tasting party.

Teach the new distributor about the “four-color personalities” and what to say to each. The invitation to make to a color personality who sees the distributor as “Atypical” or “Typical” can be found in the recent article “Making the Invitation Work to Get People to Your Network Marketing Meeting.”

You will need to be on a 3-way call with the new distributor and his prospects and show him what to say in the invitation.

After the first top ten people are exhausted, go to the next top ten on the list.

After all 100 of the prospect and customer list is completely exhausted, teach the new distributor how to start a conversation with “strangers” to break the ice and recruit by saying the right things to build an unlimited number of new customer and prospects.

Attend the meetings of the new distributor with his prospects. Show him how to do a meeting by doing the meetings for him. Repeat the process of giving meetings until you feel assured that your new distributor has five front line new distributors and five solid customers and can do the meetings on his own.

If any of the people on his list of influence lives in another town, state or country, teach the new distributor how to send them a link to a video or PDF or audio file which the company has available. Some companies have phone apps to send people information on products and the business opportunity. Whatever is available from your company use it.

(7). Make Appointments

What to do with a new distributor who prefers appointments over meetings? Setup personal appointments with prospects by calling them. Go with the new distributor to the appointment.

Setting the appointment is simply saying to the prospect,

“Are you married to your job or are you opened minded?”

If the prospect responds positively, proceed with some additional questions using the five-formula statement to build rapport and break the ice.

Be creative. Think of better ways to find and train distributors and do it.

What to do with a new distributor? It’s easy with the network marketing blueprint. Get a commitment in writing to work the business. Make a wish list of wants, needs and desires. Buy products on a monthly autoship. Have the new distributor make a promise in writing to attend all meetings with no wiggle room to escape. Make a prospect and customer list. Setup a few meetings and make appointments.

Recruit, sale and recruit some more.

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