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What Do People Want to Buy in Network Marketing?

What do people want to buy in Network Marketing? People are happy to invest in products that give them the experiences that they want.

Things we buy every day when you think about it are things which give us an experience.

Let’s say that it costs $20 to go to the movies. We exchange our $20 for 90 minutes of entertainment. We could wait three months and watch the same movie on our television screen for less. But, we are not concerned with price. We are investing in the surround sound and big-screen experience. And the popcorn is great too.

So what do people want to buy with anything where the exchange of money is made for stuff? They want an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Teenagers are happy to invest $100 for a concert experience with their favorite band. That seems like a lot of money for a few hours of entertainment. But the memory of that concert experience can last a lifetime.

Runners will invest $300 for a pair of premium running shoes. Yes, they can buy shoes for less. But they will invest huge amounts of money into their shoes for quality, comfort and image.

The most popular items bought online today are bought because of what comfort it they can bring, what joy they experience when people own them.

What do people want to buy when they invest money into fine wine? Sometimes they invest three or four times the cost of the bottle of wine to experience it at a fancy restaurant.

Or what do people want to buy when they purchase gourmet food? Is the food itself or the experience? Certainly food costs less. Yet most people will pay more for higher quality food and better dining experience. Yes, plates and silverware are better than paper wrapper and fingers.

The local grocery store can sell bargain skincare and cosmetics. Yet many women invest in spa treatments and high-end skincare because they want a better experience.

Products that will always be in demand are those that give us higher-qualities of experience.

Does everyone drive the least expensive car? Of course not. We invest in a better driving experience, or invest in a car that reflects a better image.

Do our teenagers want brand-name clothes for status among their friends, or generic clothes that cost less? If it is their parents’ money, they insist on brand-name clothes.

Brand-name water commands premium prices. And yet it is just… water!

Things everyone wants to buy are things that cost more because of the quality experience they bring.

Experience is More Important than Price

What if our listeners say this about our business opportunity? “These products cost too much?”

What are they really saying?

They are telling us they don’t see the value in our offering. It is not a matter of price, it is a matter of perceived value.

Discounting the price of a product that nobody wants won’t fix the problem.

If people perceive our products as boring, not useful, hard to use, etc., we need to fix those problems first.

Cost is not the issue. If cost is the issue, no one would buy luxury automobiles. No one would buy expensive jewelry. Everyone would buy the cheapest shoes available.

Creating Value

The first step to creating value is to talk about the final experience or the end result, not what the product is. Want some examples?

Health and Wellness

If you sell health and wellness products, what do people want to buy with your products? Peace of mind by taking one product a day… feeling secure about the nutrition they’re getting… the feeling of waking up in the morning feeling like they are 16 years old all over again, but with better judgment. How about describing the feeling of knowing that we have provided our children with the basic nutrition they need to stay health?

Health and wellness products are items everyone buys but they buy for the experience, not the cost. 

Anti-aging Products

What do people care about? They want to look good. To look younger. To prevent wrinkles. To have their skin feel young and healthy instead of dry and withered. They want people to say to them, “Wow. Your skin looks so good and healthy?” and they want to avoid hearing people say to them, “Oh, my mistake. I thought you were her mother, not her sister.”

Do people care about how our skincare penetrates 17,000 layers of skin? Or that we can fluff up the size of individual cell with extra moisturizer? Or that our research scientists received an award from somebody, somewhere, at some time? Of course not.

So what do people want to buy? They want to hear about their experience, not our products.

Are we starting to understand what people want? They don’t want to know what we sell, or even how it works. They want to know, “If I invest my money, will I get the experience that I want?”

Cost is secondary to getting the experience they want. So, when we hear complaints about the cost, that should be a reminder that we talked about the wrong things. Everyone is willing to invest more money, almost every time, to get the dream experience they desire.

So what do people want to buy in Network Marketing? Experience. Experience. Experience.


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