The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Leaners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Use words that influence and linger in the minds of prospects!

People will do anything for the right person. Give them words of hope and they will follow you. Relieve their pain with a statement and you’ve made a new best friend. Learn how to influence people with words and the world is your oyster bed.

People will do anything for anyone who uses words to…

ü Ease their pain.

ü Encourage their dreams.

ü Validate their thoughts, concerns and feelings.

ü Engage and capture their attention.

ü Make them feel loved.

ü Make them feel needed and significant.

ü Give them a sense of hope.

ü Make them feel they are contributing/leaving a legacy.

ü Tell them secrets.

ü Give them a sense of power.

ü Offer a scapegoat.

ü Calm their fears and doubts.

Learn how to influence people using words and phrases that validate their desires and needs, and you’ve learned the secret of making money in Network Marketing.

We are all familiar with Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. One feature that stands out about his teachings is to talk in verbal and written terms of other people’s interests. And can we do that with hypnotic words and phrases. There are hypnotic words to say to a man. There are hypnotic words to say to a woman.

When I first learned how to influence people with words that whisper in the minds of my prospects, it opened a whole new world for me. I started making money and built a huge following.

The secret is getting the message about our products, services and opportunity implanted in the brains of our prospects.

Prospects are a fickle people They have these barriers and internal programs that raise suspicion and skepticism whenever we come along. Their sales alarms go off. Filters that flash NO to everything we say are raised.

The way to turn that around is to get into our prospects’ minds so they will accept the good things we have to say.

There is an old say that you will never influence the world by being like them. So let’s learn how to influence people with words that whisper in the minds of our prospects to get them liking us and believing what we say.

And we can do that with stories.

How to Influence People with Stories

Stores are words written or spoken that influence the mind. Stories are easy to remember. Stories mesmerize people. Stories hold people’s attention.

Imagine you’ve just graduated from a major university and you start the climb up the corporate ladder. Every day you work long hours. You spend Saturday after Saturday on projects to get ahead and keep your job. The days of watching sports is over. No time for relationship, and no money to save. Every month you review your goals to see how far you can climb further up the corporate ladder. Let’s see, “I can do this extra meeting over here. I can take on this extra project over there. And gradually, I can be at the top.” After 18 short years, you have your chance. You could become the next new, semi-young chief executive of the company. But the owner gives the chief executive job to his recently graduated grandson, who promptly fires you.

You’ve lost 18 years of your life, your dignity, your hard effort, and is again unemployed.

You best friend also leaves the same university, but takes an ordinary job. However, your best friend does something different. In the evenings, after work, your best friend starts his part-time Network Marketing business. Four years later, your best friend fires his boss and lives the rest of his life on the earnings of his Network Marketing business.

That was simple. In just a few short words a younger person understands that working a business now can pay off later. We didn’t have to convince anyone, sell anyone, or plead our case. We simply told a story.

How to influence people with words is a skill worth learning.

Because this was a story, it is readily accepted in the mind of our prospect. We didn’t have to fight to get our message inside our prospect’s head. We engaged and captured his attention. We revealed the pain. We gave him a sense of hope. We told him secrets to unlock his dreams.

Learn how to influence people with words in a narrative story and you own the world.

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