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How to turn a NO from an MLM prospect into Profit

When you hear a prospect say NO, is all lost? It is not. In fact, you can turn NO into a profit!

This is a skill that’s easy to learn and put into practice.

Let me give two real time scenarios.

The Product Scenario

Because you’ve learned the art of differentiation from my training, you realize the prospect you’re talking to is not a good candidate for your network marketing opportunity but is perfect for your products.

You understand from previous conversations with her that she is desperate to lower her blood pressure due to being 40 pounds overweight.

You have two products that are picture-perfect to help her lose weight and burn belly fat quickly, and in less than two weeks’ time lower her blood pressure.

Your products help solve her two problems with weight and high blood pressure and are a seamless match for her.

You pitch to her product price and how the products are going to save her money over other weight loss and blood pressure brands out there … you breakdown for her the various ingredients in the products and what they do together that can help her … and you relay how good tasting they are.

You did not build value into what the products can do to solve her weight and high blood pressure problems.

You had a perfect opportunity of turning your passion into profit, but what do you think happened?

She didn’t buy.

Instead of turning a no into a yes in sales, you turned her yes into a no.

The Opportunity Scenario

From my training on differentiation, you know this prospect is the perfect candidate for pitching your MLM opportunity to.

This prospect has already revealed to you that he’s in debt to the tune of $5000.00 dollars he can’t pay … his daughter is heading to a school he can’t afford to send her to … his son needs a need new computer … and he wants to pay for a surprise, dream vacation ski trip to Colorado for his wife’s upcoming birthday.

So we have three nagging pains to relieve (debt, college cost, computer) and one dream to help make real for him (ski trip).

Instead of pitching to him on how awesome your MLM company is and a detail explanation of your compensation plan to help him, you instead pitched value in what your opportunity can do to solve his three problems and fulfill his one dream.

What are the chances this prospect will become part of your network marketing team?

It’s a very high and good chance he joins.

“Turning a [possible] no into a yes” with the MLM opportunity scenario is the better choice among the two.

Pain or Pleasure

Turn a NO into a profit in Network Marketing is as easy and simple as choosing pain or pleasure. Obviously we want to experience the latter!

If you’ve ever had a prospect say “no” to your business opportunity or product, it’s because of the fear of pain and the loss of pleasure by getting involved.

In the two scenarios above, the first thing we need to understand is that every single action decision those two prospects and every person on the planet make is based on one single thing.

“The desire to avoid pain and acquire pleasure.”

From what brand of toothpaste that you used this morning, even going to work for that JOB you chose were all decisions made because they gave you pleasure or helped you avoid pain.

The best profit strategies using MLM that allow us to do our job of marketing and promoting our products, services and opportunity more effectively are linked to the desire to avoid pain and acquire pleasure.

For example:

When the prospect in our product scenario above said “No,” it’s because the perceived pleasure of losing weight and lowering blood pressure was not explained to her to move her out of her comfort zone.

She only perceived the pitch as a sleazy salesman would do to her … a pain to avoid.

When our prospect in the opportunity scenario above said “Yes,” he perceived that he could avoid the pain of the debt, college education cost and the new computer and gain the pleasure rewarded to him with a fully paid ski trip for his wife by taking the opportunity offered.

Everything we do and buy stems from the emotion of how it makes us look and feel.

You chose the clothes you wear because it’s nice and makes you look and feel good, or because it was “expensive looking” without the expensive price tag and you felt you saved money, or because you avoided the pain of spending too much.

You bought into network marketing because it gives you a feeling of hope that you can achieve more, or because it’s going to eventually help you avoid the pain of debt, forking out hard earned dollars for your daughter’s college education or a new computer for your son.

So, if you want to get fewer no’s and more yes’s when you prospect, you need to realize that buying into a business and a dream is based on emotion.

How is buying into your network marketing business going to make you feel better? How is it going to help you avoid the pain?

Once you have communicated the value and benefits that come from your business opportunity, you need to help your prospect justify their decision with logic.

People only buy and get involved with things for the fear of loss or the hope of gain from a logical viewpoint, even though their thinking may be flawed.

They buy something because they fear logically what they may lose by not buying or they get excited by what they may gain from buying.

Often the prospect will become involved with your MLM opportunity because of the fear of losing out to something he or she perceives in their mind to be of importance.

Just to prove the point, here is the logic of what some people think when it comes to avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.

People will eat junk food for years because of the pleasure they get from it, even though they know it’s bad for them.

People will stay in their crappy JOB for years, and not start something different to get them out of their plight because of the fear of the unknown..

Give value and worth to your products, services and opportunity and show your prospects how these can avoid their pain and heighten their pleasure and you will reap great rewards.

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