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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Turn Up the Heat on Your Burned Out Warm Market List!

Want to turn up the heat on your burned-out warm market list of friends and family to get them engaged in network marketing? You need to say the right things.

The top network marketers are those who have the network marketing skills to talk to any group of people who are burned out from a previous experience and turn them around. They know the art of warm selling to heat up a warm market list that has turned cold. They know how to speak the right words to thaw out the list.

There are scripts which help. Many are too complicated and cannot be duplicated with team members. Others are confusing and lead to more problems than they’re worth.

I prefer a script which is simple and can be duplicable with my team.

Two Approaches to Turn Up the Heat on Your Warm Market List

There are two approaches to turn up the heat on your friends and family to get them involved in your network marketing business. Lead with the product. Lead with authority.

Know that some of your warm market list may have been turned off to network marketing from past experiences involving you or someone else. The worse thing that you could do with them is to network marketing recruiting.

Lead with the Product

Jim has a warm list of relatives and neighbors which he has burned in the past. He tried to be pushy with them. He chased them down day in and day out begging them to join. Soon, all his family and neighbors on his warm contact list had grown cold.

Jim attends one of my classes and he learns skills. He learns what to say to his burned out warm list to revive their interest.

He goes back to the same warm list that he turned cold and turns up the heat,

“I’m doing this new business and I know for certain that this business is not a fit for you, but I think you might like the product. Again, I know you have zero interest in the business, but check out this brief video, article, whatever you got about the product. You might like it.”

He leads with the product over the opportunity. Jim signs up four new customers. The four new customers end up becoming four new reps on his team. The product turned up the heat. The product sold the warm market list on the benefits of the opportunity.

Lead with Authority

Billy has been in two previous network marketing companies prior to joining his newest company XYZ. All his family and friends roll their eyes and think Billy has stepped into it once again. They feel he does not know what he is doing by joining one network marketing company after the other. He has no knowledge on how to be successful. Respect for Billy by family and friends is low. Billy’s chances of reaching out to his warm market list to get them engaged is 100 to 1 against.

Billy attends my class on heating up the warm market list. He learns skills. He learns to say the right things.

Billy goes back to his warm market contacts and turns up the heat by saying,

“You know that I’ve been researching the field of network marketing quite carefully. In fact, to become extremely knowledgeable, I have enrolled in several different companies over the last several years to learn from the different experts. Well, I’m happy to tell you that all the analysis has paid off. I’ve mastered enough from all these companies about the industry to pick the best organization that allows people to earn $30,000 to $50,000 a month in the shortest amount of time. I’ve spent a lot of time, money, and energy doing my homework and now I’m so excited I seem to be losing sleep every night. I need to see you as soon as possible to find out if you would be interested in earning this kind of money”

Billy gets back the respect that he lost. His friends and family see what he has done in a new light. He has become the authority. Being the expert postures Billy with the authority needed to extend the invitation to join. Four people join.

Turn up the heat on your warm market list. Lead with the product …not the opportunity for some. Others respect you when they see you in a new light as someone researching his subject and who has become the authority.

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