The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Leaners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

To Boost Your Confidence, become a Network Marketing Expert!

If you are feeling uncomfortable in network marketing, why not become a Network Marketing Expert? Feel intimidated when prospects ask questions or throw out objections? Maybe your home-based business is a business where self-talk about it deteriorates into questions:

  • What will they think about me if I present my opportunity?
  • What I flub this up?
  • If I forget details about the business, will it make them think less of me?
  • What if the products I recommend don’t do what I clam them to do?
  • Will the compensation plan offend them?

We all want ways to boost self-confidence. Fear is a powerful emotion creating low self-esteem about our industry.

How do you overcome the fear of talking to prospects and boost your confidence? Be the expert.

Be the Expert by Becoming the Expert

What makes a person confident about being an account? It’s knowing how to add and subtract. It’s going to school taking accountant courses and exercising activities to build self-esteem in accounting. Starting out, the accountant knows nothing about accounting other than the desire to be one. He becomes the expert by being the expert.

Ways to improve confidence talking to prospects about network marketing is by training. Boost your confidence by being the expert. Be the expert in network marketing and you boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Imagine you are new to network marketing and you sign Tim into the business. Tim is a professional business owner. He has a lot of influence with other professionals.

Imagine tomorrow you’re asked by Tim to speak to 50 people at his first network marketing opportunity meeting at a restaurant reserved for him and his guests. They are all professionals from salespeople to business owners to doctors and lawyers. You know nothing about professionals since you worked at the local Dairy Queen making minimum wage and never dealt with them. That is an intimidating crowd especially when you are new to network marketing and not use to running in professional circles. You are a bit anxious and nervous. You are afraid they will ask you questions (and most assuredly all professionals do). Talk about a “boost your confidence” downer – this is it.

Sound familiar in an exaggerated way?

Imagine this scenario.

Tim asks you to lead the meeting by talking about how you came from being a minimum wage earner at Dairy Queen to joining network marketing. That’s easy. How do you feel? More confident? You don’t need a lot of preparation or study because your story is your experience and yours alone. You own the story and you can tell it without a PowerPoint or slide presentation. You already are the expert.

You arrive at the meeting. Everyone is excited. Here is someone telling the professionals how they went from an employer working 9-5 at Dairy Queen to network marketer and how easy it is for anyone. If they have questions about your life, you are ready. You are the star. Way to boost self-esteem are at your finger-tips in your own story. You boost your confidence being the authority.

Boost Your Confidence about Your Business

You know more about network marketing than the professionals that Tim invited to hear you speak. In their eyes, you are the expert. They know nothing about your company training. They know nothing about the products and how good they are for them. You know more on how to be confident in life with network marketing than they do.

How to build self-confidence and self-esteem is knowing you know more than they do. Carry that confidence with you and your prospects will sense your competency.

No prospect wants to follow someone who is incompetent. They want someone who knows where he is going and has the skills to get there. The more skills you learn, the easier it will be talking to your prospects and enrolling them into your business.

Boost your confidence with the confidence building tips of knowing you know more than your prospect. Learn, read, study. Books and training abound about network marketing. Find them. Be part of them and be the expert.


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