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Tiny Innocent Questions that Motivate Prospects to Make Decisions

Questions can cause uncomfortable and even fearful moments for prospects, and that is why Tiny Questions are perfect, they are more natural and relax most people.

Imagine we are on Facebook with a new prospect. We’ve built good rapport and the moment comes to make first contact by a zoom video call or phone. We say to our new Facebook prospect, “How about jumping on a zoom call or Facebook Messenger call?”

The prospect is reluctant. The prospect feels uneasy. The prospect does not want to answer the question. The prospect is afraid to commit to a zoom or Facebook phone call because we might ask something that the prospect does not want to do. The prospect does not know where this question is leading.

Now feel the difference when I let the prospect know why I asked the question. I say to the prospect, “It is important for both of us that we know we are talking to a real person. We can’t expect to work together unless we can talk with each other live. Face to face is better but speaking by zoom or Facebook phone works just as good. How about we jump on a zoom or Facebook phone call to meet each other live?”

Feel the difference? The prospect feels more comfortable and relaxed because the prospect knows where the conversation is going. Qualifying statements before asking tiny innocent questions make all the difference.

Tiny Questions

We should give a bit more background to our prospect before asking major questions. We don’t’ want to go too fast too soon.

Tiny questions that are asked first lets our prospects know where we are going with the major qualifying questions.

Tiny innocent questions should be nonintrusive and easy to answer so that most people say “YES.” To build rapport and be polite, we should start with easy questions in normal conversations. This keeps us in rapport and avoids stressing out our prospects.

When prospects whom we are speaking with say “YES” to tiny innocent questions, they will believe their answer. They commit to their answer and opinion. As our conversation continues, they will want to stay consistent with their opening “YES” answer.

So if our opening initial question is easy, “Do you like to be healthy?” – then our prospect will be more open-minded to health options. This would be consistent with their “YES” answer to “Do you like to be healthy?”

If we asked someone on Facebook if they’d like to retire in 5 years at full pay and they answer “YES,” then they will be consistent with their YES decision in the rest of our conversation about retiring in 5 years.

How Does it Work?

Here are some examples.

Imagine we sell immune support products. We walk up to people and say, “Would you like to try our immune support product?”

What do you think people will say? “NO.” They would not be interested.

Now, imagine we sell immune support products and we ask this tiny innocent question FIRST: “Do your kids go to school?” Of course, they would say “YES.”

And then we continue the conversation by asking, “Would it be okay if you could protect them from all the bacteria and viruses the other children bring to school?”

Because people like to be consistent, they hate to flip-flop like a politician. So if they commit to wanting immune support for their kids, it seems consistent for them to be open-minded about trying our immune support product.

Let’s try a few more.

— Do you hate working a job 40 hour a week doing the same mundane task? Would it be okay if you checked out this part-time business that every day gives you a new exciting task which consistently makes you more money than your regular job?

— Feel tired in the morning? Would it be okay if you could wake up feeling fresh and rested?

— Hate being away from your new born baby because of work? Would it be okay if you look at a home-based business that let you stay home with your babies at full pay?

— Hate that your memory fades with each new birthday? Would it be okay if you tried a new brain rejuvenating tea for 90 days that restores memory starting your first day?

Our Business Opportunity

Imagine we meet a new person on Facebook and say to them, “Want a home-based business?” Most people would say “NO.”

People might offer excuses such as, “We don’t want to change. We are happy where we are. We are afraid it won’t work out. We don’t really know you.”

But if we add a tiny innocent question to make our listeners more open-minded, we will ask, “Do you like working for someone else that makes all the money?” Most people will reply “NO.”

And then we would continue with our conversation by asking, “Would it be okay if I showed you how to make your boss work for you and earn unlimited money without interfering with what you currently are doing?” To remain consistent with the prospect’s previous answer, they would say ‘YES.”

Other examples?

— “Do you hate commuting to work 2 hours one way each day?” The prospect says, “YES.”  Then we carry on with our conversation, “Would it be okay if you looked at a business that keeps you at home and earns you full pay?”

— “Tired of working weekends? Would it be okay if you could work 3 days out of the week at full pay and have 4 days off?”

— “Hate being broke working for someone else? Would it be okay if you worked for yourself with unlimited income?”

Other Examples

What if we sell skincare?

— “Do you know how sun damages our skin? Would it be okay if you tried our skin rejuvenating tea for 90 days that reverses sun damaged skin?”

— “Do you like looking young? Would it be okay if you could keep wrinkles away an extra 15 years?”

— “Do you hate sun spots? Would it be okay if you tried our age spot removal teas for 90 days and see who much difference it would make?”

Diet products.

— “Do you like to stay in shape? Would it be okay if you enjoyed our breakfast shake every morning to help you stay fit and in shape?”

— “Do you find it hard to find time to exercise? Would it be okay if you could lose weight without exercising?”

— “Hate feeling hungry? Would it be okay if you could diet but never feel hungry again?”

Notice what we did after asking our tiny questions. We used the formula, “Would it be okay if…?” These five words make it easier for people to say “YES.” In fact, it is almost automatic. Our subconscious minds prompt us to say “YES” just by hearing those five words.

The hardest part of starting a conversation about our opportunities, products and services is the beginning, the middle, and the end. The beginning is the hardest because our prospects are fearful, cautious, cold and unwilling to commit to anything.

But what happens when we open with tiny innocent questions and follow up with a “Would it be okay if” question? We leap all the barriers in our listeners minds. Our prospects start asking us, “How does this work?”

See the Trend? Adding tiny innocent questions could double or triple our results. This is not hard to do. What we need to do is think hard about our opening tiny question. This extra question can help us sell more products or services and get more signups for our business.

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