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Thumbs Up by Social Media to Your MLM Opportunity

Network Marketing and Social media. WOW, what a combination!

They sort of get stick in your throat and make you almost choke, just speaking those two phrases together. Why? Well, because of the potential and the Yin & Yang of that potential, which is the partial lack of acceptance Network Marketing.

Social media is an awesome tool with over 65% of adults in the USA using it on a daily basis. They pop on to find news, stay in touch with family and friends, and do business.

“People get and share information ( about health and healthcare, civic life, news consumption, communities, teenage life, parenting, dating and even people’s level of stress.”

For people involved in Network Marketing, social media platforms are one of the top sources of generating leads. We can easily connect with prospects no matter where they live and have fun plus make money. 

Yet Network Marketing, in some circles, is shunned on social media. Why? Because of the way network marketers act. That is why the title of this post is; The marriage and divorce of Network Marketing and Social Media.

They are simultaneously a match made in heaven and a divorce created in hell.

Everyday people in Network Marketing kind of ruin it for the rest of us by making overzealous claims on social media — income and product claims. But, the good news is; it’s okay. 

To be clear it is not okay that people act badly when they try to promote their products and opportunity but it is okay that we can still use social media!

Examples of Claims

  •  curing cancer,
  • making a $100,000 a month (yes, some do this but you cannot make income claims without a disclaimer)
  • no need to buy products but still being able to make thousands of dollars a day

This has is not the way to do it. 

Unfortunately, to some degree, what poisons the goose also has poisoned the gander. So, when people act badly or make ridiculous claims they hurt the chances of people who don’t. And, really, what we are saying is those who are socially inept should not use social media. LOL!

Hold on. Do not throw out the baby with the bathwater!

So how do we change the perception until what we do is both followed and respected?

We change it by making the Network Marketing something that is sought after. the most by MLM opportunity seekers. How you ask? By creating value in everything we do on social media websites and giving it away for FREE.

Opportunity Seekers Like VALUE that’s FREE

Looking for the best MLM opportunity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.? Look no further than those MLM companies through their marketers that give away value FOR FREE in what they offer…this does not mean to give away products and services for free (in some cases it does). It does mean that we create so much value in the things we write about, post and create in our videos on social media websites that help a person solve a problem and get their dreams fulfilled.

If you go onto such sites as Facebook and YouTube, you have thousands of thousands of network marketers pushing their wares, products, services and opportunity like a sleazy car salesman, thinking that the products and services they offer are what people are seeking. They ARE NOT.

And if you take a poll of these same network marketers, and ask them how much money they’ve made and how many people they’ve recruited, you’ll find them admitting to making and recruiting little or none.

People on social media websites are there to make friends, socialize and to find the latest news that the major television and radio outlets don’t want you to know or see. 

In order to find your niche in this type of market you have to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Make your business a legitimate MLM opportunity and give it the thumbs up it deserves from social media networks by giving away value FOR FREE that helps people relieve their pain and find hope in fulfilling their needs.

What Problems MLM Opportunity Seekers Seek to Resolve

What is it that MLM opportunity seekers look for on social media sites to solve their problems? 

There are 5 problems ( they seek to resolve.

  1. Leads
  2. Follow-up
  3. Duplication
  4. Marketing tools
  5. Credibility

When looking at these five problems, apply the journalistic questions of “what”, “who”, “when”, “where”, and “why”. 

What is it that network marketers seek? What are their problems?

Who are the people MLMers would like to recruit? Who makes up the majority of those they do recruit?

Where are leads and distributors found on the internet or on the streets? Where do you go to get them?

Why do MLMers need this over that? Why do their leads need what they need?

Leads. The number one challenge for all network marketers is learning how to generate leads online, especially through social media network sites. You can help solve this problem by showing them how to sell value in solving other people’s problems over products and opportunity.

Follow-up. Many network marketers have no concept of what it means to follow-up with their prospects that generated on social media because they’ve never been trained to do so. What are the techniques to follow-up with prospects? What do you say to them? What time is the best time to approach a lead in a follow-up? 

Duplication and training. Once the networker begins to enroll people into his/her business, the next problem that comes is getting their new partners trained effectively in order to duplicate what they have done and what others have done to be successful.

Marketing tools. Every serious network marketer is seeking training marketing tools to help them overcome objections, scripts to help them be the most effective in communicating and winning over leads, tricks and tips to make them top earners and leaders in their company. This includes free webinars, EBooks, videos, blogs, and of course social media.

Credibility ( Many network marketers don’t have any. And they have no idea of how to get it, especially if they’re new in the business, and haven’t earned any money yet.

The key is for the creative mind to offer real and practical solutions to resolve them. This will attract the leads and distributors you need to build an empire. 

By finding real solutions to these problems, it’ll leverage your time, while you concentrate on the most importing thing in building your business—marketing!  

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