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3 Copywriting Tips for Network Marketing Success

Would you like 3 copywriting tips for Network Marketing? Tips that are like a giant magnet that attract prospects and direct them to take action? That turn them into prospects?

How about copywriting tips for Network Marketing that allow you to writing titles, ads, create scripts and videos? Tips that end up with prospects finding your content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

There are 3 copywriting tips for Network Marketing that will generate prospects for years. And here they are:

  1. The power of the written word
  2. Copywriting has influence and leverage
  3. Copywriting makes you believable

The Power of the Written Word

The power of the written word can be your best friend or worst enemy. It can make you a lot of money or it can leave you penniless.

I’ve seen network marketers over and over again struggle in their blog posts, videos, and capture pages with generating leads, recruiting reps and making sales …and the number one culprit is the failure to develop the skillset of copywriting.

What is copywriting?

It is delivering words to take action.

When you write compelling content with the right words, you captivate, convince and compel people to take action…the kind of action and direction in the way that you want it.

By penning the right combination of words, you can convert leads, prospects and people in general into becoming distributors, reps and customers. Power through the printed word then becomes your servant, not your master.

Copywriting has influence & leverages time!

In the age where social media is king, you’ll never create a force big enough to harness its power of influence without learning copywriting.

It has influence to persuade good over evil…equally, it can sway evil over good.

It leverages the one using the written word RIGHTLY in network marketing by branding the person as the MLM expert, guru and professional.

With a leadership role in MLM you’ll recruit more than others, creating wealth not only for yourself but your team.

Copywriting Makes You Believable       

Also, the written word whether eloquently or harshly penned makes you more believable. A universal law governs most people…they believe more in what they see in writing than from what they hear with their own ears.

That is why TEXTING is very popular among the young.

Many young people have become skeptical to sounds, taste, touch and even smells …they only believe with what their eyes see and read. It’s an over development in young people of one part of their five senses …unfortunately, they become desensitized to the remaining four.

This is sad but true

Blindness is disastrous as it is …but to those who are addicted to the written word and afflicted with the impairment of vision, it’s hell on earth.

However, as long as social media dominates the scene, people will lean heavily in favor of believing what they read…you can use that CORRECTLY and in TRUTH to your advantage through the inscribed word.

Always tell the truth in MLM. Truth makes you believable whether written or spoken.

3 Tips

Quality content in copywriting is to attract visitors and convert them into leads, reps and customers.

Consistently producing commanding, high-quality copy is tough.

To help you avoid tension burnout, beat writer’s block, and ultimately get more results with your network marketing business, here are three sure-fire copywriting tips and techniques from some of the greatest MLM copywriters and salesmen.

  1. Start with an idea
  2. Layout a plan for your idea with the help of some keywords
  3. Determine the emotional impact of your idea and keywords on your audience

Note: There are some of you at this point who may think this post is not about copywriting tips and techniques to network marketing success but about SEO copywriting and ranking.

You are partially right …part of copywriting is to learn how to rank and optimize yourself in the search engines.

Without ranking yourself high enough in the search engines no one will see you no matter how great your copy may be …ranking is about getting noticed and getting noticed in a big way.

Start with an Idea

But it’s also about using the SEO tricks and tips to create awesome, mind-bending copy — that’s part of how you get noticed — and it all begins with an idea.

Every great piece of literature and invention started with an idea…a concept…something to talk about…a thought from which to create.

For example, to come up with this blog post my idea or concept was “copywriting” …nothing more to it.

It’s from this idea that I began to flesh out my copy …but I had some help along the way …. I had help from some keywords.

Layout a Plan for Your Idea that includes Keywords

Keywords are concepts of great significance … they represent and are the building blocks for the content of the document or copy.

Keywords may be likened to the architect of a house and the blueprints which he or she creates.

The architect “FOCUSES” on the design of the blueprints.

The blueprints are the guide for other workers to build the house properly from the focus of the architect.

It takes the architect, blueprints, and workers together to keep the house on course of being built according to the guidelines set out by the architect in the plans.

There is a governing keyword that is called the FOCUS …there are other keywords that support the focus and provide the building blocks to flesh out the content.

For example, this article is broken down into these keyword parts…

  • The concept “copywriting”
  • The Focus keyword “copywriting tips”
  • Keywords that support the focus (“compelling content,” “MLM copywriting tips,” “MLM copywriting secrets,” copywriting tips and techniques,” tips for network marketing prospecting,” etc.)

The keywords that support the focus helped me to develop the content of this blog article.

The place to find and coordinate the keyword parts is an online tool called “Google Keyword Planner”.

If you want a step-by-step outline of how to use the planner, refer to this article and this video, followed by this one.

Next is to find out the emotional impact your ideas and keywords will have on your audience.

Determine the Emotional Impact of Your Idea and Keywords on Your Audience

Reaching your prospects in a deep and emotional way is a key to successful copywriting … and your headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you use to reach prospects.

Words with emotional appeal work best in copywriting to attract a market.

There three kinds of emotions are found on the internet. They’re…

  1. Intellectual
  2. Empathetic
  3. Spiritual

The intellectual emotion includes copy that appeals to reason … this is useful when trying to offer products, services and opportunities that required careful evaluation such as an explanation of your company’s compensation plan or the breakdown of what products are composed of.

Words that resonate and express strong emotional reactions in people are emotions known to be empathetic … this is useful when speaking about the benefits and value your company can offer to help people resolve their hurt and pain and fulfill their dreams.

Spiritual emotions are words that have the strongest application and influence by appealing to their deepest emotional level.

Appealing to one’s humanity and vision and focus are most acceptable with this type of emotion.

The online tool to help you find the emotional appeal of your idea and keywords is found at Advanced Marketing Education and Research with their Emotional Marketing Value Headliner Analyzer.

For an excellent tutorial on how to use this awesome tool, click HERE.

Some of the most useful power words to use in copy and emotional appeal can be found HERE.

With a great idea, some support from keywords and a headline that appeals emotionally to your audience, you have just created the MAIN BODY of copy.

How to write persuasive marketing copy is the best of three worlds. It combines an idea forged into keywords that appeal to an emotional response. To build your business effectively on the internet you need all three.

For those who want to delve deeper into Copywriting, I’ve made arrangements for you to afford this valuable online learning course about copywriting … Click on the Link below for access to this valuable course

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