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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

The Velocity Builder Blueprint to Momentum in Network Marketing

You’ve made the decision to build momentum in network marketing, and that’s awesome. If you’re going to go all the way, you want to have all the things in place to build it fast using the easiest methods possible.

If you ever had a home being built, or a bathroom addition built to your existing house, you know the method of communicating on how to build that house or addition is the blueprints.

Blueprints are plans that give direction and keep builders on course. They provide the strategy so they don’t stray and construct a bathroom where the kitchen is supposed to be or go.

When the builder has the proper strategy, tools and skills to build according to the blueprint, then they build with velocity and momentum.

How to Create Momentum in Network Marketing

What is the momentum or velocity needed for building a network marketing business?

Momentum or Velocity in MLM is when you’ve setup a series of actions for a set period of time which issue into results that overlap and provide an almost lasting and lingering effect.

For example, all my actions last month of calling my cold market and following up with them results this month in 3 new team members and 6 more becoming product customers. Or, all the training webinars that I attended last week on blogging helps me this week with providing the proper instructions for my team mates to build a monetized blog successfully.

“You want to stay in correct action and remain disciplined for extended periods of time so that you can experience momentum or it may seem to you like you are just starting fresh each week and starting from zero.”

There are specific plans that you can use to build a bigger network marketing business faster, with less effort.

In order to be successful when building a network marketing business quickly, you need a strategy, tools and skills.

Today, we concentrate on strategy while not leaving tools and skills behind.

So, let’s break strategy down.

If you’re going to be successful when building a network marketing team, you need to have the right strategy.

If you build without blueprints, you might put the plumbing in the ceiling when it is supposed to go underground. Think what would happen to the house if the pipes froze and broke while in the ceiling. You’d have a mess.

There is a proper order to building a house, just as there is a proper order to building your MLM organization.

Now, what if you tried to build the frame for your house before you laid the foundation? Or what if you tried to put sheet rock plaster on the inside of the house before putting on the roof? The answer is – you’d have a big, big problem.

Order matters.

So, what’s the order to create velocity for building a successful network marketing empire? It’s action and the power of time.


The first order is taking action in such a way that it forms good habits.

Since momentum is action taken in the past that affects the present and future, building a network marketing team successfully with lightening speed is doing actions that affect you positively.

It takes 28 days of positive actions to break a bad habit.

Bad Habit: If you fear speaking to people about your network marketing opportunity, you will not talk to friends, family because you don’t truly believe that what you’re doing in MLM has value for them.Solution: To break that bad habit of fear, go out for the next 28 days and speak about your opportunity or products to total stranger (just to total strangers) with whom you don’t care about what kind of opinion is formed by them.

Results: Stay in this action for 28 days and you also will notice your skill sets improve and the fear of speaking to family and friends will dissipate. After 28 days, you will notice also people becoming attracted to what you have to offer because of your persistence and concern for their welfare.

Bad Habit: If you don’t like managing a business, and let things go in your MLM by procrastinating and not taking responsibility to manage the store, any success in your downline will fail and your business will be left in shambles.

Solution: For the next 28 days, start tending to the little things like keeping a log of your contacts and leads, buying products from your company, learning what your company has to offer from their literature, DVD’s and other material, attending online webinars offered by your company.

Results: Your confidence will increase. Your skill sets will improve and your mindset will become less cluttered, because you have brought order to your house.

Practice, practice, practice is the breaker or maker of bad habits. Practice with a positive mindset and bad habits will fall along the pathway. You can apply this to so many areas in network marketing.

The Power of Time

The second strategic order for building your network marketing business with velocity is the power of time.

It will take most of you between eight months to a year before you see true success of a six-figure income, though you can see half that amount in six months or less.

Do not quit; do not cease being consistent; do not stop duplicating…because time is your friend.

Network marketing success is POSSIBLE! You are going to struggle. You are going to fail. But if you stay in the time frame of 1 year, you will have results that will bring the treasures of residual income to your doorsteps.

If ever there are any network marketing success tips out there, they are these: If your new to network marketing, and you’re starting to write articles, prospect your cold market, post to your blog, do solo ads, recruit family and friends, keep it up for at least 28 days. And then, if you really want success, keep going for a year and don’t look back and scrutinize your results.

And you will succeed. It means to stick with your routine and remain disciplined.


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