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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

True Leaders Start with WHY rather than WHY NOT

The true leaders are people who look for reasons WHY something will work. Other people look for reasons WHY NOT.

To find the true leaders, divide people into two groups. Those that look for reasons WHY and those people who look for reasons WHY NOT.

We start with people who look for reason WHY something works. This group is fun to work with. They see the big picture. They do not let obstacles stand in the way. They acknowledge there may be 1,000 different reasons why something will not work, but they look for that one reason why it will work. They will work and then go into action.

Leadership ability is found in people who do not look to their upline to bail them out with each new challenge. They find the problem and look for solutions. These people are the true leaders
The people who look for reasons WHY NOT are constantly looking for flaws. If they can find the slightest excuse or reason why something may not work, they can then justify not trying. They will contradict leadership practices by finding 1,000 reasons WHY something will work but concentrate on searching for any little reason not to go into action.
So, describe your leadership style. Is it looking for the true leaders? Or, is it looking for anybody that will listen to your presentation and join your business or buy your products?

Look at your group. Is it mostly people who look for reasons WHY? Or, is it mostly people who look for reasons WHY NOT? If you have too many distributors who fall into the category WHY NOT, have you considered transferring them to your competition. Professional recruiters encourage their whiners and complainers to look for another opportunity.
When the malcontents join the competition, they occupy the competition’s time and effort. Then the professional recruiter is left with time to look for the true leaders.
So, what takes more effort? Looking for the true leaders from the WHY category? Or looking for people from the WHY NOT category and spending a lifetime transforming them from whiners and complainers into winners?

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