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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

The Super Referral Program: How to Get Others to Recruit for You!

Ever wondered about what type of super referral program that you can use to get other people who are not interested in network marketing to recruit and presell it for you?

I bet it never crossed your mind that such a program does exist.

This referral campaign would find people with no desire to join network marketing and who are in constant contact with potential customers and business opportunity seekers and will recruit them for you.

This super referral program would give you a steady stream of customers and people who are ready to join your business without much effort on your part because they are presold by someone else.

Referral programs that work like this are easier to do than what most people realize.

The Five Steps to Make It Work

How does this super program definition work? It’s uses five steps to simply reward someone for preselling network marketing for you.

  1. Find someone who doesn’t want to join.
  2. Give a presentation to them for information purposes.
  3. Tell them about the types of people that you are looking for.
  4. Teach them about what to say.
  5. Give them a reward.

Step 1; Find Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Join Network Marketing.

The first step with how to start a referral programs is easy. Lots of people don’t want to join network marketing. This first step is important because without it, the super referral program falls apart.

Find someone who is not interested in joining network marketing and buying your products and approach them with a proposition.

The proposition is simple. You will offer a reward with something of value to the person for referring someone else whom they know to your network marketing opportunity.

Step 2: Give the Presentation about Your Company for Information Purposes.

Ask this person to look at your presentation. This is for their purposes of gathering enough information about your program to speak with authority to someone else.

You want this person to know what you are all about. If you are going to reward the person to recruit and presell for you, the least they can do is sit through a brief presentation to learn about the program.

Step 3: Tell the Person about What Type of People that You’re Looking For.

You want the super referral program to train them with knowing about what type of people that you are looking for.

Here are some general qualifications of people that you are looking for:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Must be in the country of where you live and speak in your language.
  3. Must not be prohibited from doing network marketing.
  4. You want people with wants, desires and needs – Must be people who are tired of their jobs, want to rid themselves from debt, need things to make life easier but cannot afford them, want to travel but cannot take off work, need a new car for taking the kids to activities and school, want to be a stay-at-home mom or dad, and want money to pay for college, etc.

You don’t want people who are Mongolian monks and just out of prison and looking to make money – customer referral programs ideas to avoid.

You don’t want referral program names of people who are broke with no means to pay for joining network marketing.

People who are looking for a job and broke are still looking for a job and broke when approached with network marketing.

They need a job before they can do network marketing to be able to pay for the program and make it work for them.

Step 4: Teach Them about What to Say.

The best referral programs to make money all have a training program with teaching recruiters with what to say.

These referral programs use a few trained words that are simple to remember.

The super referral program that we use teaches this to say:

“I have a close friend whose name is Dale who can help you with a part-time business in network marketing without interfering with your job or social life. He is a business leader in the community. Let me introduce you to him, and let him show you with what this program is all about in a 15-minute presentation. If you like it, then you two can talk some more. If you don’t like it, there will be no pressure from him for you to pursue it any further.”


“I have a friend whose name is Dale. He is a pretty nice guy and a business leader in the community. A lot of people get money to buy a car, go on vacations and pay for their kid’s college education from a part-time income and part-time business on the side. If you like, I’ll give you his phone number, and you can talk to him about even earning a car absolutely for free.”

The person who is being recruited will kindly say “yes” or “no.”

That is all which is needed with trained words for the person to say.

Step 5: Give Them a Reward.

Rewards can come in various forms. All marketing referral programs have reward programs. Most of my rewards are monetary. Your rewards can be different. Find the ones which work for you.

You don’t want to reward someone with an insignificant amount.

For example,

Joe recommends Mary to you and she joins your company. Mary makes you $10.00 during the first month. You don’t want to insult Joe by sending him a check for $5.00. You may want to buy him and his wife a nice dinner.

If Mary makes you $1,500.00 with her first month in the business, you want to send Joe a check for $750.00 for his reward. That amount gets Joe excited to recruit more people for you.

You don’t have to necessarily send Joe a check. You need to make the reward big enough to show your appreciation with what he has done for you by recruiting Mary.

An Illustration of How to Make It Work

The super referral program is easy to implement with about anybody that you meet.

I walk into a car dealership. I look for the salesman who does not have a line of customers with waiting to see him.

I start the conversation, “Do you have people who occasionally come into your dealership and don’t buy a car?”

The car salesman says, “Yea, about nine out of ten customers who don’t buy a car. Only one out of ten do.”

I ask him, “how much money do you make on the nine people who don’t buy?”

He says, “Nothing. What do you mean?”

I say to him, “How would you like to earn some extra income on the nine out of ten people who don’t buy?”

The car salesman is probably thinking to himself, “Gee! I work long hours here and most weeks I don’t earn enough to make ends meet. I can’t get into another business on the side while working here. This sounds good to me’

I throw in this technique. I ask, “Why do some of those nine out of ten people not buy cars?”

The reply may be, ‘Some don’t have the credit. Some don’t have enough down payment. Others think it is too expensive. Some need better paying jobs. Some cannot afford the monthly payments. For others, their cars are upside down where they can’t get enough money on the trade-in to pay off their loan at the bank on their old car. Why do you ask?”

You say, “In our business with multilevel marketing, those nine out of ten people can earn enough money to have higher car payments, get a better job, fix their credit, pay off their old car loans, and maybe even earn a free car from our company that will buy it from you. Do you think that will be exciting to the nine out of ten people who can’t buy a car from you?”

The car salesman says, “It sure would.”

At this point, you want to train him with what words to say to the non-qualified car buyers:

“When these nine out of ten non-buyers come to you, why not say this: I have a friend named Dale. He is a pretty nice guy and a business leader in the community. A lot of people get a car from a part-time income and part-time business on the side. He can help you with this. If you like, I’ll give you his phone number, and you can talk to him about even earning a car absolutely for free. It will only take 15-minutes of your time and be well worth it for you.”

Do you think people will pick up the phone and call me? Absolutely.

What do you do for that car salesman?

You can help him with his income and help him out with a couple of car leads – have the people who join your business and earn a free car to buy the car from him. You can give him a fat reward referral partner program check from people who make come from his recruiting and make it big for you.

Think about the types of people who are in constant contact with other people who could be potential customers and want to join a part-time business. It could be your lawyer, your accountant, banker, the beautician. It could be the secretary of a company with a massive layoff coming her way.

So, contact people who can presell network marketing for you. A super referral program makes your recruiting a lot easier.

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