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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

6 Core Skills in Network Marketing that will make you big bucks

Becoming successful in Network Marketing requires learning skills. And there are 25 skills to become a network marketing master leader. But, it only takes six skills to become a leader and make money with Network Marketing.

Of course, to learn the six skills, it helps if you have some simple instructions. And, if you learn them, these core skills will make you an easy living!

Most Network Marketers are left on their own after joining. Their up-lines abandon them hoping their down-lines can figure it out without their uplines’ help. Their Network Marketing companies won’t teach them the skills for success because their company leaders are afraid most prospects will be turned off by it.

And the real truth about Network Marketing is it requires learning a set of skills to make a decent living.

The good news is these set of skills are easy to learn. You don’t need a list of technical skills that are overly complicated.

Learn the six set of skills in this article and you will be on your way of creating hot prospects with the people you meet in a matter of a five-minute normal conversation… rejection free.

Anyone wishing to succeed needs some basic training for Network Marketing. Today is about the basic training in the six set of skills for making Network Marketing work for you.

What is the skill-set required? The list of skills and abilities are:

  1. The four-color personalities.
  2. Rapport.
  3. Breaking the ice.
  4. Preclosing.
  5. Presentations.
  6. Closing and handling objections.

Good skills require us to start somewhere to get where we are going. You would not want to climb a steep cliff without mastering the skills to climb. You would need to know the proper gear to use. You’d want to know how to identify the type of climbing you want to try. You’d want instructions from an expert on how to climb cliffs.

Special skills for doing Network Marketing requires us to use the proper gear. It helps identify the type of business we want to try. These skills come from an expert who has already been there and done it.

So, with that said, let’s dig right into the six set of skills for making Network Marketing a success for you making a decent living.

(1). The Four-Color Personalities.

One of the qualities of a good network marketer is to recognize the different types of personalities that are attracted to Network Marketing.

If you can spot the different types of people in the world and speak their language, you will attract more of them than you can imagine.

When you know how prospects think deep within their minds, sponsoring and recruiting are fun. Then you can speak the magic words to their personality and eliminate rejection and gets instant results.

Luckily, the different personalities of human race are represented by only four-color groups; Yellow, blue, red and green.

The yellow personality likes to help people. The blue personality loves to party. Big money describes the red personality. And the green personality loves information and to find out how a thing works.

There is a secret language to these personality types. Learn the language and you learn how to attract them to your products and business.

I have several articles on my blog dealing the different color personalities.

(2). Rapport.

One of the key ingredient with the six set of skills for Network Marketing is building rapport.

Many Network Marketers think the magic bullet for getting people to buy their products and services and join their business is in the presentation. Or they think it’s the price. And some think it is about a proper way a Network Marketer dresses.

None of those things matter.

It’s really about the magical first few seconds when the Network Marketer meets a person. It is about getting the prospect to believe and trust the good things they say.

In the first 10-15 seconds, people make instant decisions to trust and believe you. Or they will turn on their salesman alarm and put you in the category of noise like all the other Network Marketers who came before you.

Prospects will either like what you have to say and accept it as true. Or they will turn on their skeptical filters and drown you out.

The good news is if we can get inside the prospects heads in the first 10-15 seconds where they believe us, then the rest of our presentation won’t matter. It won’t matter if we don’t say the right words. It won’t matter if we forget something important. It won’t matter because the prospect believes what we said in the first 10-15 seconds.

(3). Breaking the Ice.

One of the six set of skills for Network Marketing is learning ice breakers.

Effectively introducing your business opportunity and products into a social conversation without rejection is something most of us wish for and seldom achieve.

It is easy to introduce our products and business into any conversation when we know the right sequence of words to speak.

Effective communication is not only about finding the right people to speak to. It is also about HOW to speak them.

Get your MLM and Network Marketing prospects begging you for a presentation by using ice breakers. Ice breakers can take someone who is lukewarm or cold about your opportunity, products and services and turn them into a hot prospect wanting to know all about what you offer.

There are formulas for ice breakers. Follow the instructions with the formula and you will have the prospects eating out of the palm of your hand.

(4). Preclosing.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a YES commitment from prospects before the END of our presentations?

Getting a YES commitment from prospects FIRST makes sense. Why would you give a presentation about your products, service and opportunity to a prospect without knowing if the prospect wants what you have?

Preclosing is about getting a final decision from a prospect before we give a presentation. So instead of selling to customers with facts, let’s talk to prospects in a way they like. We can get that YES decision first, so the rest of our presentation will be easy.

To achieve the YES decision first from prospects before the presentation, it requires learning the skillset of asking a few right questions and making a couple of right statements.

The six set of skills for making a decent living with Network Marketing is not complete until you learn how to preclose.

(5). Presentations.

The six set of skills for Network Marketing will be a failure without learning how to give great presentations.

The four knots-in-your-stomach concerns about giving presentations by most Network Marketing are: “Where do I start?” “What do I say?” How can I avoid sounding like a salesman?” “How can I relax my prospects?”

Many presentations created by the Network Marketing company do not do a good job. Either they leave out too much for the prospect to make a YES decision. Or they put in too much and confuse the prospect. Then Network Marketers throw their unsuspecting prospects into the company presentation cold. And the prospects walk away feeling colder still.  

Sadly, many Network Marketing companies don’t teach the skill to their distributors for giving great presentations on their own. And when we are untrained in giving great presentations, we will hurt our chances with our prospects.

There are two simple skills to learn for giving great presentations. One, we learn to get presentation appointments with 100% of the people we talk to. Two, we learn to give an entire presentation in less than one minute.

When we learn these two skills, great things begin to happen. We save time not only with ourselves but with our prospects. These two skills give us the ability to give presentations anywhere because we can remember a one-minute presentation over memorizing a 20-30-minute presentation. With a one-minute presentation, the prospect relaxes and will enjoy what we hear.

Network Marketing presentation skills is must require course to learn.

(6). Closing and Handling Objections.

Many Network Marketers are afraid to close. And most do not know how to handle objections.

If ever among the six set of skills for making a decent living with Network Marketing that a course needs to be taught, it is this one.

Too many times, Network Marketers think that by keeping the conversation going between them and the prospect, the prospect will eventually realize how great Network Marketing is and join.

Now, if you learn to speak the language of the four-color personalities… if we build instant rapport…. If we break the ice by introducing our business, products and services into a social conversation without rejection… if we preclose and get YES decisions before the presentation… if we learn how to give one-minute presentations… then closing and handling objections won’t be a problem.

Closing will be fun because the prospect will have already made a YES decision for your business. Handling objections won’t be a chore because your prospect’s objections are merely their way of asking for more information.

And you will know the right words to speak to answer their objections without rejection.

Where to find the Six Set of Skills Under One Roof?

The six set of skills for learning how to make a decent living with Network Marketing has already been done for you in six training videos.

If you want to know more about learning these six skillsets under one roof, contact me at

Put “SIX SET OF SKILLS” in the subject line and I will be happy to send you the information.

The six set of skills for making Network Marketing work for you are required if you want to make a decent living. I hope you learn them and learn them well.

If you master the six set of skills, you will not only a make a decent living, but you will make a great living earning you six to eight figures a year.


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