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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Time is your Secret Weapon when seeking Yes Decisions in MLM

We can use the secret weapon of time to get prospects to make YES decisions now. Time is one of our most precious resources. So we can use it in our conversations to get people to take action.

Time is made up of the past, present and future. By using references to the past, the present and the future, we can bring people into the present to make a YES decision now.

How? By creating the urgency for our prospects to make a decision now.

Examples of the secret weapon of time:

“When we look back, not every investment made us money. But, we learned along the way. Now it is easier to make better choices when we look at making money with a home-based business.”

“When we look to the past, we dreamed how great our decisions were. But we forgot how luck played a big part. We can’t predict luck. However, we can start creating our own luck by moving forward now with our weight loss product.”

“Hindsight is 20/20. If we could go back in time, there would be some things we could change. But we can’t change the past. We can only learn from it and move forward now.”

Other examples of the secret weapon of time… how about specific moments in time?

“If we look back 24 months ago, we didn’t have these products to choose from. New and improved formulas for our teas and coffees are available. You can be the first to get access to them. You are in the right place at the right time tonight.”

“If we look back three months ago, we couldn’t have known about this opportunity. But here we are now, needing to make a decision. It is either a YES decision or it is a NO decision. Please let me know your decision tonight so we both can move on.”

How about the secret weapon of time with moments that go way back?

“This time last year, if you looked at your credit card statement, was it better or worse than it is now? Has anything changed? If it is time to make it better and remove that credit card debt, then it is time to get started in this business.”

“One year ago, I was standing right here. Only 15 people were in the room, listening to me talk about WONDER PRODUCTS. Now, 150 people are here and I want to thank you all for coming. Thank you for your interest in our products. We have free samples. Come on up!”

“One year ago, I was unemployed, single, and living in my mother’s spare room at the age of 33. Today I am earning a great income with my business. I just bought my own house! I am glad I can be here to share how I did it with you tonight. Thanks for listening.”

Let’s look at the secret weapon of time across generations.

“In the late 1950’’s, the first real Network Marketing company to set the standards for all those other Network Marketing companies to follow was Amway. They started before computers and made it possible for our company to exist today. Thanks to advances in technology, we can do amazing things like recruit and prospect online on social media and get more people into our business in week than we could in a month using old methods and techniques started by Amway.”

“Even more amazing are the things we can do with our weight loss products. You have seen the demonstration and testimonies, now it is time to place your order.”

Other phrases to start our final sentence referring to the past:

  • “At this moment in time…”
  • “This moment in time…”
  • “The other day…”
  • “Last week…”
  • “Last night…”
  • “10 years ago…”
  • “20 years ago…”
  • “100 years ago…”

The secret weapon of time also is in the future.

“When you leave here, energized and enthusiastic, you will want to tell others about this opportunity. Do it online on social media. Share how you feel in a quick 10-second video or do a live event on Facebook. Your friends and family will know you are on fire.”

“When you leave, you will have made a business decision that will improve sales. This is an investment into your business growth. Now you can buy more things for yourself and family by making more money every month.”

“Tomorrow, you will wake up with more energy than ever before. You will have a clear direction and the motivation to achieve your goals.”

“Tomorrow, you will be taking the first steps on the journey to success in your business. You will have a strategy and the direction to take you forward.”

“Tomorrow, you will see the wrinkles start to fade.”

“Tomorrow, you will put on this bracelet and feel your body heal faster, get leaner and stronger in 7 days.”

See how the secret weapon of time can help your prospects make YES decisions? The secret weapon of time is the secret of happiness for yourself and your team, because it easily moves prospects to make YES and NO Decisions now.


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