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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

What is the secret to Network Marketing success?

In 2018, Dale Moreau recorded a video that was unfortunately lost when this website was moved (in 2020). So we can’t show you that but, don’t worry, because I’ve edited Dale’s video notes into a post to republish the somewhat surprising answer! 

First, what vision do you get when you think of network marketing?

For some, this conjures the vision of house parties selling Tupperware and Magic Pantry products. Events that are usually are more gab fests than anything resembling business. 

Of course, the polar opposite is the all to often heard pitch designed to convince you of the ease of making millions, which happens but to few.

Obviously Network Marketing can be a hobby. But it can also be much more. 

If you intend to do this side hustle we call Network Marketing as a hobby, that’s okay. But, please, know that doing this is never going to be a get-rich-quick-scheme.

While you can certainly get wealthy in this industry, it won’t happen fast. But, if you take it as such, Network Marketing is a solid, profitable and potentially exciting business.

Before we begin the deeper dive into the secret of Network Marketing success, you need to know a little more about the benefits. So, be patient with this post writer for a second as he makes sure than you are in the know.

The obvious benefit is you can start this business as a side hustle and earn money even while you keep your job. 

What are the best parts other than you can do it part time? Two things:

Residual Income

In Network Marketing, once you have a few satisfied customers and your own team, with a few active people that also represent the company, you will be earning money whether you work or not.

You know that right? Good.

Tens of thousands of people make $500 a month and tens of thousands more make 4-figures a month. And that is more important than the few who get rich.

Why are all these people money? Because the business works and there’s another major benefit:

No Risk!

That means you can do this with Low to No Startup Cost. 

A side hustle you can start that costs very little. The only true investment is time and that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Knowing that no one is going to lose money makes me feel good. Real good!

The Secret to
Network Marketing

What does it take to succeed in this industry?

Network Marketing success is as easy as showing people how to do it. That’s it.

It’s just solving people’s problems …

For instance, if someone needs an extra $1000 a month and you can show them how to get it, you solved their problem!

Of course, you need to listen to do that – to know what their problems are.

Now, to do this, once they get started, you may also have to help them solve their problem of where to find prospects, right?

Or; solve their problem of what simple things you can say to get people interested.

Helping people help themselves to get out of debt, or; get out of a job that is not great for family life. Or; to show them how they can fire a soul sucking boss . . or; showing them how they can finally afford the dream vacation they always dreamed . . or; showing people how to pay off their mortgage so they are less stressed . . these things are all awesome.

How do you do that?

After all, people haven’t been waiting in line all their lives to join your business so why should it surprise you when they say “no thanks” . .  or just “no” . . ?

What they care about is what matters to them — their problems.

The secret to network marketing success is to position yourself as being able to help people solve their problems.

Face it, you didn’t get into network marketing because you wanted your own business. You did it (and are doing it) to solve your own problems!

People don’t want your opportunity, they want their problems to go away. Learn to show them how to do that and you have discovered the secret to Network Marketing success.

Don’t just show them the benefits and value of joining this industry, show them how to do it too.

Really solve their problem. Help them make their pain go away.

One of the best ways you can learn is to keep coming back to this blog. After all, it’s free and, if you want a blog post written to address something you feel you don’t quite get, send us an email from the Contact Us page.

This post was edited and, in part, rewritten by Smiling Steve™ (Steven Peter Burke) on May, 5, 2021. Most of the above was originally written by Dale Moreau.

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