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The Purpose of Social Media Engagement is to Be Social

Okay, you are in Network Marketing, but the purpose of social media engagement is still to be social. People join social media to be social, they  do not join Facebook and other social media platforms to be spammed with ads.

Everyone gets bombarded with ads. From television, radio, billboard & signs and even YouTube videos and in social media feeds. Ads are pushed on us daily.

The purpose of social media engagement is to meet people and engage in conversation about everything but our goods, services and opportunities.

People who friend request us on Facebook don’t want to see ads. They want to see what we are all about.

Company Ads

The purpose of social media engagement is not to push company ads.

If our company felt that ads would work better than engagement with conversation on social media, our company would not need us. They would push ads.

Our company would save millions of dollars by pushing ads on social media.

We should never share the company name or the name of the product or service. We should brand ourselves by branding some tips, tricks, strategies and techniques for solving people’s problems.

The purpose of social media engagement is to engage. And we should engage by offering valuable content that solves problems.

The law of attraction says if we solve a person’s problem, that person will be attracted to us and engage with us.

By offering a free tip that solves a prospect’s problem, we will become a magnet for other people to join our cause.

What is the social media used for in today’s society with most companies? It is to engage in conversation. We join our company to be the advertisers by engaging in conversation with prospects.

Offer Valuable Content

What is the purpose of social networking? To engage.

So, what should we post on social media to create engagement? We should post valuable content.

We could write our own content with articles, video, graphics and Facebook Live.


We could find an article, quick tip or graphic that someone else did and share them on our social media page.

Find something within our industry for helping someone solve a problem and share it on our social media page.

If our primary focus is weight loss, we could find a funny or info graphic or small article that you could share.

— For example, if it we find an article on Ten Quick Tips for Weight Loss, we could share the article on our Facebook page. We could add a caption, “I saw this great article and love #5 on drinking grape juice every day.”

— For skin care, it could be a graphic showing a person with skin before and after eating a special fruit that might be an ingredient in your skin care products. Tell people you love this graphic and why.

— If you are in a service industry such as saving money on electricity, you could share an article on Five Quick Tips on Saving on Your Electric Bill.

— If you are into Network Marketing, it might be a quick tip you found in an article on What to Post on Social Media to Get the Highest Engagement.

The purpose of social media engagement is to engage. What better way to engage than to share tips and tricks that solve people’s problems.

We don’t mention our product name. We don’t mention our company name. We don’t speak like a salesperson. We simply offer solutions for solving peoples’ problems.

The purpose of social media engagement with our benefits is to offer a short-cut.

— Which is going to be easier for you? To drink ten glasses of water a day to lose weight? Or to try our weight loss tea in one glass a day and lose weight once and keep it off forever instead?”

— Which is going to easier for you? To keep moisturizing your skin several times a day with other creams? Or to try our product once a day and reverse aging skin by 16 years instead?

— Which is going to be easier for you? To switch electricity providers every month to save money on your electrical bill? Or to switch to our company and pick money into your pockets every month instead?

— Which is going to be easier for you? To continue living paycheck to paycheck on a single income a month? Or to earn an extra $1,000 a month with our system instead?

We give people value FIRST with tips, graphics and videos that solve their problems and then SECOND we offer them a short-cut to solutions with the benefits of our goods, services and opportunities.

The purpose of social media engagement is to offer solutions to problems from other people’s tips and tricks. Then we offer easy alternatives with the benefits our own goods, services and opportunities.

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