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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

The Purpose of Network Marketing is to Solve People’s Problems

Network Marketing is just like every other business!

The purpose of network marketing is founded on the bedrock principle of helping people solve their problems. Without problems to solve, network marketing does not exit.

When thinking about it, there is no reason for any business’s existence if problems do not exist.

People must eat. Restaurants solve the problem.

All people eventually die. Life insurance companies and funeral homes help with filling the need of the dying and dead.

Without the problem of break-ins and home-robberies, security systems would go bankrupt.

The Problems Justifying the Purpose of Network Marketing

The fastest growing network marketing companies in the industry are those advertising at helping to solve problems.

People lacking enough income from their full-time jobs, accumulating debt through credit cards and loans, and being miserable at their jobs provide network marketing the ample opportunities for existing.

Network marketing success depends on the resolution to problems.

Here is a partial list of additional problems of people and network marketing tips.

  • Warehousing their children in daycare.
  • Lack of nutrition.
  • Lack of funds for family vacations.
  • Dream retirement vaporized.
  • Their skin is drying with signs of aging.
  • Student loans with interest mounting month-after-month.
  • Two paychecks when four are better.
  • Robbery of time away from kids and family.
  • Finances forbid buying any luxuries except what is essential.
  • Joints hurt and conventional medicines are dangerous and expensive.
  • Lack of money to buy a home for the family or be evicted from their present home.
  • Need a car safely getting to and from work and carrying kids to school and events.
  • Want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

The list of problems goes on-and-on with the purpose of network marketing justified to solve them more and more. The types of network marketing companies involved with solving these problems make the most money.

There is no shortage of problems for our potential customers and distributors. And there is no shortage by network marketing to fix their problems.

What is the Fix?

How does network marketing make money? Fix people’s problems.

The purpose of network marketing is to help potential customers and clients by solving their problems.

How do we move our prospects and customers to accept our help of solving their problems with the tools of the network marketing industry? By the sequence of words that we speak.

Let’s get into the prospect’s mind.

When our prospects and customers first meet us, they have these signals going on inside their heads.

  1. Who are you?
  2. Can I trust you?
  3. Am I interested in what you say?
  4. Do I want it or not?
  5. If I want it, okay, give me the details.

The “give me the details” part is the presentation. This is where we show the prospect and customer solutions to their problems.

The fact of the matter is customers and prospects make their final decisions of whether to do business with us BEFORE they have the chance of seeing the presentation.

The best network marketing company understands these challenges of the prospect and customers and meets them head-on.

The Sequence of Words

So, we need to get the customer and prospect saying, “Yes” to us before the presentation. So, the purpose of network marketing is not only to solve problems but get people saying “yes” to the solutions with our products and services before they see and hear the presentation.

How do we do that?… By the sequence of words that we use.

For example,

Say these out loud and listen:

“Would you be interested in a presentation about a great opportunity?”

“Would you be interested in meeting to discuss about a company that helps people make 4 paychecks a month instead of two?

“Would you be interested in buying our products for weight loss (Anti-aging? Sports? Mental Clarity? , etc.)?”

“Would you be interested in reviewing how you can retire in 5 years instead of 40?”

Did you get the “no” feeling by saying them to yourself and listening?

So, let’s change the approach into a new five-words activating a “yes” from our prospects: “Would it be okay if…?

This phrase triggers a different stored decision in our prospects’ minds. They will be thinking: “That’s a pilot way of asking. Because you were polite, I feel obligated in listening.”

So, using the 5 sequence of words differently, here is how we can ask for a presentation?

“Would it be okay if we met for lunch tomorrow and let me introduce a great new opportunity to you?”

“Would it be okay if we met to discuss about a company helping people make 4 full-time paychecks a month instead of two?”

“Would it be okay if you let me show you a weight loss product helping people lose 22 lbs. in 20 days?”

“Would it be okay if we could meet to discuss how this company helps people to retire in 5 years instead of 40 like our moms and dads?”

So, what do you feel now? A “yes” decision over a “no” decision? Just by changing a few simple words, there is a different feeling in our prospects’ minds.”

A network marketing system following the 5 sequence of words “would it be okay if…?” now has the opportunity of giving a presentation where we offer solutions to peoples’ problems?

The purpose of network marketing is to solve peoples’ problems by first getting them to agree to a “yes” decision of how we can help.

What solutions do we offer once an audience has been granted for a presentation? Use the tools of your company. Let the tools (video, audio, websites, sizzle-calls, 3-way calls) be the solution. You are merely the messenger.

The purpose of network marketing is to solve the problems encountering people. It is the drive of the network marketing business. Without problems to solve, network marketing vanishes.


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