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The Power of Stories & how they help build your MLM downline

With the power of stories, they influence people to believe you. How much more powerful can you get than that? 

With a story, you can nullify sales resistance. Stories are easily remembered. Stories are fun to listen to.

The power of stories are seen in how they get people to act, They work because we are all programmed to listen and respond to stories. Since the beginning of time, before the written word, there were always stories.

Stories work in marketing too. They are a far better when prospecting people than presenting information about The COMPANY, PLAN & PRODUCTS.

There can be no doubt that stories are the best way to communicate to a prospect.

To be more professional, all we have to do is stop doing fact-filled presentations and simply share the benefits of what we do through the power of stories.

A famous quote by Dr. Frank Luntz is, “It is not what we say, it is what people hear that matters.” And they tune our when we list facts!

If you want to get a young person or couple to join your network marketing business, bypass detailed information and get to the point with a great story.

The story doesn’t have to be long — in most cases they work better when they are short — but it must be good (so practice it!).

Stories that pluck at the heart strings of the prospect and are true have the greatest power to cause prospects to act. For example:

I went to this network marketing presentation. I noticed there weren’t any woman, which is unusual since network marketing can’t survive without them. When I inquired why there weren’t any women present, they said when we told them that this was network marketing and required a lot of “hard work” to get it going, they didn’t want to attend!

No wonder they didn’t want to attend. They were telling the wrong story. By suggesting this business entailed “hard work,” it left the impression with those women that network marketing was like sweaty physical labor!

Well, this story did the opposite of motivating them. That is how effective stories are!

When we consider the power of stories, they are just as effective at influencing people to act as not to act!

Remember, words matter. It’s not what people say, it’s what people hear that matters.

Dale’s story;  I worked in corporate American for years, working under an unbearable boss that crushed my dreams every day I went into the office. One day I went to a network marketing presentation by a friend. I listened. I was moved by his story.

I made the decision that day to change my life. I wasn’t a success over night; but less than a year into it, I was able to fire my boss and walk away, and live off my network marketing business, working only 15 hours a week!

That’s a way to tell your story.

Within your story is the power to fuel action. It’s so simple and to the point that anyone can understand it, and it is motivational.

We don’t have to convince anyone, sell anyone, or plead our case. Just use the power of stories!

I joined network marketing because of a story, not because of an hour of facts in a boring presentation. My friend’s story persuaded me to join. And, time and time again. I’ve used my story to get others to join.

Here’s a story I use: “I got into network marketing less than a year later I walked into my boss’ office, put my feet upon his desk folded my hands behind my head calmly told that jerk of a boss that I can’t fit him into my schedule any longer but, if he needed me, my consulting rate was $250 an hour. When I left my boss’ office I noticed he was trying to put his jaw back into place. I picked up my belongings, waved goodbye to all my fellow-workers — the ones who said it couldn’t be done — hopped into my brand new convertible and picked up my spouse to take her out for the evening!”

That is the power of stories, the power to get people believing. Successful network marketers are great storytellers. Most of the top leaders and earners are awesome at telling stories. Shouldn’t you be a great storyteller?

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