The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

The Phrases or Scripts that work with Network Marketing prospects!

Little things can carry a lot weight. Small phrases which pack a big punch in meaning can turn heads, make people cry, or make them pay attention with agreement.

Small phrases in Network Marketing and placed in front of a fact or a benefit can get people agreeing with you on whatever you say.

“Well, You Know How…”

One such small phrase is “Well, you know how…” – a short meaningful quote with a powerful message.

Place “Well, you know how…” in front of a fact or benefit about Network Marketing, and you will have people nodding their head in agreement.

Let me show you…

You are talking to a skeptical prospect. Why not say, “Well, you know how” first and then watch the prospect lean forward, smile, and start nodding “YES” in total agreement with what you are going to say next.

So, if I sold energy drinks, “Well, you know how we get a little tired around 2 p.m.?” The skeptic would nod their head “YES” in agreement.

If we sold cosmetics, “Well, you know how people judge us by our face?”

Selling a business opportunity? “Well, you know how a five-day weekend is better than a two-day weekend?”

Or, another one for the business opportunity…

“Well, you know how we would all like to earn more money?”

It makes it easy to get our ideas inside our prospects’ heads. And it is quick.

Think about it this way. “Well, you know how we don’t’ want to waste our time talking to prospects who don’t believe us?”

Well that was easy, wasn’t it?

“There’s an Old Saying…”

Small phrases come in many flavors. One of my favorites is “There’s an old saying…”

“There’s an old saying represents truth. Anyone, anytime, anywhere who says, “There’s an old saying…” then it must be true because it is an old saying.

If you sold skincare, you could say, “There is an old saying that we never want our face to look older than we are.”

If we sold a Network Marketing business opportunity, “There is an old saying that jobs interfere with the week.”

If you sold diet programs, “There is an old saying that diets will only make you fatter.”

If you sold healthy coffees, “There is an old saying that coffee burns fat.”

So, two small phrases that carry a big punch and can change a doubter about our products and business opportunity into a believer.

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