The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Learners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Take the MLM Survey & receive a gift + the money-making results!

The MLM Survey will discover a few things, like how well this site’s visitors (now numbering over 300/day) understand basic and advanced network marketing skills.

Yes, everyone who takes the MLM Survey will receive a gift. But you will also receive the results, which is a full report on what we discover and what the weaknesses there are in this industry!

Since the results are being shared with you (no personal data, just stats), you will learn the gaps in skills within our industry, which means you can create training products to address those gaps. Then, if you are smart, you can give away that training to build an opt-in list!

You will also know what to teach your downline.

The gift will change over time as we run out of things to give away (spoiler alert: this survey will run for about 3 years, with reports every three months). So, we will change the picture below as we need to, in order to reflect the current MLM Survey gift. 

What we intend to do is actually make the gift valuable, and while the results from this survey may be very valuable to some, to others, there may not be a perceived value from the MLM Survey report. That is why we are including a gift.

The MLM Survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. There are some yes or no questions, some multiple choice and a couple that require you to write a complete sentence. In other words, it is not tedious to complete.

Easy, and you get a tangible gift, meaning a product that is mailed to you.



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