The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Earners are Leaners!

The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

The Master of Skills in Network Marketing Makes the Difference

Skills make the difference. A master of skills makes the money. What keeps Network Marketers from success is they have no skills. The master of skills in Network Marketing is the master of their own destiny. The master of skills creates their own salary, plans their own vacations at their own time and buys what they want without the worry of cost. The lack of skills holds back our new team reps from contacting people and experiencing success. When we learn the skill of building trust and rapport in 30 seconds, presentations are easy. Fewer objections. Less resistance. Now we can get our message from the inside of our heads into the prospects’ heads. When we learn the professional skill of asking tiny questions that help the prospect uncover a problem, we can offer solutions with our goods, services and opportunities. No selling. No pushing products. Just solving problems that attract. When we learn the skillset of giving a presentation in less than a minute, closing is easy. No video links. No sending people to websites. Just giving the desired info in a short one-minute presentation without all the peripherals that confuse.

The Four Core Skills

The core skills to master? Trust and rapport. Icebreakers. Closing. Presentation. Master the four core skills and we master our people skills. Other skills to master come later. The master of skills is the person who knows these well. The skill of saying the right words at the right time is the skill of building rapport. — Are you married to your job or are you open minded? — Are you looking to do something different, or are you okay staying where you are? — I am comfortable if you want to look it, or not. I just felt uncomfortable not letting you know about it. Master the Skills that introduce our goods and opportunity into a social conversation. — I just found how to earn an extra paycheck without interfering with our jobs. — Well, you know how commuting to work takes up too much time. I found out how to stop commuting to work and get paid for it. — Do you like to travel? I found out how to travel 6 times a year all expenses paid with full pay. Tiny questions that close in seconds is a list of skills to master. — Would you like to retire 5 years early? — Do you want to lose weight without dieting or going to the gym? — Hate paying that expensive electric bill and want to do something about it? — Don’t want to work 45 years like our parents? Presentations in less than a minute is a skill to master. — I can give you a complete presentation, but it would take an entire minute. When could you set aside a whole minute? — We are _______, which means people buy our products every day to live longer, rejuvenate their skin, live at home in a healthy and clean environment and relieve aches and pains. To relive those aches and pains, all you have to do is buy a 90-day supply of our natural pain-relieving vitamins for $______, and over the next few days, weeks, and 90 days from now, you will no longer need to bother the doctor and pharmacist again. That is the whole presentation. What do you think?” Every skill we acquire doubles our income. Every skill we choose to ignore subtracts our income. Get paid more money by learning better skills. The master of skills makes the difference.

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