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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

The Inside Secret on How to Sell Prospects in 30 Seconds or Less

Want to know the inside secret onhow to sell your prospects in thirty seconds or less? Then we need to speak to the subconscious mind.

Stop what you are doing. You’ve been told a lie by your upline. Learning the inside secret on how to sell your prospects from a list of your friends, family and associates is not working. They’ve quit talking to you… you’ve ran off all your friends and family… they won’t invite you back to reunions, weddings and funerals.

The inside secret? Make things simple and short. Know what to say. Have the skills to pull it off.

Once you have learned the inside secret on how to sell your prospects, your business grows exponentially.

Make Things Simple and Short.

Sales prospecting methods and prospecting tools in Network Marketing make things too long and complicated. New reps and distributors in Network Marketing think by naming all 77 ingredients in their products, the fifteen ways of making money with their compensation plan, and the entire history of the founding fathers, that it is going to impress prospects into buying and joining. No it is not.

What impresses prospects into buying and joining is how short you make your message. Ask any prospect if they would like the long version or the short version. They will tell you, “The short version… ALWAYS!”

When I say, “let me tell you a short story…”, what does that do to the prospect’s brain? It FREEZES it. It stops it dead in its tracks from what it is thinking to “I’ve got to listen to this story, it might be important.”

Successful prospecting is not done in long complicated explanations. It is done with short, small doses of information. The inside secret on how to sell your prospects is with simple, short messages.

Know What to Say.

Another inside secret on how to convince someone to buy your products and join your business? Know what to say.

People are ready-made prospects. They are neither good prospects or bad prospects. They only become prospects when they meet us. And it is what we say that turns them into a good prospect or a bad prospect.

For example, when we say “I am the expert. You better follow me if you know what’s good for you,” what do you think the prospect will do? Will he be a good prospect or a bad prospect? He will be a bad prospect because we are condescending in what we say.

What if we said, “I know the inside secret on how to sell prospects. Would it be okay if I showed you?”, what would people do? Most prospects will respond by saying, “That sounds interesting. Tell me more.” Based on what we said, the person who is listening to us has now become a good prospect.

So, let’s learn what to say.

Have the Skills to Pull It Off.

The inside secret on how to sell your prospects requires skills. How to sell a product over the phone requires skills, how to sell a product online requires skills.

So we better learn the skills for speaking short, simple messages and knowing what to say.

What are the skills required? There are six.

  1. Speaking the language of the four-color personalities.
  2. Building instant rapport.
  3. Breaking the ice.
  4. Pre-closing.
  5. Giving short one-minute presentations.
  6. Closing and handling objections.

The inside secret on how to sell prospects and get them to join is learning these six skills.

They will show you how to speak the language of every person on planet earth and get them agreeing with you.

They will show you how to by-pass the lengthy way of getting prospects to trust us and build instant rapport in 15 seconds or less.

Learning these skills will help us introduce our business and products into every day social conversations without rejection.

Having these six skills will teach us the qualifying statements and questions to ask prospects to quickly sort them out so you only speak to the prospects who want what you have and finding sales prospects only.

Giving short one-minute presentations hones our skills further by speaking to the decision-making process in our prospects brains.

And closing and handling objections tops off our skills for turning a “NO” objection into a “YES” decision.

Where do you find these six skills? Ask me, and I will show them to you. The inside secret on how to sell prospects is easy when you have these six skills.

Now, you know the inside secret on how to sell your prospects, how to be a good salesman, and what six skills to learn.


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