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The Influencer's Best Friend



The one thing I’ve learned from being an influencer for 26 years is social media influencers, online marketers, and e-commerce sellers, don’t know they can tap into an unlimited advertising budget, even if they’re broke, and before they grow a large following!

Smiling Steve’s 1st website was online in 1996. By 2005, his opt-in list hit 1.5 million, before today’s marketing tools & monetization systems existed. That said, if his content had not started making big bucks before the following was sizeable, he wouldn’t have ever gotten big!

Technology has changed, but one thing remains the same, which is direct response marketing. Sure, social media makes it easier to push out marketing, and the World Wide Web makes delivering information and meeting online much more effortless. Yet, ease of marketing aside, most influencers and marketing entrepreneurs believe they need many followers, subscribers, or fans to begin making the big bucks. And worse, they rely on organic reach to build their list!

They’re wrong regarding having to build the list to begin making real money and using organic traffic alone to build a business is hit-and-miss (meaning luck is involved). The Influencer’s Best Friend, with the eBook and monthly marketing updates, shows influencers exactly how to ramp up income before the followers show up and how to take luck out of building that valuable opt-in or follower list. 

At the risk of oversimplifying, influencers can monetize the followers they do not yet have! And that is just the beginning of the surprises in store for you with this free product.

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