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The Four Color Personalities that we deal with while we are Recruiting in Network Marketing

Moving people and getting them to see what you see about network marketing requires knowing something about the four color personalities of recruiting.

Ever had a prospect who needed your product or opportunity and turned you down? We’ve all been there.

What went wrong? What was it that we didn’t see and caused the prospect to turn us down? We didn’t put our prospect through the color personality test. We must speak the language which matches the color of their personality.

The four color personalities are:

  1. The yellow personality
  2. The blue personality
  3. The red personality
  4. The green personality.

The Language of the Four Color Personalities

Learning the language of the four color personalities is not so much a skill as it is observation. You must be quick to observe.

Observe and learn the language of each color personality profile and your closing percentages increase by 80%. It produces the most productive environment for the prospect.

The Yellow Personality –

The yellow personality has a sunny disposition and happy-go-lucky outlook of life. The one word to describe them is SERVANT. They find an insatiable need to help everyone. They have what is known as the servant heart.

“What is it that I can do to help this person?” “How can I best serve the needy and poor?” “How can I relieve pain where pain is most obvious?”

These describe the yellow personality.

The professions which describe the servant heart of the yellow personality are: ministers, counselors, nurses, doctors, caregivers, kindergarten and elementary teachers.

The Blue Personality –

The blue personality is described with one phrase: “Let’s party.” They are adventurous, outgoing, fun to be around, travelers, and people who enjoy company.

They are the life of the party and talk without ceasing. They never listen and are busy going from one conversation to the next.

Professions that represent the blue personality are: travel agents, party planners, airline and cruise attendants.

Say the word “travel” or “banquet” with “fun” in front of it and they are the first to join.

The Red Personality –

Of the four color personalities, red stands out the most. They are born leaders. They take charge when others don’t. If you see a young kid at the playgrounds who is bossing the others around, he or she is red.

They tell others what to do and how to do it. They take no nonsense off anyone. Do it their way or don’t do it at all. They hate excuses and cannot stand with being around whiny and complaining people.

The one word which describes a red personality is money. They earn the most money in life and earn the most in network marketing.

Professions which pass the red color test for personality are millionaires and billionaires, professional athletes and owners of successful businesses.

The Green Personality –

The green personality…well, they are geeky. These are the engineers, scientists, accountants, bankers, and computer geeks.

Data and information are their game. They love it. The more information and data that you give them, the more that they respect you. They take their time about deciding on things because they look at from all the angles. Once they make up their mind, there is no turning back.

Give them a technical book and a computer and you’ll find a happy green personality geek.

Recruiting the Four Color Personalities

The four color personalities have major differences. How do you speak the language of each of the personality colors to recruit them into network marketing?

The yellow personality is easy.

“June, tomorrow we’re having a presentation. We need your help. Would you come over early and help setup the meeting and you just might learn a few things? We market health and wellness products which help people lose weight, melt away body fat and detox your glands.” We serve a big need to people who want a healthy and happy lifestyle.”

The blue personality likes to party…

“Jimmy, we are going to have a home party tomorrow. It’s going to be exciting and fun. There will be gifts and great conversation. You’ll be the talk of the town. We’re going to talk about free trips 6 X’s a year to exotic places that you only dreamed about. You’ll be able to party all night. There is going to be talk of products which boost passion and make it fun.”

The red personality is all about money…

“Rudy, we have an opportunity meeting tomorrow. We are talking big money…. lots of big money. This isn’t for the faint at heart who wants to dabble in chump-change. This opportunity is for those who desire millions of dollars over that hundred thousand a year that you make with your job.”

The green personality likes to be informed….

“Susan, would you come to an opportunity meeting tomorrow? Your opinion is greatly needed. Bring a notepad and pen. You’ll be taking lots of notes. I need your analysis of what is said at the meeting.”

Identifying the Four Color Personalities

Some colors in people stand out the most from others. Others are in reserve and it’s hard to know one from the other.

Three questions help to distinguish one color from the other.

  1. What do you do for a living?
  2. How is your free time spent?
  3. What are the things you like most about your job or hobby?

Finding what a person does for a living is one clue for discovering their color personality. Jobs are usually chosen which match the personality. Greens choose accounting jobs. Blues choose executive branches of industry.

Knowing about a person’s job is not a final or true litmus test but gives you a clue of where their personality leads.

Round out the question of livelihood with how their free time is spent. Knowing they are accountants (green) who like to sky-dive or mountain climb (red) tells you that the prospect has leadership qualities over those of green.

If they sarcastically claim they have no free time because they help with volunteering at a nursing home, you know their color personality is yellow.

Recreation and entertainment give a truer measure of the four color personalities.

Asking what things that they like about their job or hobby brings out the true color in them (no pun intended). This question exposes deep feelings and most accurately reveals their color personality. But knowing about a person’s entertainment and recreation activities helps you to see what side of his color personality that stands out the most.

If you are talking to a blue who is a steward for an airline and reveals his hobby is helping the homeless, he assuredly is a yellow. This is his true color and requires language which matches his personality if we are to reach him.

Some people are yellow. Others are blue. Many are red while a few are green. Which of the four color personalities are you?


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