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The Decision Making Process: why prospects say YES or NO

Information … information. Prospects have busy lives. The decision-making process for prospects is overwhelming. They have too much information.

Sending our prospects to a website or another video, testimonial, or sales pitch is not what they want or need.

We need information from our prospects to determine if they are ready for our message.

We need YES or NO answers.

The decision-making process is options we place before prospects requiring a YES or NO decision. We place a simple YES or NO option before the prospect. The prospect gives us the information in YES or NO decisions.

Prospects’ lives are too busy with lots of information buzzing in their heads. The options we put before prospects should not require them to give a lot of thought to the information.

They are willing to give us information if we are willing to give them tiny YES or NO questions.

We get information by asking tiny question. It does not require the prospect to think. They answer with YES or NO.

— Hate that jobs interfere with your week? YES.

— Hate that your paycheck does not cover all the bills? YES.

— Hate your job? NO.

— Like that your work is cutting back on your hours? NO.

— Don’t want to work 45-years like your parents? NO.

— Hate that your retirement will be a 60% cut in pay? YES.

— Hate begging the boss for a 2% raise? YES.

These are tiny questions that require a YES or NO decision.


Prospects want to connect with us. They want conversations with us. They want us to engage them in emotional conversation that prompts them to take action.

Early in the conversation when talking with a prospect, use this tiny question.

— So how do you know when you have found the business that you want to build?”

The prospects’ answers will give us the information we need to offer them options with our business opportunity, goods and services.

Say this question early in the conversation. Prospects will tell us their criteria for selecting a business.

Then, focus on those criteria points when explaining our opportunity.

It is almost like mind-reading.

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