The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Text Marketing for Network Marketing

What is the one activity everybody enjoys? Texting! Everybody loves texting. Network Marketers love text marketing for their business.

You wake up at midnight. Instead of tossing and turning in your sleep, you open your cell phone and start texting. Since we are Network Marketing, we don’t want to waste a good opportunity. We’ll text something to bring home the bacon.

How about this?

“I am looking for people who and want to fix it.”

Want some examples on how to do text marketing?

— “I am looking for people who find their memories fading and would like to restore lost memories and improve learning.”

— “I am looking for people who hate commuting to work and would rather work out of their homes.”

— “I am looking for people who hate their bosses and would love to be their own boss.”

— “I am looking for people stressed for time and would like more time with the family.”

— “I am looking for people who will retire early and would like to double their retirement pension.”

— “I am looking for working parents who hate spending time away from their children and would like to work from home at full pay.”

— “I am looking for people who hate working two jobs but can’t find the time to exercise.”

— “I am looking for people who want to diet and can’t find time to exercise.”

— “I am looking for people with a lot of credit card debt want to pay it off early.”

— “I am looking for people who with high electricity bills and would rather pay a lower rate.”

Text marketing works because people are presold. We seldom hear people complain:

— I wish had more credit card debt.

— I wish I looked fatter.

— I wish my electricity bill would increase.

— I wish I worked two jobs.

— I wish I would gain 60 pounds.

— I wish I could retire on less pay.

— I wish had had more stress in my life.

We have what the prospect needs. They’re presold.

Text marketing is a good way to find people. Most people don’t have 200 personal contacts. Everybody has 200 contacts on their cell phones. We have unlimited text marketing in the palm of our hands.

Text marketing for the new team member is a great way to start building their business.

Text marketing for older team members works great to revive all the dead bodies they’ve left in the past.

Text message marketing for small businesses will get new customers and clients.

So, open your phones and start texting. Text marketing works.

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