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Telephone Skills for MLM Recruiting that are fun and profitable

Ever wanted to know about the telephone skills tips and tricks that you can use for recruiting with network marketing and earn you money and make it fun?

There are different approaches for recruiting with network marketing.

Some people like party planning. Other people use referrals. Others like home-meetings. And still other people prefer hotel meetings or email marketing. All these skills have value and ought to be learned.

But one of the greatest skills tips to learn and master is how to use the telephone and what to say. Distributors must learn about the importance of telephonic skills if they are to be successful.

Many new network marketing distributors are “phonophobic” and afraid of the telephone. And other new reps are taught all the wrong things by their upline to do and say over the telephone.

This article with free telephone skills training materials hopes to set the record straight with telephone skills training to help you to recruit more new distributors and make more money while having fun.

Learning about telephone skills for recruiting with network marketing is a three-step phone call approach.

The first phone call is to build curiosity and overcome sales-resistance.

The second phone call is to create desire by telling about your story and giving a short presentation about our opportunity.

The third phone call is to answer any questions about the presentation and close the prospect.

The First Telephone Call is to Build Curiosity

What is the telephone skills definition?

It is the strong communication skills that are needed and to be learned for sensing, interpreting, evaluating and responding to prospects over the telephone.

Part of the basic telephone skills for recruiting with network marketing is to learn about how to build curiosity before anything else is presented.

Before talking about products, your company, the compensation plan, your big bank account, or with anything else, your first goal is to build curiosity.

If you don’t build curiosity, they won’t listen to you.

How do you build curiosity and to get them hanging onto every word and wanting more?

Let’s say I have a list of people with phone numbers and who are interested in network marketing.

I call Jim on the list. And with the proper telephone etiquette skills of an introduction and for why I am calling, I say,

“Hello Jim. My name is Dale from Kerrville, Texas. I got your name off a list of people who like home-based businesses. And I just want to introduce myself and give a little bit about why I am calling. I’m going to make this first call quick because I do have several other calls to make in the next 60 minutes. So, Jim, are you open to a home-based business?”

Jim says, “Yea. I’m interested.”

Telephone communication skills examples for building curiosity go something like this:

I would ask, “Most people, do they like to sell, or do they hate to sell?”

Jim, replies, “They hate to sell. I hate to sell.”

What I’ve done so far is to build curiosity and overcome sales-resistance up-front with Jim.

I then say, “I think it is important to be able to have the skills for building an organization, don’t you?”

And Jim will always say, “Well, yea.”

I say, “I also think that one of the things is, if we had a way of doing this where people would only have to follow instructions, instead of selling, that would be easier, wouldn’t it?”

And again, Jim will always say, “Yea.”

I then follow Jim’s answer with a story about how to follow instructions and what it does to help a person with earning money.

‘Think, for example, about the guy that works at the burger joint.

The boss says, ‘I’ll give you minimum wage and all you have to do is take these French fries, these frozen French fries, put them in the grease. And when the bell rings, take them out and put them over here. And if you can do that, I’ll give you minimum wage.”

And the young man, or the young girl, says “Hey, I can do that.”

“So, all of us can follow instructions. All of us don’t like change. So, if we can do that, it’s a lot easier than trying to teach somebody how to sell.”

Most prospects who are seriously looking for a home-based business have been searching through several ads online and in different magazines and newspapers. They may have called 10, 20, 30, 40 and even 50 ads with hopes of finding a good home-based business which fits their needs.

And all those prospects get the same dribble from network marketing distributors who are trying to convince these people that their company is right for them.

These distributors talk about compensation plans. They speak about how big their bank accounts are. They talk about how great their company and products are. After a while, it goes in one ear of the prospect and out the other.

When you start off with the conversation about being involved with a great company and great products and an opportunity which will make them filthy rich, you lose the prospect.

They’re sales-resistance programming kicks in and shuts you out. The prospect is thinking to themselves, “What do you have to sell? And I’m not interested.”

Too many distributors follow this bad pattern with phone skills and end up falling flat on their faces.

You want the telephone speaking skills that stand above the rest when talking to these people. With the approach spoken about here beginning with the first phone call, you stand out and are different from the rest. You peak curiosity with the prospect who is wanting more.

So, once I get done with that, they’re kind of curious. What do I talk about next?

I just visit with them for a bit and let them know I will be calling back soon and then say goodbye and hang up.

The reason for talking about skills with instructions? Because if a person doesn’t have skills with instructions to follow, they are not going to be successful.

They want to know that learning the skills for success is easy to do like following instructions with steps 1, 2, 3.

It doesn’t matter what kind of products you have, what kind of compensation plan you have, what your opportunity is all about, you won’t be able to build a downline and be successful without the skills and instructions with what to do.

The Second Phone Call is to Create Desire

Twenty-four hours later after the first phone call, I make the second call – usually, they call me back after the first call because I’ve built up curiosity with them.


They answer the phone on the second call because I have them wanting to know more from the first call.

Telephone skills conversation must be able to create desire. The second phone call is about creating desire and giving our presentation.

People will not do this business unless they see themselves doing it.

When a person gets up there and talks about the nice car he bought, the big house he bought with network marketing, and how he has made $100,000.00 a in his first year, most people cannot see themselves doing these things.

Think about it.

A guy who makes the minimum wage and is working at a fast-food burger joint is saying somewhat sarcastically and cynically to himself, “Gee. I can make a $100,000.00 a year and own that new car and buy that new home. This business is perfect for me.”

They simply cannot see themselves doing it.

How do we get over the hump of making it believable for the prospect? We create desire by telling our story. We talk about who we are as a person.

We talk about three-parts of our story. We talk about our childhood, our teen years and our adult years.

“When I was a child, I was very unsure about myself. I was shy around other children my age. I was in the first grade and didn’t fit in with all the other kids who were rich around me because I wasn’t rich like them. I wasn’t poor but might as well have been when making comparisons.”

“During my teen years, I was skinny and fast. My speed with running track and tennis helped me out from being introverted to being outgoing. However, I was still unsure about myself.”

“When I reached my adult years around 20, how I had a lot of debt, and I was just trying to figure out what I was going to do to pay my rent and so forth. Again, I was unsure about myself and the direction I wanted to go for helping me to get rid of debt.”

Making a long story short, I went from being a minister to being a medical coder and finding nothing from both to help me for getting out of debt. In fact, it made it worse. My job as a medical coder turned into a nightmare with more debt and problems than I could shake a stick at.”

“In 2008, I began looking for a way out of an unbearable job with medical coding from a horrible boss.”

“I began looking at the two ways of making money like the big boys do.”

“What I found was two impractical ways – inheritance –or, to earn it over a long period – and they weren’t satisfactory for me. One, my parents weren’t rich and I wasn’t going to inherit anything. Two, I would work 45 years and will earn half of what I make full-time. So, I began looking for something else to help me to retire in ½ the time with more money than the time and money it took my mom and dad to earn and retire in 45 years.

“I discovered a way of retiring in 5 years by recommending things which I liked at 4 X more pay a month than my old job in medical coding. I learned the inside secret of owning my own business doing it part-time without interfering with my current job and without the 9-5 work hours and have a lot of fun doing it.”

Somebody says ‘Wow, that guy’s just like me! Maybe there’s hope for me!’ So, they can see themselves do this business.

Now, once they see themselves do this business, then you can talk about the dreams. The curiosity is created throughout the story, and now they see themselves doing the business.”

What do I say next? I then present the opportunity to the prospect.

“The name of the company is NAME OF BUSINESS. MOST people join NAME OF BUSINESS because they like the residual income for life they receive from it. The cost is $1000 plus shipping and tax – which is $2.85 a day—the price of a good cup of coffee when you think about it. SOME people don’t join because they don’t understand it or times being what they are they can’t afford the $1000.00 dollars. What I want to do is lay out the basic facts. If you agree, that’s fine, we’ll get started. If you don’t agree, that is okay too. Fair enough?”

“What I want to do is carve out time for you to see a 11:00 minute video about NAME OF BUSINESS. The video explains in less than eleven minutes with what would take me 30-minutes to explain. I will call you a few minutes before the time that we agree upon and then send out the video link. Fair enough?”

I set up a time for my prospect to see the video.

The Third Phone Call is About Answering Questions

So, with the first phone call, we create curiosity and overcome sales-resistance with our telephonic skills conversation. The second phone call, we build desire and give our presentation.

The telephone conversation skills with the third phone call is about answering questions and closing the prospect.

I make the third call to the prospect and immediately I ask them, “What best from the video did you like the most about what you saw and heard?”

Whatever positive thing they say about the video, I agree with them.

I then immediately jump to the next statement, “It sounds to me like you are ready to join.”

I then shut up and listen. No matter how long the silence on the other end of the phone may be, I don’t say a word. I wait for their response.

If they resist, I am prepared with answering questions and objections with my story.

What telephone skills do we need for making a success with network marketing and fun and profitable? We need to create curiosity, build up desire and answer questions. What are your telephone skills and how would you do them?

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  1. Just curious, in second call instead of that presentation can we do a one minute presentation? And in third call instead of video can we invite them to zoom for one on one?

    1. This is Smiling Steve replying to your comment. I will have to read Dale’s post but I prefer a 1 minute presentation or 2 minute story on call 1 if applicable. Call 2 if not. And I never use video – if you can get them there, always choose direct interaction, like a Zoom/Webinar over a video.

      Video’s can’t listen . . !!

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