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Telephone Phobia in Network Marketing

It sounds crazy but many people in Network Marketing have telephone phobia. They fear talking to prospects on the telephone.

They don’t fear the telephone. They fear the rejection from the prospects on the other end of the device.

They act upon their fears with excuses.

— It is too early to call.

— It is too late to call.

— I don’t’ want to disturb their dinner.

— The prospect could be napping.

Their telephone phobia goes further. Their phone anxiety makes them come up with stories in their heads to justify their fear.

— “My sponsor told me about his failures in the business during his first year. If he failed, then I will fail and won’t try to talk to people on the telephone.”

Telephone phobia can be overcome. We just need to speak with better words.

Amateurs create their own rejection. They force prospects into a corner to buy or join.

— Well, have you finally made up your mind.

— I just called to see if you are ready to start today.

— We have a special. Join today and you will get 20% off.

— People buy our products the minute they see them.

— Our company is so great that you don’t want to miss out on the money.

Telephone phobia creates a lot of excuses. Then the prospects come up with their own excuses for not getting involved.

— I don’t have time.

— I hate to sell.

— I need to talk it over with my spouse.

— I’m too busy.

— Your products are too expensive.

— I don’t have the money.

It’s an endless cycle. What excuses go around come around.

How to Get Rid of Phone Anxiety.

What’s the solution?

— (1). Give value.

— (2). Update and ask for a favor.

— (3). Agree and ask for a referral.

(1). Give value. When you give value, prospects look forward to your telephone call. We won’t to create rapport and keep the lines of communication open.

We could say,

— “Hi Jim, It’s John Distributor here. We talked briefly last week about making more money part-time than you do full-time. I got us free tickets to our convention here next week. Would it be okay if I mailed the tickets to you so that you and your family can enjoy the convention?”

— “Hi Sue, Jane Distributor here. Last week when we talked, you had to leave to pick up your daughter from school. Know that you are busy, but wanted to know if you would like me to send you a copy of the USB file “How to Stay Home with Your Children and Get Paid for It?” You can plug the USB drive into your computer or automobile and listen to it.

(2). Update and ask for a favor. The best way to win over another person is to ask that person a favor.

Instead of asking the prospect to join our business or buy a product, we could give them a short non-threating update and then ask them a favor.

— “Hi Bill. Keith Distributor here. Our company just announced that this year’s convention is going to be in Hawaii. You have relatives there, right? Would you do me a favor?  Ask them where we could find the best places to dine and be entertain. I want to make sure my family and I don’t miss out of something good.”

(3). Agree and ask for a referral. We say that is okay not to act now. Then we ask for a referral. Telephone phobia doesn’t have a chance with this technique.

— “Hi Jessica. Mary Distributor here. I know you don’t have an interest in joining my business, but could you do me a favor? Our company just launched a new home and car bonus program. I was wondering if you know anyone who would love to have a new home and car without payments?”

We agree with the prospect that she is not interested in our business. It relieves the prospect and creates rapport. Then we ask for a favor and show we are polite. Then we ask for a referral. We are not corning the prospect.

Telephone phobia is real. Our techniques to rid oneself of it is real. We know the phone phobia causes and we have the solutions to fix them. The fear of talking on the phone is overcome.

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