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The 4 color personalities; How to Talk Network Marketing to them.

To some, the title of this post—How to Talk to the 4 Color Personalities about Network Marketing—may seem strange. But until you learn that different personality types have been described simply by using one of 4 colors to represent the basic types of people, you are entitled to think it odd.

Each “color” is motivated by different things, and thus, they require a different language to be effective but don’t worry, it is easy to learn!

This is the featured image for "How to talk to the 4 color personalities about Network Marketing" and it contains the title plus a red, blue,, green and yellow icon each representing a person

Color Psychology vs The 4 Color Personalities

Color Psychology is the study of how colors affect perceptions and behaviors. This science is not related to the 4 color personalities; it is about different personality types, not how colors affect people.

In fact, color associations and how they affect people have nothing to do with basic personalities. However, this author thought it important to make that distinction in case you looked for the science of studying personality types and include the word color.

If you do a little searching online, you will find the big 5 of personality traits. This, too, is not related to categories of people.

Openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism are traits that exist to varying degrees in all people. Thus, the science of studying these things should not be confused with people who are into details, for instance. 

The 4 Color Personalities and Network Marketing

In network marketing, we must learn to talk to yellow, green, blue, and red personalities. If we don’t, we will use language that doesn’t work for each personality type, which may ruin our best prospects.

If you do not believe you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person, consider this:

You are on a date, and during a lull in the conversation, you say to the person you hope will become your new girlfriend, “Every time I look in your eyes, time stands still!”

If the date was going well, it is almost certain that this line will lead to a follow up date. But what if you said this instead:

Your face would stop a clock!

Are you getting another date with that 2nd line? I don’t think so.

What we say to prospects is critical, and we can ruin their chances of getting into a great business by more than just being rude. We can also say things that do not work for them, and few truly understand this.

Here is a brief way to relate to the 4 color personalities—by what motivates them:

  • Yellow personalities like to help people.
  • Green personalities like information (details).
  • Blue personalities like to have fun and meet people.
  • Red personalities like to lead and think about what is in it for them.

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s new book Mini-Scripts for the Four Color Personalities reminds Network Marketers of the importance of language (what you say does matter) and how to speak to the 4 color personalities.

Below is an introduction to what motivates each personality with some examples of how to speak to them.

The Yellow Personality

The yellow personality loves to help. They empathize, they cry, and they are the shoulder to lean on.

How do we talk to a yellow?

Everything happens for a reason.
Does this resonate with you?
Do you feel the pain of the other person?
How would you feel about sharing an opportunity that could help a lot of people?

What makes these scripts powerful for yellow personalities? Yellow personalities love to bond with the presenter. They love to bond with the person whom they’re with.

Here is a LinkedIn post with a little more information about dealing with yellow personalities.

The Green Personality

Green personalities are quiet and contemplative.

They sit in the back of the room during a lecture or group presentation and take copious notes. They love information and (unfortunately) have the propensity to ask a lot of questions. 

Green personalities hate to take risks.
What can we stay to a green personality?

It makes sense.
 “Let’s figure it out.
The test results show …
Numbers don’t lie.

Feed them information. Give them a logical reason to join or buy. Don’t talk to them about feelings, big money, or partying.

After you have answered enough questions to sign up 5 people, there is a simple way to close them, which we will record and link here.

The Blue Personality

Blues love to party. They love fun.

They are often Nightclub DJs because it gets them more attention, which they crave!

They hate to focus on one thing. They move about from one person to the next, talking up a storm.

How do we talk to a blue personality?

Do you love to go to a nightclub or a party?
You know you can have a lot of fun and meet a lot of people in this business.
Can you picture how much fun you’ll have on a free cruise?
I can’t wait for you to have fun with our group.

We keep our statements short and to the point. Blue personalities won’t focus on them for long; they have other people to talk to!

This LinkedIn post expands on Blue Personalities.

The Red Personality

As soon as you know you are talking to a Red, get the point. They always feel they have better things to do than talk on and on—idle chit-chat is not for them!

They always act as leaders, so your short and to-the-point conversation is appropriate. If you talk too much or tell them what to do, it will not sit well with them!

Be brief and direct, like this:

Red: “So, what’s next?”

You: “We can get you started in about 10 minutes, then set up a short training so you know exactly how to sign up your prospects. That leaves me with two questions; Do you have 10 minutes now? And; Do you have 30 minutes this weekend for your training, or would you prefer one night next week?” 

Remember that REDs want to be in charge, so we let them be. And they love money — lots of it — so feature this benefit when you speak to them.

Other tips about what we say when talking to a RED:

Here is how we’ll do this.
Here’s the short story.
You’ll be a top earner in record time.
This plan is for doers and not watchers.

This post on LinkedIn is a decent summary about dealing with prospects that have a Red personality!

Resources for the 4 Color Personalities:

  1.  This is a link to a YouTube recording of Tom Schreiter teaching how to talk to the 4 color personalities about Network Marketing.
  2. Here is a decent article about how to talk to the 4 color personalities.
  3. Tom Schreiter has written some great books on “personality training” and how to talk to each of the 4 color personalities about Network Marketing. We can wholeheartedly recommend this one (The image has a link to the book on Amazon):
This image is the cover of The 4 Color Personalities for MLM book by Tom Schreiter

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