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Sumo List Building in Network Marketing

You get into the business and what are you told? Make a list of everyone you know. Here’s your memory jogger, we need you to follow it like to was the Sumo List Building inn  Network Marketing for dummies book!

At least 100 names of people you know, right?

You rack your brain for every Friend you’ve ever had, distant relatives, coworkers from every job you ever had . .  until your brain goes dead.

Then you look at your list and you are way short of what you were told you needed to do. A Sumo list builder you are not.

Even after you put the plumber, the baker, the cable guy and everyone else you can think of, you are way short.

This problem is as old as the industry. So, do not feel bad.

In the past recruiters told people who ran out of names of prospects to reach out to that they could use the three-foot rule. Today the story is different but the theme is the same, we need to find prospects. And, social media is the new hot method.

In fact, uplines today tell their “newbies” not to worry because:

“There are 2 billion on Facebook!”

Of course, if you intend to Message people on Facebook, you will want to read this post;

Network Marketing on Facebook 

Look, anyone with experience is going to realize soon enough that most people do not make a long enough list to get very far in Network Marketing. And that is not because they don’t want to.

There are those who both earnestly try to compile a big list and simply can’t recall enough people but they want to succeed.

It is tough to reach sustained success in this industry without enough people to talk to. And, faced with that reality and inability to achieve a sizeable list, it is easy to see how many have their brain shut down.

Making our Sumo list is harder than we thought!

Don’t panic, there is an answer.

When I started in Network Marketing, I quickly ran out of people to add to my list. And, of the ones I did reach out to, most were too busy with their own lives to get excited about in terms of being potentially great team members.

I didn’t quit.

Then I started meeting people after I got involved. And some of those people I met loved Network Marketing like I do.

Some even became leaders in my company.

The lesson learned? Don’t make a big deal with our newbies (new distributors) about the need to excel at Sumo List building in Network Marketing.

If  we do we potentially create an issue where none needs to exist.

I tell them, “I wouldn’t worry too much if your friends join or not and the memory jogger and list help but you will see why that is a small part of this!”

I even go on to say; “98% of my income comes from people I met after I joined.”

What I then do, when I see the newbies’ relief, is tell them;

“The real reason why we need to make a list to start is to practice our skills and get our first check!”

You get some friends as customers, which helps towards the first check. And usually there is a person or two in your list who will at least work at the business for a while.

Anyway, I like to get people to a check. And I like to make sure I don’t make it seem hard by insisting on the Sumo (Big) List.

This prevents new people from deciding against the business, just because the list isn’t big enough. If some people from their initial list join, great. And if not, no problem.

In future posts I will cover how to build a list online and  how to work a list and how to attract people with a website.

I hope this information helped.

NOTE:  this post was partially rewritten on May 4th, 2021 by Smiling Steve™. The original content, some of which remains in this post, was written by Dale Moreau.

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