The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Strengthen Time and Money by Recruiting Your Weakness

Want to offset your shortcomings in network marketing by strengthening time and money? Strengthen time and money by recruiting what makes you weak.

Connie has little money and time and knows network marketing requires both. Money for tools. Time to learn them. Phone bills and time training with saying the right words over the phone. Attending events take both time and money. Connie’s lack of money and time are weaknesses.

Solution: Strengthen time and money by recruiting someone who has both filling the gap.

Flip the scenario. Maybe Connie has ample money but little time. Find someone who is weak in money but strong in time. Find a hungry prospect ambitious and would love a chance at building the business with little dollars in his pocket and time to spare.

Innovators of network marketing don’t let obstacles get in the way. They find solutions to problems solving them with practical ideas. Always find the angle used to recruit and solve problems. They’re there only to be discovered and revealed.

So, admit your weakness and recruit someone offsetting your failings. It’s okay to admit them. Admitting them is the first step of solving them.

Strengthen Time and Money by Offering to Help

Connie finds George. George has time and money and willing to work the business. How to approach George?

“Hey George. How’s it going? Just curious, what are some of your thoughts about network marketing which you have? I’ve thought about it a lot and I think it would be a “hoot” (“fun”) working together with you. Being the business owner of Copy, Copy and More Copies gives you instant credibility. Who wouldn’t want to work with you with your energy and drive? You are a natural.”

George says he is not interested. How would Connie approach George to solve the problem?

“George, I’m glad you said you’re not interested. My company is perfectly designed for uninterested people. Though you have no interest doing this business, you would agree you know other people like yourself financially well-off and interested. So, simply introduce them to me and I will get them started in the business training them. Meanwhile, the company will keep sending you passive income and override checks to your home sitting there uninterested. Sound good?”

Building business in network marketing or internet marketing online?  Keep grinding. Strengthen time and money by recruiting your weakness. Increase business. Grow sales. Increase income.

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