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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Step by Step: from approaching the prospect to the close in MLM

Want to know how to go from an icebreaker to a closing the prospect step-by-step on how to put $100,000.00 in the bank? It’s a tall order and much is required adequately to answer.

Let’s get started.

Laying out from start to finish an entire conversation on breaking the ice to closing the prospect, a script can be created. The script lays out a sequence of words. Words leading the prospect and controlling the conversation. Words moving the prospect towards positive action.

The first rule of prospecting: Prospect those who have some dissatisfying job, and are professionals and salespeople. Don’t prospect those who are unemployed, incompetent and unteachable, and shortsighted on their dreams.

The script I am laying out is the four stages I build upon introducing network marketing to a cold market. I’m showing things to say to break the ice. The script works on those prospects who have a job and are looking for something better, or are professionals and salespeople. The script assumes no other profession. When you think about it, people who hate their jobs, professionals and salespeople make up 95% of the workforce population. Breaking the ice is saying the right things by a sequence of words to our targeted audience.

For your warm market list on what to say to break the ice, check articles on this blog. Breaking the ice with your warm market is learning the art of differentiation.

Step 1: The Icebreaker

I am at a restaurant. Jim is my waiter. He smiles. He makes me laugh. He is energetic. All the regular customers know him and want him as waiter. He apparently is a comedian making customers laugh aloud. Jim’s talent is shown by the ability to remember all the orders of his customers without writing it down. My order rests on his memory. It comes out and everything is there as ordered and perfect. He shows himself with leadership qualities. I am sure I want Jim on my team.

The script breaking the ice:

  1. “Are you married to your job…”
  2. “I just found out…”
  3. “Break in communication.”
  4. “Would it be okay if I showed you how to…”
  5. “What is the biggest gnawing pain…”
  6. “Would you like to do something about it?”
  7. “I show people how to…”
  8. “I promise.”

Breaking the Ice by Conversation:

“let’s break the ice. I say to Jim to break the ice, “Jim, are you married to your job or open?”

Jim looks me straight in the eye and replies, “What did you say?”

“Are you married to your job, or are you open minded to something better?” – I reply.

Jim: “I’m open minded.”

Why open minded?”, I ask.

Jim gives me the short version of a problem in his life. “I have a newborn in my life and my wife and I cannot afford a new home and the all things which my baby needs. I need a second job or one with better pay than being a waiter.”

 “Jim, I just found out how new moms and dads can make four extra full-time paychecks a month working part-time 10 hours a week. Meanwhile, I want to order dessert.’

Jim is salivating: “What do you mean you want to order dessert?” What is it that you have?”

I calmly say, “It means I want to order dessert. Where is the dessert menu again?”

“Whoa! Wait a minute,” Jim retorts. “Tell me now.”

“Jim, I will be more than happy to talk about it but my sweet-tooth requires satisfaction. I will tell you later,” waiting for Jim to throw the ice tea in my face.

I throw this out: “Would it be okay if I showed you how to empower your wife and newborn with money for a certified baby-sitter without worry of the price, a new home with no mortgage, a new car with no payments, to be unburdened by debt, to never have a boss again with no worries of where you next paycheck comes from?”

 “Jim, what is the biggest gnawing pain in the butt about being a new dad?” – I ask.

Jim says, “I am working 70 hours a week making $600.00 a week with tips. I am behind on bills, Insurance didn’t cover the entire delivery. I owe a lot to the doctors. Rent is killing me. And I have no time spending with my baby and wife.”

I say, “Would you like to do something about it?” It’s a great ice breaker tool.

Jim at this point says, “Yes, absolutely. What do you have for me?”

“Jim,” I say.  “I show people how to make $6,000 a month working part-time 20 hours a week, to get lifestyle bonus checks of an additional $3,000 month after month freeing your time to be with your wife and baby, and unburdening you from crushing debt with doctors and debtors.”

I ask, “Give me your full name, email address and phone number and I will talk to you after work when it is convenient. I will call you at 7:00 p.m. and show you what I got. I promise.”

I get Jim’s full name, phone number and email address.

Step 2: Build Trust and Rapport Leading with a Statement and Question

A phone call is made to Jim at the appointed time. I call telling Jim about the company, reminding him of his pain and what we do helping him with solving his problems. Breaking the ice is building trust and rapport.


  1. A lead statement – “The name of my company is…”
    • Name of the company.
    • Why people join.
    • The cost.
    • Two negatives about joining the company.
    • No pressure statement.
  2. Repeat the pain.
  3. A Lead Question – “If I can help you with…”
    • Ask a question.
    • List how your benefits solve the problems given by prospect in Stage 1.

Breaking the Ice by Prospecting and Conversation:

“Hi Jim …Dale calling at our appointed time. I do have other people to call before 9 p.m. I want to make this first phone call quick.” Another break in communication …you want him knowing you are busy. It creates a sense of urgency.

“Let’s me tell you about the company,” my quick introduction.

The LEAD STATEMENT: “Jim, the name of my company is XYZ (Name of Company). “Most” people I talk with about XYZ join because they see how well this can help their incomes (Why People Join the Company). The cost is $1000 plus shipping and tax …that’s $2.85 a day …less than the cost of a good cup of java (The Cost). As a matter of fact, the only two reasons some” don’t join is they really don’t understand our program (1rst Negative), or that times being so tough they can’t afford the $1000.00 (2nd Negative). What I’m going to do is just present you the basic facts about our opportunity and if you like it fine, we’ll get started. If you don’t, fine, that’s okay too. Fair enough? (No Pressure).

Jim: “Thanks Dale for being upfront. And it is cool with me.”

“Great, let’s get started.”

I REPEAT THE PAIN: “Jim, let me get this straight in my mind. At the restaurant, you shared with me some things. You can’t afford a new home and other things for the baby. You have crushing debt from doctors and other creditors. Working 70 hours a week and not making ends meet and seeking a second job is a strain on you and your wife. It takes away spending time with your wife and baby. Do I have that correct?”

Jim replies, “Yep, that pretty much covers it.”

The ONE LEAD Question followed by SOLUTIONS: “So, if I can help you with ridding yourself from crushing debt (financial freedom) – firing your boss and walking away with 4 X the pay a month working only 20 hours a week and not 70 – spending more time (time freedom) with your wife and kids and traveling to exotic places all over the world all expenses paid – you’d be open to it, right?”

What’s Jim’s reply? “Absolutely,” Jim says. 

“Based upon your answer, my company is a good fit for you. Jim, as I stated a few minutes ago, I don’t have a lot of time …got to get on the phone with other people. I’m sending over a link to a 11-minute video. It explains a little bit about our company and how quickly my company can help with solving your finances, lack of time and job problem so you put them in the past and live a bright future as you were meant to live. Does that sound good?”

Jim: “I can’t wait.”

“Great Jim. When can you carve out time to see the video? After seeing it, I’m calling you back. Will this be evening at 9:45 or tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.?”

Jim: “Tonight at 9:45 is perfect. More time to think.”

I say, “Great, the video is going out in a few minutes by email and text. Look in your spam folder if you don’t find it in the email. Otherwise you will have a link in your message box of your phone. I’ll call at 9:45 p.m. tonight.”

Stage 1 and 2 set up nicely for stage 3.

Stage 3: Closing in MLM

The third phone call is made after Jim views the material.


  1. Ask the question: “What most about what you saw and heard…”
  2. Agree, agree, agree with what the prospect likes.
  3. Close the deal: “Sounds to me like…”

Breaking the Ice by Conversation and Closing

“Jim, Dale here once again. Did you have a chance to see the video?”

Jim replies, “Yes, I did.”

ASK THE QUESTION: Immediately I say, “Great, what most about what you saw and heard did you like the best?“

Jim says, “I liked the financial freedom that your company gives me. We talked about that early. It stood out most for me.”

I agree (I always agree) and tell my story briefly: “Jim that is exactly why I got into XYZ company. I was in debt to the tune of $100,000 and making a six-figure income. I couldn’t pay my bills. XYZ found me through a friend and now I’m debt free and living dreams made true.”

One more time I say, “Anything else you like best about the video?”

Jim: “Yes, I the student program to help pay off my student loans and that of my wife’s”

Again, I AGREE: “I’m too old for student programs, but the person who introduced me to XYZ company was able to pay off $30,000.00 in student loans. He did that in a year.

Jim: “Wow! Awesome.”

“Anything else that you liked about it?”, I ask.

Jim: “There is so much to grasp. It’s hard to take all of it in.”

CLOSE THE DEAL: after all reasons by the prospect liking the video are exhausted. “Sounds to me like you’re ready to join?”

At this point, don’t say a word. If there is dead silence on the phone for one minute making you uncomfortable do not speak. The prospect is the one to speak next. He will tell you at this stage what objections he has if any. If you don’t know how to handle objections. Several articles on my blog show you how. Do a search to find them.

Jim: “Yea, I am.”

Stage 4: Deposit the Money in the Bank

If you follow stages 1 from breaking the ice to stage 3 with asking a question and the close, stage 4 is a done deal. Your prospect has the potential of making you $100,000 in the first year that he is in business if he follows the training of the company and your leadership.

Breaking Down Stage 1

“Are you married to your job…” It’s important you say the right words to setup stage 1. Would Jim respond to “I’m in network marketing and I sell health and wellness products?” I seriously doubt it. Breaking the ice is breaking the mold and standing out.  “Are you married to your job…” breaks the mold and forces the prospect to answer.

“I just found out…” is a psychological device. It creates curiosity. Saying “I found out” makes the prospect wanting to know what I found.

“Break in communication.” Saying “I just found out something you don’t know” and changing direction to something else is another psychological trick. It causes the prospect begging for the answer. The more he begs, the less chances he will bolt when you spring on him what your company does. Have two additional break in communication statements to keep the prospect begging and wanting more.

“Would it be okay if I showed you how to…” It asks permission. Asking permission gives the prospect the chance to graciously bow out. Granting permission for you to continue grants you permission to add additional benefits helping the prospect with solving his pain.

“What is the biggest gnawing pain…” The word “biggest” indicates singularity zeroing in on what bugs him. “Gnawing” is a memory jogger. Combining “biggest” with “gnawing” jars his memory to reveal what the root cause of his pain might be. Find the root cause of his pain and you find the hot button to push winning him to your side.

“Would you like to do something about it?” It’s a great ice breaker. It demands a yes and no answer. “Yes” means continue with your spill. “No” means no and halt the presentation.

“I show people how to…” It adds personality. It shows how you as a real person is going to help the prospect. Not a machine. Not a website. Not hiding behind social media. You and your company are going to be there for him.

“I promise.” The term seals the deal making the prospect assured you are going to help him. It means you are a person of his word. You follow through with action.

Breaking Down Stage 2  

Setting up stage 1 makes entrance onto stage 2 go without a hitch. The purpose of stage 2 is to give some information about the company by a lead statement, repeat the pain from stage 1, and offer help by a lead question followed by solving the prospect’s problems.

Five things in a lead statement every prospect wants to know about the network marketing company:

  1. The name of the company.
  2. Why people join.
  3. The cost.
  4. Two negatives about the company.
  5. A no-pressure approach.

Name the company and one good reason why MOST people join. People want to know a name. Revealing a name leaves the prospect feeling he has control. Don’t believe me? Test it out. You have a group of four-year old kids. Saying “hey you” want control the rowdiness. Put a name to the child and he pays attention. Name your company upfront without shame unlike many other network marketers.

“Most” is a word indicating the “in-crowd,” a community of belonging.  The prospect wishes to belong more than not belonging.

Naming the cost upfront eases the prospect’s mind and sets up stage 3. It negates any objections about price at the end.

Two negatives about the company apply to “some.” The prospect does not want to be part of the less popular crowd. “Some” is less popular. “Most” is popular. The two negatives about the company takes away objections which may come to his mind during the presentation. The prospect always is looking for an angle. Telling about the two negatives of the company upfront negates any further negativity. You are overcoming a silent objection.

A “no-pressure” approach at the end indicates you are not begging, chasing or borrowing. The prospect can graciously bow out without embarrassment.

Repeating the pain is reminding him of why you are there making the call. You are there helping to solve his pain.

The lead question is always followed by solutions formula. “If I can help you with + solving the pain by offering benefits and features + would you be open?”

Breaking Down Stage 3

Stage 3 is closing the deal. It’s how to close sales. It’s a three-stage process. Ask a question. Agree and agree some more. Close the deal.

Asking the question “What most about what you saw and heard did you LIKE BEST” causes the prospect to focus. Focusing on what he likes best removes from his mind what he likes least. The prospect must answer the question less he looks ridiculous refusing to answer.

Whatever the answer, always agree with the prospect about what he saw and heard. Agreement creates relationship. It creates a bond among likeminded people. We all want to hang around with people who agree with us and avoid people who don’t.

Exhaust all levels of interest from the prospect. Agree with all levels no matter how big or small it may be. Keep asking “what else about what you saw and heard did you find to your liking?”

Close the deal. “Sounds to me like…” furthers the agreeing. You are agreeing with him about liking something and pushing for a commitment to close without being sales-y.

Four stages with a few statements and questions from breaking the ice to closing prospects to depositing $100,000.00 in the bank. Breaking the ice and using a script build trust and rapport. Lead by a statement and question. Close the deal. Deposit the money in the bank. Four Stages worth lots of money recruiting MLM.

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