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Start Easy with Your Network Marketing Business

Should you start your Network Marketing business by pushing hard, like some uplines will tell you to, or should you start easy?

If you want to jump start your business, why not start easy? The best network marketing business ideas begin with “easy.”

What is the most important part of starting a new business? It’s getting started, and the key to getting started is to do easy tasks first.

Michael Dell of Dell Computers started out with a small idea in 1984, and did simple tasks. He built computers from his dorm room with simple, stock IBM components and sold them on the streets of Austin, Texas out of a beat up old station wagon.

This led Michael Dell to build one of the largest computer companies in the world. He started with one simple thing that led to another. It went from easy to hard.

Mark Twain put it in this way best:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.”

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg said, “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.”

Many network marketing opportunities have gone the way of Cain by starting with complex models. Equinox, Excel Communications, and Holiday Magic are but a few defunct multi-level marketing companies that started out complex and ended up in the junk pile.

So start easy and simple with your network marketing business.

How to Start Simple with Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity

Don’t try to figure it all out. You will gradually learn what is needed for your network marketing business. Don’t try to learn everything, or worry about the things you can’t learn. Start with a simple task and work your way up to the complex.

Remember, just start. Start with easy. It’ll make your network marketing business experience more pleasant and less burdensome.

Some knowledge will help make your network marketing business seem less of a daunting task.

David M. Ward in his Network Marketing Made Easy says the top three things you should know to make your network marketing business simple are:

  1. This is a business
  2. It takes time
  3. You are not alone but have friends to help

All top 10 network marketing companies in the world expound these three things.

…This is a Business –

If you started your network marketing business because you want to earn $300, $400 or maybe $1000 a month, you can easily do that without putting a lot of effort into it.

If you truly want to earn an income that pays all the bills, buys you a new house without a mortgage, purchases you a new car every year without the note, then you need to treat your network marketing business like a business.

Network marketing is not a hobby … it’s not a lottery ticket … it’s not something you dabble in for thirty days here and forty days there, but a real business that could easily earn you a full time income.

If you treat your network marketing business like a hobby, it will cost you like a hobby. If you treat it like a business, it will pay you handsomely like a business.

Where do you start easy, and where do you start learning your network marketing business is a business? Practice is the best role model. Practice it as a business.

Here are some easy things you can practice with to treat it as a business:

  • Throw brand name products away and replace them with your company brands
  • Attend the weekly company webinars
  • Sign up for autoship
  • Speak at least to 20 prospects a day from either your cold or warm market
  • Invest money in learning by buying books and E-books, webinar training, DVD’s … learn, learn, and learn some more about network marketing and what makes it successful
  • Create a blog and stay with it and give away value in every article and writing you post
  • Give up that television program that makes you dumber watching the end than when you watched the beginning
  • Give up those mundane, unnecessary tasks you’ve been doing and replace them with what makes your business successful
  • Learn everything there is to learn

This is what true business ownership is all about. It’s acting upon what you have invested in, what you believe is true.  If you don’t believe in what you’ve bought into, you are doomed from the beginning.

Just practice, practice and practice some more with what you preach.

Quit playing around as a child and grow up to be a proud man or woman who owns one of the most powerful businesses in the world. Your network marketing business is powerful because it is the only business model out there that is affordable to everyone who wants it. It’s the only business model that can help every man, woman and child who wants to make a new start, be part of something grand and magnificent, and wants to get out of poverty, out of a bad relationship, out of drugs and out of living without purpose.

…It Takes Time –

If you want to make a few hundred dollars quickly, you can. If you want to make thousands upon thousands of dollars a month, it probably won’t happen overnight.

It takes time because there is a learning curve to everything.

Whether it’s learning mathematics, a new hobby or learning to walk the first time, it takes time to master them. This ought to relieve the pressure of feeling rushed, making it easy on you because you can take your time at your own pace with your success.

When you first start off, you’re new to the business. You really don’t know a lot. Don’t be hard on yourself because you’re crawling like a baby and can’t walk. It takes time to get good at the business.

Multi-level marketing opportunities are a fickle bunch. They state you can make thousands and thousands of dollars within a few short months. You truly can, but you better be prepared to run before you walk.

What they should teach up front is the time it takes to learn how to get that far.

Depending on your level of competency, your motivation and your big WHY for buying into network marketing, it will take more than a few months to reach a six-figure income. It’ll take a least a year and for many three to five years.

Yes, you’ll sign up a few distributors here and some there. You’ll get some customers over there and over here. Some will stay with you and some will quit. That’s okay. It’s normal.

Keep going and give it time. Keep recruiting, and you will find some leaders, some distributors who will take your network marketing business to the next level because they are serious about the business.

Eventually, you’ll hit the tipping point where you’ll experience rapid growth and success. Your income will double, triple and quadruple. You will hit the top, but be patient, and be steadfast.

…You’re Not Alone but have Friends to Help –

Part of any successful network marketing business plan is the help you can expect from experts who are the leaders and top earners in your company. You’re in business for yourself but not BY yourself.

You have the support of your company.

What makes network marketing so remarkably easy</ strong> is you are not paying for the training and expert advice you receive from your network marketing company. You pay for the products or services, but the leadership training and expert advice, which cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, come to you absolutely without charge.

Where in any other business can you find that? You can’t. The average business costs $25,000 to $1,000,000 in training for the employer and employees just to get a business operating with a minimum profit. Not with network marketing.

You buy into a network marketing business for the products and services, and the training comes to you absolutely at no charge. Because of this there is no reason for you failing other than being lazy, incompetent or you just don’t give a rip about it.

Your network marketing company provides, the products, services, creates marketing materials and websites, hires and trains the home office employees and pays the distributors.

If the customer has questions, they can call and speak with customer service. If a distributor has questions or wants more product and services, they’re only a phone call away they can order online.

The company does it all for you and more so that you’re free to build your business without worry of overhead expense, paperwork, employee problems, shipping and other business related problems.

You do marketing, and the company does everything else.

You also have the support of your upline … talk about making it easy for you, this is it.

Your upline helps your organization with the distributors you recruit and distributors they recruit. They help train you. They help make you a success. They help with signing up distributors when you can’t. They conduct leadership calls for you and your team. You have no excuse as to why you can’t make it with your network marketing business with all this help available.

Make a commitment to treat your business like a business … be patient, for it takes time to learn the ropes of what it means to be successful in network marketing … and understand you’ve got friends to help.

Focus on doing the activities, and give your network marketing business time to grow.

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