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How to Share Network Marketing to College Students

Speaking about Network Marketing to prospects and keeping their four color personalities straight is one thing, recruiting college students is quit another.

There are certain problems to consider. How to get students? How to overcome the money objection? How to talk to them without running them off? Students who are living on nickels and dimes and not dollars afford a limited ability for purchasing products and buying into the business. These are challenges that are hard to overcome.

Personally, speaking to college students about network marketing is not something that I encourage. I prefer speaking with people who are dissatisfied with their jobs, professionals and salespeople. 95% of the workforce is made up of these three groups. They take calculated risks and make decisions quickly and love the competition where obstacles are overcome and problems are solved. Their incomes support network marketing.

College kids are different. They have no money and are suspicious of people who do. They are more cautious about decisions that affect their lives. Speaking to college students about network marketing is to speak with a handicap. The odds are against network marketers who recruit college students into the business.

I’m up for the challenge.

Three steps for speaking to college students about network marketing:

  • Know the color personality of each student.
  • Speak the right words.
  • Access the money source of the student.

Step 1: Know the Color Personality of Each Student.

Characteristics of the Yellow Personality

“Help” is the one word for describing the yellow personality. “How can I help others?”  Yellow personalities love to help people by solving their problems. The more help that they give towards solving problems, the happier and better that they feel about themselves. Satisfaction from helping other people is their reward.

Eyes glaze over when speaking to college students of the yellow personality about network marketing without talking about helping someone. 

Characteristics of the Blue Personality

Action and excitement describe the blue personality. They are in constant motion with having fun and making others laugh. Their minds cannot stay on one topic for very long without flitting to another.

Racing 100 mph in several directions at the same time, staying focused on studies in one area buttresses up against interest in another. With hyperactivity from younger years, they bounce from one new club to the next and one new party to the next.

Talking with people and by talking directly, they are natural born entertainers.

Speaking to college students with a blue personality about network marketing is to try running a race without getting out of the starting gate. Speaking to them about the fun and entertainment that they can have in network marketing helps to slow them down enough to listen. It allows you to catch up with them from the starting gate and get them to respond.

Characteristics of the Green Personality

Brilliant minds and thinkers personify the green personality. They examine and experiment with observing and learning. Naturally inquisitive, they frustrate people by the endless questioning about why things are what they are.

“Why” and “Why not” and “Why this over that” are favorite words. They are logical.

Being shy and the introvert, they find less in common with the blue personality.

Speaking to college students of the green personality about network marketing is to speak logically and in detail. Compensation plans, step-by-step techniques and tips and tricks entertain them. Speaking in depth about the details of network marketing and its workings makes them happy.

Characteristics of the Red Personality

“Be the boss” and “take charge” describe the red personality. Driven by a strong will, they fight tooth and nail on being right. Red personalities can’t be reasoned with when upset or confused.

They are born leaders with blazing a trail and making it easier for those to follow. They score the most points, are champions, and win in sports and games. Strong and powerful, they are the best in everything that they do.

They get straight A’s in school semester-after-semester. They love praise for being on the Dean’s List.

Baseball, football, basketball and soccer find the best in red personalities. The desire is to be number one and compete aggressively and dominantly. They are athletic and they vigorously stay healthy and in shape.

Students have different personalities. They look at and engage the world in different ways and from different perspectives. Their perceptions of the world are colored by their individual personalities which see everything through the colored lenses of yellow, blue, green or red.

Student one is nurturing. Her personality is yellow. She practiced nurturing with dolls in her early years. She enjoyed taking care of her younger siblings. She fed them, diapered them, bathed them and baked for them with her “easy bake oven.” She finds need to comfort her friends at school, solve what is hurting them, and give them a shoulder to cry upon when needed.

Student two loves laughing and playing and being entertained.  The world is blue and one big party. His attention span is short and he constantly needs new information for keeping him engaged. Fraternities, parties and a night or two out on the dance floor are no strangers to him. Being an extrovert and showman makes him everyone’s friend.

Student three outshines the world by her inquisitive green curiosity. She carefully investigates and examines her new college surroundings. She is inquisitive about her roommates and friends and wants to know everything about them. She absorbs information like a sponge. Homework is easy and tests are no match for her. Being a party animal and climbing the social ladder are not high priorities for her. Becoming a scientist, teacher or engineer are top priorities.

Student four is inquisitive with wanting to know everything about being a trailblazer by reinventing it in new ways. He takes charge in sports, group homework assignments, and is leader of several clubs on campus. Being chief spokesperson for many activities, he expects people to pay attention with what he says. Patience and being slow make him see red.

Step 2: Speak the Right Words.

The formula for creating curiosity about network marketing with the college student is simple and three-fold.

  1. Ask the question, “Would it be okay if…?”
  2. Talk to student’s immediate needs.
  3. Speak the right words to the dominant color personality.

Ask permission by adding “Would it be okay if…?” It is a question that demands an answer. The answer is more important than the question. Add the question and match the dominant color personality with the student’s immediate needs and you create words that awaken their interest in network marketing.

What immediate needs of college students do you choose? The choices are numerous. College students are somewhat selfish beings with wanting everything. Parents for being who they are tend to curtail the student’s veracious appetite. 

Here are a few of their immediate needs:

  • Fraternities and sororities.
  • Organizations and sororities
  • Student debt.
  • Food and drink and lots of it.
  • Date money.
  • Credit cards.
  • Rainy day money.
  • Clothes.
  • Books and tuition costs.
  • Electronic Devices.
  • Gas, insurance for cars or have want for a car.
  • Cell phones …students can’t leave home without them.

How a red personality sees immediate needs is different from a yellow personality. How a green personality sees needs
veers from how a blue personality sees them. We use the different color perceptions of needs by students to our advantage.

Speaking to college students about network marketing is similar to giving a class presentation. Preparing a presentation for class requires research and with knowing the subject. Giving presentations about a subject in class requires speaking by authority and with confidence. Show nervousness and fear and your students will quickly drown you out.

Speaking to college students of different color personalities about network marketing requires research on knowing the right words to say. Speaking with confidence by knowing the right words validates you with being the authority and making the students to pay attention.

The best way of finding what color personality dominates in a student is to ask two questions and listen to their answers: How is your free time spent? What are the things that you like most about your free time and hobbies?

The Right Words for the Student with the Dominant Personality Yellow

The dominant color personality of the student that matches with their immediate needs creates the right words for speaking to a yellow personality.

Dominant Characteristics of the Yellow Personality:

  • Enjoys quiet places and away from the noise.
  • Cares about others more than themselves.
  • Worries about people’s feelings being hurt.
  • Likes being part of a team effort offering helpful suggestions.
  • Loves charity work, fundraising for school clubs and causes.
  • Protective of family and friends.
  • Looks for different opportunities to contribute.
  • Finds ways of helping people reach their goals.
  • Likes to win but is concerned on how other people may feel when they lose.
  • Volunteers ahead of the crowd for most projects.

Immediate Needs of the Yellow Personality:

  • Finding an organization where helping others is the priority.
  • Belonging to social sororities and fraternities.
  • Student debt and how to solve it.
  • Foods liked by family and friends.
  • Money enough for dates where the yellow personality pays.
  • Ways of helping other students and family rid themselves of credit card debt.
  • Rainy day money helping those without means from time to time.
  • Travel and expenses for others.
  • Clothes.
  • Books and Tuition helping with study and tutoring others.
  • Electronic devices helping others.
  • Gas for cars or need of a car.
  • Cell phone for keeping in touch with friends, texting, and chatting.

Which of these two questions works on college students with the yellow personality?

 “Would you like to retire five years early? “How is your plan B coming along?”


“Would it be okay if I show you how helping others can save them from working forty-five years like their parents and how you can help them to retire in five years without debt?”

The first question is not so good. College students with the yellow personality consider five years out to be old. They think short term about instantly gratifying the desires of others.

Not having a Plan A makes them suspicious of a Plan B. “The only B that they know about is what their friends got in Spanish Class.

Thinking about what it takes to relieve the $48,000.00 of college loan debt that is racked up by their friends is a plan that they can wrap their minds around.

The second question requires effective talking skills when speaking about needs to college students of the yellow personality. Needs for the yellow personality are centered around what is required for helping others.

For example, here is something to consider,

Speaking about the future of family and friends who are in debt from student loans strikes up curiosity from the yellow personality about what you have to offer with network marketing for solving the problem. They will be thinking, “No, I don’t want my family and friends to work their fingers to the bone like their Dad and Mom did. I want them to retire in five years with no debt. What do you have for me?”

Speaking to college students requires dedication and patience.

Speaking to college students about network marketing is about finding and talking with the right words to their color personality and meeting their immediate needs.

Let’s create the right words when speaking to college students of the yellow personality about network marketing.

We solve the needs of the yellow personality by speaking about our network marketing products and opportunity with correct words and putting them in the right sequence that match with helping others.

“Would it be okay if I show you an organization where helping others is the priority?”

“Would it be okay I show you a fraternity of people where their combined efforts empower you with helping those needier than yourself?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to rid student debt from your family and friends before graduating from college?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you nutritional foods and drinks that are liked by all your friends and family and save them two-thirds cost of the same or similar items on the shelves of stores?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you with ways of having more money than your date and helping them with keeping more money in their bank accounts?”

“Would it be okay if I could show you how you could have rainy-day money for helping your friends and family with needs from time-to-time?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you how you and your friends can enjoy travel and spring vacations to spots in the world that are untouchable by most students and with all expenses paid?”

“Would it be okay if I show you the way for your friends to make money to buy clothes, books and electronics devices that are needed for helping them to study and make good grades?”

“Would it be okay if I could show you and your family and friends with how to make money enough to pay for gas, buy items without worry of cost or buy a new car without payments?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way of making money by using your phone to recommend things that you like to friends and family and to help them with improving their health and well-being?”

You get the idea.

The Right Words for the Student with the Dominant Personality Blue

Matching the dominant color characteristic of the student with their immediate needs creates a script of right words for the blue personality.

Dominant Characteristics of the Blue Personality:

  • Enjoys activities, concerts, parties, team sports, travel, talking endlessly with friends.
  • Acts before direction is given.
  • Short attention span.
  • Gets bored easily.
  • The life of the party …everyone who is there centers on him.
  • Constantly moving physically and mentally.
  • Multitasking.
  • Studies something methodically learning how to make it entertaining.
  • Reading books not so much fun…videos and video games lots of fun.
  • Wants to perform …musical instruments, comedy, stage plays and games.
  • Wears loud colorful clothes and hats.

Immediate Needs of the Blue Personality:

  • Student debt makes it hard for the blue personality to have fun.
  • Date money.
  • Food and drink for entertaining.
  • Credit cards paying for parties, concerts, activities, etc.
  • Housing costs living off-campus.
  • Insurance and gas in the car or wanting a car.
  • Games, electronics, TV, and stuff for entertaining and fun.
  • Travel adds to the fun going somewhere new.
  • Belonging, community and health …belonging and community consist of social fraternities or sororities and places of fun, advent
    ure and travel …health is important to maintain looking good and feeling good sustaining energy to go out on the town or spend the night dancing.
  • Clothes and the way they look are important. Different clothes for different activities makes the person.
  • Money to buy the best game boxes, TV’s and other digital devices for fun and entertainment.
  • Cell phones for playing games, keeping in touch with friends, and setting appointments for the next party.

Breaking the ice and speaking the right words to the student with the blue personality:

“Would it be okay if I show you how to rid yourself from underneath crushing student debt and give yourself more money to have fun and travel?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how you can make money for your date-life with buying expensive gifts and dinners without the worry of cost?”

“Would it be okay if show you how to buy expensive food and drink for entertaining friends while making you the life of the party?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to earn more money to spend without affecting the credit limits of your credit cards and freeing you for an all expense paid spring-break good time vacation?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to make money enough to buy a house off campus and turn it into a party house and make the college campus fraternities green with envy?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to make money enough to cover gas, buy a new mustang or GTO without payments and pay the insurance upfront for a year by working only 15 hours a week?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how you can earn money for freeing your time to entertain your buddies with the newest games and game boxes on a new entertainment center 80’’ flat screen Ultra High-Def TV with 4K features by working 15 hours a week?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how you can travel to exotic places 6 X a year while taking all your buddies and friends without paying a dime for food, entertainment, travel, cars and hotels?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to stay healthy with energy to spare and keep you alert during parties and nights on the town so that you can give full attention to friends and dates?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to pay for the biggest party of the year from earning a full-time income with a part-time business without working hard and with having fun and where you can invite all your buddies and friends and to be the life of the party?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to buy the best clothes and hats that are needed for entertaining your friends, go out on expensive dates all dressed up, attend concerts with the proper attire from money that you earn while having fun?”

 “Would it be okay if I showed you how you can use an app on your phone for setting up home parties and getting paid and earning free trips and vacations to exotic places where fun and good times are 24/7?”

The Right Words for the Students with the Dominant Personality Green

Dominant Characteristics of the Green Personality:

  • Needs for things to make sense.
  • Tries figuring out how a thing works.
  • Likes challenges and problems to solve.
  • Finds flaws in things and seeks to perfect it.
  • Addicted to books, internet access, study with help from the electronic age.
  • Likes games using thinking and logic to win.
  • Creates school projects.
  • Loves challenging tests.
  • Likes to explain concepts and helping others with flash cards and PowerPoint.
  • Takes fewer chances and risks.
  • Does not go outside boundaries fixed by discipline.
  • Convinced fully, they are all in.
  • Frugal with spending.

Immediate Needs of the Green Personality:

  • Student debt is a challenge to be solved.
  • Date money is the means towards finding a green personality significant other.
  • Food and drink is to sustain energy and sharpen the mind for more productive thinking and tasks.
  • Credit cards are most likely not a problem with green personalities …too risky and messy.
  • Housing costs and living off-campus more likely to be away from the noise of dorm life and provide room needed for setting up numerous projects without interrupting others.
  • Insurance and gas in the car or wanting a car …important for getting around to places of learning.
  • Games, electronics, TV, and stuff to create things and projects for school …strictly utilitarian and not for entertainment or fun.
  • Travel money to museums, forums, places of learning.
  • Belonging, community and health …belonging and community are being part of organizations of learning such as science, medical and teacher associations …health is important furthering abilities to achieve long-term goals.
  • Clothes and the way they look are not a concern of the green personality.
  • Cell phones are for searching Google Search for answers, games stimulating creativity and thinking.

The dominating color personality green which is matched to their immediate needs will create the perfect combination of words for speaking to college students about network marketing.  

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way for solving your student debt completely with a step-by-step plan by laying it out for you logically and sensibly?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you how you can find that special someone for a date and interested in you and on your level of intelligence without breaking the bank with money to spare?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way for affording the right kinds of food and drink to sustain you during late nights of working on projects for school and maintaining your health with nutritional and healthy soft drinks, coffees, teas and energy drinks without dipping into your bank account?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way for affording off-campus housing that is away from the noise and allowing you to create your projects and designs without disturbing others and giving you complete freedom to do what you do best?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way of having the kind of car that is needed to get you to museums and places of learning without payments and with insurance paid upfront for a year?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way of buying the best in computers, TV’s and digital games and game boxes to complete projects for school, for learning and doing other activities in record time with the fastest way possible and without flaw?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you how you can travel to places only renowned scientists and great thinkers could afford without spending one dime of your money, and how you will be able to go across country or across town and afford the costs of visiting museums and forums of learning?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way of paying for the fees and projects of organizations that you would like being part of and keeping your money in the bank by letting the company pay for it?”

“Would it be okay if I showed the best in nutritional products for sustaining your health and mental clarity and giving you the energy to complete school projects and activities?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how using your phone will make you money from thinkers and knowledgeable people and people that you like without risk and with great benefits?”

The Right Words for the Student with the Dominant Personality Red

Dominant Characteristics of the Red Personality:

  • Achievement is highly important by measuring results and comparing them with others.
  • Conversation is about being one-up over the other person.
  • They love studying pushing themselves to be the best.
  • Sports give them the competitive edge to shine before others.
  • Ribbons, award
    s, money challenges, competitions and recognition motivate them.
  • Give them a challenge and they’re the first to finish.
  • They love telling others what to do.
  • They are passionate practicing often to be better.
  • Big money motivates.

Immediate Needs of the Red Personality:

  • Student debt is hated by the red personality …finding the fast way possible to rid it from the red personality is the fastest way of making more money.
  • Date money is to spend big making an impression on the date.
  • Food and drinks are for maintaining looks and health.
  • Credit cards are a convenience and nuisance …red personalities like them for spending but hate debt.
  • Housing costs living off-campus. …red personalities love living off-campus making them independent from others.
  • Insurance and gas in the car or wanting a car …a car is a must to a red personality…the looks of the car speaks to the person and symbolizes status and achievement…only the best for the red personality.
  • Games, electronics, TV, and stuff …. Must be high quality and the best…impresses people and shows them who is boss.
  • Travel is money …big money … loves to spend money on travel and spend money on friends to travel and gives the red personality a sense of control.
  • Belonging, community and health …. the highest caliber sorority or fraternity and money is no object…wants leadership role as fast as possible…money is the means to achieving leadership.
  • Clothes and fashion impress the best and demonstrate status.
  • Money to buy the best game boxes, TV’s and other digital devices – the best and only the best — wants praise for having the best.
  • Cell phones are a primary item of the red personality for giving out advice and making money.

Let’s match the color personality red with the immediate needs of the student to create the right sequence of words that open the young mind to a new way of thinking.

“Would it be okay if I showed you how to impress your family and friends and gain praise for being the smartest in the class and achieving it before graduating college by getting completely out of debt?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way of making big money and impressing your dates and showing them the best time of their lives without having to ask mom and dad and worrying about the cost?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you a way of looking your best physically and mentally by the right kinds of foods and beverages and giving you athletic performance by making you run faster and be stronger than anyone on your team?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you how to pay off your credit card debts within 90 days and have money enough in the bank to care for all your needs with big money to spare?”  

“Would it be okay if I showed you how to purchase a home which would be the envy of your classmates and live independent and free from distractions and never have to make a mortgage payment?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you how to buy a new car of your choice and no matter price without having to make a single payment or purchase insurance and make your friends turn heads when driving up on campus?”

“Would it be okay if I showed you how you can own a new car of your choice year-after-year without payments and cost of insurance while making you money in the bank?”

Would it be okay if I show you how you can have year-after-year the best electronic devices from game boxes, ultra Hi-Def TV’s, tablets to entertainment centers and make money from them with family and friends?”

“Would you like to make the kind of business where vacations and trips are free of charge 6 X a year to exotic places while making you money from having fun and where your friends and family can be part of it without cost while making you the center of their attention?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to make the kind of money where cost for joining any sorority or fraternity on campus and organizations you like would not be an obstacle and how your status and contributions would grant you a leadership role?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how to buy the kind of clothes that represent the best of your qualities and without worry of cost from a business which won’t drain your bank account?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how being part of an organization can provide you the best of the best in electronics, TV’s, game boxes and games, computers and tablets and impress your professors and friends by the status they bring?”

“Would it be okay if I show you how having the best phone will make you money, big money, from the comfort of your home for recommending things that you like to friends and family?”

Step 3: Access the Money Source of the Student.

Speaking to the money source of college students that you’ve excited about network marketing….

You’ve created the right words for college students with getting them to listen and respond by matching their dominant color personality with immediate needs. They have the itch to join “but…”. The problem? Students lack time. They lack money. Both are in short supply and limit their ability from joining network marketing.

Being trained in finding solutions to problems and not letting challenges to get in the way, you perceive the problem through your own color personality and seek to solve it.

Looking at the problem from all angles, two choices logically remain. Move on to the next student who has the time and money. Or, find the money source behind the student and approach them.

Choice one is not beneficial for you or the student. Choice two has great promise. The one supplying the money is the one who motivates the student to do his best. Mom and Dad or grandparents with telling the student “I’ll finance you and you will do this” provides solutions to the problem of time and money.

Think about family and friends who have kids and grandkids in college and recruit through them. Lead with the opportunity with parents and grandparents. Leading with the product is okay, but college students are primed for the opportunity. They’re young with big dreams. Their minds are open. Freedom of time and leverage income appeal to them.

You at this point may be saying, “Wait a minute. What happened with recruiting the student by his color personality and immediate needs? Why not just go straight to the money source and bypass the student?”

Going through the parents or grandparents with out going through the student first is like waiting for something that isn’t going to happen. You must get the students excited about network marketing and give them a reason for doing the work that is required before getting their parents and grand parents excited and involved. The student has influence on parent and grandparent decisions. They can soften up the money source and make it easier for you to talk with them.

How to lead by the opportunity with the money source:

“Hey Mom and Dad and Grandparents. Dale Moreau here. How’s it going? Johnnie has informed you about how we make money. He wants to earn money and help you by paying off some if not most of the $48,000.00 student debt that he will acquire upon graduation (benefit appealing to the money source). He wants to earn extra money for clothes and travel expenses to Cancun on spring break (benefit Johnnie gave you appealing to his needs). I’ve helped college students earn income while in school and without interfering with their studies and school activities for the last several years. I’ve found the best organization for allowing students to earn $1,200.00 to $1,500 a month while in school and working only 15 hours a week. I’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money with helping students like
Johnnie become independent. You’ll be in control of the finances while helping Johnnie to keep spending within his means. I’m sure you want that for him, right?”

Speaking to college students about network marketing is easy. Know something about their color personalities. Match it with their immediate needs to form the right words for opening their minds to fresh possibilities about earning money. Give a presentation to the money source and the student is on the way with building their dreams. 

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