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The 1st free, weekly Network Marketing training webinar that's generic & interactive!

Social Proof Marketing Makes Buying and Joining Decisions Easier in Network Marketing

Social proof marketing makes buying decisions and decisions for joining your business easier in Network Marketing.

Our prospects and potential customers feel better when they see that others buy and love our products and join our business.

Social proof marketing is assuring our customers and prospects that they did not make a lone, stupid decision.

Here are social proof examples in real world illustrations.

Can you remember as a child?

We craved attention. We craved social proof from others.

When elementary school came around, we wanted to fit in by wearing the same style clothes others were wearing, talking the same way that others talked, and playing with the same toys others played with.

Social proof Facebook is no exception. People on Facebook look for trends and they follow them. When the most people decide on something, everybody wants to follow suit and climb aboard. It gives them comfort in the things they do when the majority is doing the same things.

Monetized bots and Facebook live are two trends for 2017 that everyone is engaging with. People feel comfortable with them now that the majority of people on Facebook are doing them.

Standing Out

So, what can we do to stand out and create publicity for our products?

How about forming a group on Facebook or other social media sites?

We want our stuff to remove all doubt people may have about making an initial purchase.

Forming a group where everyone is in sync gives credibility and social proof marketing to what we have to offer.

Our social proof marketing examples and techniques must make people love joing our group and feel safe in our group. They must know that others made the same decision to join or buy.

The social proof reviews of groups are in and it is all favorable. Where there are groups of likeminded people, there is success with selling our products and getting new reps for our business.

These groups are social proof experiments in finding what works and what doe not. Those things that work we keep and those things that do not work, we discard.

All groups on social media need a catchy name. What kind of catchy name can we give our group? If the name is memorable, ti will be easy to spread the word on social media about the group.

Here are some social media catch phrases to consider.

“Hometown Losers.” (Weight-loss group. Admission to the group could cost you to lose 20 lbs. in 20 days.)

“60 is the New 40!” (Anti-aging group.)

“Leaders are Born to Fire Their Boss.” (Network Marketing group.)

“Free from Debtors Prison.” (Network Marketing and Getting Out of Debt group.)

“Frugal Phones.” (Saves on phone bills).

“RV Retirees.” (Travel group).

“Over 21-Club.” (Must be at least 21 pounds overweight and impatient to join.)

“Drinks Like a Soda, Kicks Like Mule.” (Energy drink group).

“The Legal Alternative to Untamed Energy” (Energy drink group).

“Intelligence Lives.” (Mental Clarity group).

Got the idea? With a little bit of thought, we can have a group that builds social proof marketing for us. That is called branding. Branding business with a something that markets well in a group brings respect and brings social proof influence.


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